Xplora teams up with European football giant Benfica

XPLRA 02.06.2021 kl 21:02 1109

Xplora Technologies AS (´Xplora´) today announced a new 3-year partnership with S.L. Benfica, Portugal´s most successful professional football club with more than 50 million global fans. The agreement builds on the parties´ shared vision of keeping children and families active.

Xplora has a history of successfully promoting kids´ activity through partnerships with strong global brands such as Sony Playstation and Paramount Pictures, and the recently announced agreements with UNICEF and the United Nations. For the first time moving into sports and teaming up with a major international football club, Xplora unlocks a potential of mobilizing more than 50 million Benfica fans around the world.

Together, the two parties will explore ways to incentivize Benfica´s universe of devoted fans to be active, utilizing Xplora´s products, platforms and services in combination with Benfica´s ecosystem for digital transformation in sports.

“Establishing a partnership with a global sports brand such as Benfica is an important step towards our vision of enabling children to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change to the world. Benfica, as an eclectic and diverse club who addresses fans from multiple age ranges, shares the importance of this, and it will be truly exciting to explore the opportunities the partnership will give us in our key markets by accessing a huge base of active and loyal Benfica fans”, says Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora.

“Introducing the Xplora platform to football and other sports will create new opportunities for innovation as well as increasing the Xplora community base to new users around the world in large scale”, Kirkbak says.

S.L. Benfica, Licensing and Merchandising Director, José Simão, voices his excitement about the Xplora partnership, stating: “We find a strong match between the beautiful game of football and the powerful Benfica community with how Xplora encourages children to play, in order to move the world. Together we can create fun and safe solutions that will keep families active. Benfica has been leading the digital transformation in sports in Portugal and partnering with a strong and promising brand in the industry of mobile communications such as Xplora, aiming to impact young kids in a positive way, as the club constantly aims to target, strikes us as a very exciting challenge for the next times to come
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Mine feriepenger havner her...
11.06.2021 kl 10:03 687

Utrolig at folk tør å selge denne aksjen nå før sommeren. Kan fort ligge på 100 ved årsslutt. Dog liten omsetning i aksjen ser jeg.

Veldig bra tjeneste, og ikke den eneste fotballklubben det kan være spennende hos. Kult!

Dyktige folk. Veldig morsomt å være ombord her. Kan bli helt villt her om de blir ungenes og foreldrenes førstevalg.
02.06.2021 kl 21:10 1098

Det e GOAL!!!! Giga klubb. Synes de er flinke på markedsføringen..