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11.11.2022 kl 10:42 2692

On the third line, we are currently installing a process improvement to increase operating time between line shutdowns, increasing overall production. The plan is to test this in November during normal production.

On line four, an improved control system is being installed to enable an automatic transition between heating the reactors with natural gas (NG) and NCG. This feature will improve operability and production. Line four is expected to run in normal production mode from the second half of November.

“We have invested in optimisations of the production process this autumn to ensure we can reach our ambitions for Skive and future plants. The shift from NG to NCG provides significant cost savings for the company. We have also improved the offtake agreement for our products and our ongoing cost improvement program is moving in the right direction. We therefore maintain that positive cash flow from Skive is expected within this year,” Rosenløv says.

Det vi ser av linken her er at det på linje 3 og 4 installeres ulike parametere for ytterligere optimalisering av produksjon og drifts sikkerhet.
Dette også for å verifisere og optimalisere MK II .

Ref; “I am happy to see that our systematic improvement approach continues to create progress in Skive. We are heating with NCG and running with high load and good stability on two lines. At the same time, we are preparing for tests to make further improvements important for our Mk II roll-out. This is all thanks to a dedicated and focused team effort from everyone at Quantafuel,” says Quantafuel’s CEO Lars Rosenløv.

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