Russia’s war puts more pressure on global titanium dioxide

NOM 09.04.2022 kl 17:16 797

The world is not running short of paint, but it might soon face a squeeze on titanium dioxide supplies as Russia continues waging war on the Ukraine
Ukraine is also a top 10 producer of titanium dioxide, ranking sixth last year in a market dominated by China, South Africa, and Australia.
Losing Ukraine’s annual output of 470,000 tonnes of titanium dioxide (about 5% of the world market) and its associated 94,000t of zircon, a mineral often found in the same ore bodies, could be the event to spark interest in ASX-listed companies exposed to both materials.
ASX developers and miners rise
Top of that list is mining heavyweight, Iluka Resources (ASX: ILU), which has risen by 7% since the bombing started, a modest move given that markets for both titanium dioxide and zircon have been trending up for the past 12-months.