06.04.2022 kl 12:23 2992

Ennå en solid avtale, når jeg investerte i ELOP hadde jeg ikke drømt om potensialet til Simplifai sine ambisjoner , det ser ut som dette virkelig blir bra .

Bare ikke i aksjekursen , men det gir også muligheter :-)

Wikborg Rein has entered into a contract to utilize Simplifai`s AI-driven Digital Employee to achieve more effective handling of their incoming emails. The customer has completed the project, and gone live with the solution and verified that it provides great value for them. "We are proud to announce that one of Norway`s biggest and most trusted providers of legal advice & services has chosen Simplifai as a partner to become more effective in their everyday work. This shows once again that our solutions can be used across different types of businesses, and that we have achieved a stronghold in the market for our Digital Employees," says Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai. For further information, please contact: Media: Bård Myrstad, CEO Simplifai, tel: +47 415 03 263 Øivind Horpestad, Executive Chairman of Elop, tel: +47 910 00 626 Investors: Kim Boman, CFO of Elop, tel: +47 959 63 912 About Simplifai Simplifai is Elop's AI business unit. It supports Elop with developing data-driven and AI-based solutions for inspection and monitoring of critical infrastructure. Simplifai operates as a stand-alone business where it develops a no-code automation platform using artificial intelligence to help clients across numerous industry sectors to grow efficiently. For example, Simplifai's Digital Employee solutions can automate labour intensive work process where natural language communication including email, chat or documents are central. This includes customer relations, case handling, HR and accounting. Simplifai was acquired by Elop in January 2021. For more information:

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