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The first deliveries from HighComp will be made in early 2022, in accordance with Proximar’s construction schedule. In addition to the tanks, HighComp will supply harvest channels for both the hatchery and nursery buildings as well as the post smolt grow-out building. The contract value is approximately 50 MNOK.

“The construction preparations started on 19th March, as scheduled, and we are proceeding as planned both with respect to time and cost,” said CEO Joachim Nielsen.

Husk, Proximar hentet 400 mill i starten av februar. Det var 10 x overtegning og emisjonspris ble satt på kr. 16,20.
TP NOK 24 corresponding to 8x phase 1 EBITDA - a significant discount to Atlantic Sapphire at ~14x its phase 2 EBITDA. Iflg Pareto feb.2021

Introducing the cooperation between Daiwa House and Proximar Seafood regarding building the RAS facility in Japan.
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