Zenith Energy - Oljen priset til usd 1 pr fat?

ZENA 29.04.2022 kl 12:56 153020

Er dette blant de billigste olje selskapene pr dags dato? Er oljen de eier priset til ca usd 1 pr fat? I tillegg til olje produksjon, selger også selskapet gass og strøm. Bare strøm produksjonen som selskapet har i Italia, tjener selskapet nok penger til å forsvare hele børs verdien på kr 180 millioner

"Electricity prices during the month of March 2022 averaged approximately EUR 295 per MWh, resulting in net revenues of approximately EUR 300,000 per month. Zenith’s current net production costs remain fixed at approximately EUR 35,000 per month"


"Oil production:

Zenith has reported production from its Tunisian assets in the first half of 2021/22 at 517 b/d. Shipments were somewhat lower at 371 b/d. Significantly, production in Tunisia was running at 650 b/d net in late September including conditional SLK output. Zenith suggested that 1,000 b/d is possible by the second quarter of 2022 assuming successful workover and drilling activity

Tunisia work programme:

Zenith has interests in four producing licences in Tunisia. At Robbana in the south of the country the workover of the ROB-1 well was successfully
completed in early Q4 2021. Production was boosted from approximately 20 b/d to 100 b/d. Near-term, the work programme in Tunisia involves drilling a vertical well at Robbana and two side-tracks in non-producing wells at the Ezzaouia also in the south of the country. The objective is 1,000 b/d for the latter while for the former we believe 500 b/d might be possible. The cost of US$2.5m is underpinned by the recent US$4m equity raise

Valuation and financing

Reflecting the sometimes difficult operating and business environment, valuations for undeveloped resources in Nigeria are modest. We believe valuation might well be less than US$1/barrel. If we assume US$0.5/barrel and 233mm barrels of resources for the two discoveries the valuation would be US$117m. A 42% interest would therefore be US$49m which implies significant headroom vis-à-vis the US$20m as per the OML 141 option agreement.

Zenith has indicated that plans have already been finalized for drilling the Barracuda 5 well (B-5). Apparently, all the necessary civil engineering work has been undertaken for the well including dredging and site clearance. The well location is between two previously drilled wells which have encountered ‘significant hydrocarbons’. The indications are that drilling will commence in January 2022. In a success case Zenith has indicated that production is expected to start immediately using a barge-mounted early production facility. Production could commence during the second quarter of 2022 at a rate of approximately 4,000 b/d, according to Zenith. Further development is expected with the locations for Barracuda wells 6, 7 and 8 already identified. If Zenith chooses to exercise
the option agreement, there will, therefore, be an ongoing corporate and development financing requirement"

Informasjon hentet fra linkene under

Prospektet 4.3.2022


Analyse fra Allenby Capital 14.12.2021:


Børs meldinger fra selskapet:

18.05.2022 kl 20:47 5058

Jeg har ikke "Investeringskonto Zero" så formelt eier jeg aksjene mine
enten det er i Zenith, IOX, QEC, PNOR og mye annet,

Det er den kontoen som ZENA har oppgitt er en betydelig aksjonær i selskapet.
I virkeligheten så er det mange små aksjonærer som har "Investeringskonto Zero", Når disse aksjonærene uavhengig av hverandre kjøper aksjer, så står Nordnet som '1 eier' av aksjene.
Redigert 18.05.2022 kl 20:56 Du må logge inn for å svare

Vi er 12. Så vi nærmer oss 5 mill hver
18.05.2022 kl 22:38 4871

Ikke så dumt det der👍🏽 Det løsner seg snart med ZENA og mange som selger her kommer til å angre mye!
18.05.2022 kl 23:03 4819

Begynner å ulme litt no. Får vi gooood News denne uken??
18.05.2022 kl 23:05 4843

Litt å tygge på

Zenith Energy achieved a significant degree of growth during 2021 as we successfully implemented our strategy of acquiring revenue generating oil production and development assets in Africa, specifically in Tunisia and Congo Brazzaville, against a very positive backdrop of resurgent oil prices.
We have completed a number of highly prospective acquisitions during the past 18 months. This has been an impressive achievement when viewed
in the context of a period marked by a number
of unprecedented challenges including global travel restrictions, a volatile economic climate, as well as significant risks posed to the safety of our management and employees, all as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Zenith Energy has become a significantly stronger and commercially more attractive company than
at any prior stage in its history in terms of energy production output, as well as revenue generation and associated profitability. The Company now benefits from a well-balanced portfolio across a number
of jurisdictions (thereby lowering our risk profile), including a complementary selection of production, development and relatively low-risk exploration assets.
During the course of 2022 we shall seek to robustly deliver on this strategy by acquiring additional new assets, with special attention being directed towards major oil companies wishing to dispose of their smaller assets due to strategic reasons, including ‘decarbonisation’ commitments and a requirement to divest smaller assets viewed as ‘marginal’.
Having recently further enlarged our Tunisian portfolio by way of the acquisition of a 22.5% working interest in the Sidi El Kilani concession from CNPC, we are targeting a total net production across all assets of 1,000 BOE/d in the near-term following workover and drilling activities. It is our expectation that we shall soon be in a position to progress our activities in the Republic of the Congo for the award of a new 25- year licence for the Tilapia oilfield.

Litt mer å tygge på;
"The fact that the required long-lead items for drilling ROB-3 might already be on location greatly assists us in terms of timeline as this will put us in a very good position towards beginning operations as early as July or August 2021."

Det er vel ikke det verste, for han skrev videre.....
"I am pleased to confirm that we are fully funded for ROB-3 and we expect the increased production revenue to be obtained in the event of a successful result will further strengthen our cash position and fund additional development activities. "

- Og 2.11.21 så var det på han igjen med "Successful completion of subscription for new shares"

"• £600,000 – expected cost of drilling a new well in the Robbana concession, also onshore Tunisia, where Zenith holds a 100% working interest. Long-lead items required for drilling of two wells already acquired and on location."
Redigert 18.05.2022 kl 23:24 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.05.2022 kl 11:24 4486

Jokers trying to reduce course dont forget we will get Tilapia 60% to Zenith + one more field from Congo within next 17th June.
Redigert 19.05.2022 kl 11:27 Du må logge inn for å svare

Hi viking, can you please share the link that states we will get tilapia within 17th june? If not please keep the guesswork to yourself. Fact’s are great, optimism and hope are great, howewer misleading and stating opinions as fact’s do nothing good for shareprice. Have a wonderful day😊
19.05.2022 kl 12:10 4498

Men vi venter. Når er zenith sin kommentar publisert? Noen som vet?
Er den fra 2020 eller fra i år for kommende konferanse i Kongo neste år. Teaser nr 3 altså, ikke kom med gjetninger.
19.05.2022 kl 12:13 4529

Andrea skulle være foredragsholder også ser jeg eller skal? Konferansen ble kanskje kansellert pga covid.

Q er jo om at ZENA også har blitt kansellert der, men det håper jeg ikke.
Går dette veien og det som AC mente som ekstra, viser seg å være MKB (Og om AGEOS sine funn holder vann) så kan vi risikere å se 2-sifret på venstresiden av komma'et.
Redigert 19.05.2022 kl 12:47 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.05.2022 kl 12:45 4661

Vi får se om han stiller på talerstolen i 2023. Nå må vell avtalen signeres før OPEC møtet til sommeren. OPEC øker jo produksjon gradvis. Hvis avtalen hadde vært kansellert er dette meldeplikt i såfall, AC er jo rimelig trygg på denne.
Redigert 19.05.2022 kl 12:46 Du må logge inn for å svare

2 sifret på vestre siden??må være glad viss det kommer et 2 tall etter komma...

"Orion Oil paid $150m for a 20% interest in MKB in 2013 on the basis of 1.3 billion barrels of oil reserves so the political elite will have their eyes on this one."

loomis skrev 0,068 next
Du får bruke komfepengene dine , hvis du får noen og kjøpe deg noen luter,, før den skyter ivei👍🇧🇻
19.05.2022 kl 15:22 4531

Ja, nå bærer det i avgrunnen..

I am not here to spread negativity, i am very positive towards zena 😊 I would not invest here otherwise. But i like to seperate fact’s and opinions. I have read the article you posted earlier. But it does not mention zenith anywhere, and it most certainly do not mention that tilapia is in zeniths bag. So this is my point, if you draw the conclusion that zenith will Get tilapia over the finish line at the conference. It is only your opinion not a fact. I myself have also an idea of what will happen the next months, but its only my opinions so i dont state them as fact’s here. I think you deliver many good posts, but regardiing timelines and the difference in fact and opinion it could be wise to say its your opinion etc, instead of stating facts that turns out to be bs regarding timeline. I think zeniths time will come in due course😉
19.05.2022 kl 15:55 4537

loomis skrev 0,068 next
Da er det mange som vil laste., skjer nok ikke det. Men 0,2-0,3 innen juli er ett firsiktig anslag..
Redigert 19.05.2022 kl 15:56 Du må logge inn for å svare

Artikkel fra 18.05.22 i Africa Intellegence. Noen som har tilgang til hele artikkelen? Skulle gjerne lest hele.. Ser det gjelder SNPC.

"Andely turns his attention to the debt of public sector companies

After having negotiated debt agreements with the Republic of the Congo's bilateral partners and trading groups, finance and budget minister Rigobert Roger Andely has turned his attention to state-owned companies. First in line will be the all-powerful Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo, which has contracted debts totalling more than $2bn. [...]"

Begynner det å skje ting i Brazzaville? Trident OGX for MKB-lisensen:

Google translate:
"The American company managed to take the status of operator on the MKB concession (Mengo, Kundji and Bindi), operated until then by the National Petroleum Company of Congo (SNPC). The process of transferring the MKB II permit from SNPC to Trident OGX was launched on May 17 in Brazzaville, bringing together all the parties involved.

Negotiations for the transfer of the MKB II concession involve the company Trident OGX, Orion Oil LTD, SNPC and the Congolese government. They aim, according to the parties, to strengthen the collection of data with a view to increasing production from the oil field. The operating permit was granted to the American company by decree no. 2021-539 of December 14, 2021, for a period of twenty years.

The launch of the transfer of the operating license from MKB II to Trident is an important step in the development of the oil block, said Trident OGX Managing Director John W. Chisholm. "It's about seeing how we are going to work together in the spirit of collaboration and partnership and to mobilize experts in order to strengthen the capacities of the SNPC, to share and analyze block data, to maximize production,” said John W. Chisholm.

A study conducted by the SNPC for the reassessment of the hydrocarbon potential and the implementation of the development plan on the MKB II field revealed the existence of areas of interest not yet exploited, as well as the need to use new technologies better suited to the characteristics of the fields, with a view to boosting production. The results of the seismic reprocessing and reinterpretation are very interesting and confirm the potential of the block.

The deposits of the MKB field were discovered in the 1980s, the site is composed of three deposits (Mengo, Kundji and Bindi) located respectively 15, 20 and 25 km from the Djeno oil terminal. The MKB II production sharing contract was signed in June 2018 by the State, SNPC (60%) and Orion Oil LTD (40%). SNPC took over these fields and carried out two 3D seismic surveys, over a total area of ​​240 km². It has drilled and brought into production eight wells, which produced 1,437,440 barrels, on the Kundji field alone."

Jeg videresendte linken til AGEOS:

Fakevenues; thanks for the link to what is a significant development.

In my post of 06.02.2022 regarding the involvement of Trident OGX Int Pte Ltd in an MKB Field production potential study, I maintained a previously outlined proposition that MKB in part or whole might be the “second production asset” first announced by ZEN in an RNS of 07.07.2020. Clearly this latest announcement confirms that the MKB Concession will henceforth be shared by Trident OGX, Orion Oil Ltd [controlled by Lucien Ebata], SNPC [state oil company] and the Congolese government, and operational control is granted to Trident OGX for 20 years.

Although this removes MKB from the ZEN list of potential “second assets”, it provides some reassurance that the Ministry of Hydrocarbons may now be about to move on the Tilapia concession also. As previously posted [20.07.2021 & 08.08.2021], Bruno Itoua the new Minister of Hydrocarbons, was highly critical of Maixent Ominga CEO of SNPC for not having developed the MKB Fields, and had also appointed Stev Onanga as DGH [Directeur General des Hydrocarbures] within the Ministry to expedite this and other developments. Onanga was previously General Manager of SONAREP, the Research & Production subsidiary of SNPC, with responsibility for the State's interest in both Tilapia and MKB.

With the MKB II licensing process now underway it seems likely that Tilapia II will follow shortly.

Takk skal du ha. Det rører seg flere steder. Blir spennende å se vedrørende finansieringen(e) som nylig er sikret av zenith.
23.05.2022 kl 09:07 3037

Merkelig at det skal ta så lang tid med workover. Må komme noe info ettervært.

svaret er enkelt - AFRIKA....
23.05.2022 kl 09:41 2913

Tross en veldig høy og stigende oljepris så fortsetter Zena aksjen å falle. Noen selger hele tiden og hvor henter de aksjer fra?????
23.05.2022 kl 09:50 2937

Det tok ikke så lang tid på forrige workover på samme brønn ifjor. Fått større utfordringer nå enn ifjor da?

Workover i fjor gikk ut på å trekke produksjonsrør, rengjøre for voks, og kjøre det tilbake.
Denne workover går ut på å trekke produksjonsrør, logge for å finne ut hvor det kommer inn vann, reparere området, og så kjøre tilbake produksjonsrør. mye mer omfattende jobb, og det kan være utfordringer å identifisere området det kommer vann fra.
23.05.2022 kl 12:29 2702

Takk for bra svar. Får håpe de oppdaterer markedet snart.

I mellom tiden får vi nyte økende olje pris ;) Hadde vært fint med olje pris på usd 120 ++ før salget av oljen i neste måned
23.05.2022 kl 12:32 2726

Helt sinnsyk oljepris…. Måtte vi få noen gode nyheter her snart… skal sies att vedvarende høy oljepris er en daglig god nyhet for en produserende oljemygg…
23.05.2022 kl 13:00 2663

Next month oil sale will also give $5 million to Zenith. I am expecting IC after 20th June After Tilapia announcement with some more update from other new big field.


Why do you expect TLP2 before/around 20th of june?

Oljeprisen er god.. men la oss få nyheter først i juli. Synes å huske at det løper ut noen titalls millioner warrants på 15 øre fra 1.Juli. Og nyheter vil nok komme. Et selskap med markedsverdi på 177 millioner kommer i juni til å sitte på 180 millioner i cash, fra oljesalg i april&juni + låneopptak i mai. Noen tror at dette er fordi de er på vei til luksusfellen. andre tenker at det er AC som skal på shopping etter nye felt. Så får folk selv bestemme seg for hva de tror er sannsynlig :)