Zena - Det store seriøse olje/gass selskapet

ZENA 04.05.2022 kl 14:00 101517

Finnes det oppside her, vil jeg gjerne ha en del av den brune kaken
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26.09.2022 kl 11:57 3234

People think IC moved due to Benin but if process is not started for Benin field just summited bid then how can we expect "Near-term progress" for Benin. Its should be Tilapia II or OML 141 from Nigeria.
26.09.2022 kl 12:07 3210

Viking, I totally agree.. makes no sense.
But.. I think IF it was tlp2, we would now see a huge volume and price-increase to 13-18 øre..
Its approx 45 hours to IC.. something should have leaked..
Tho, I hope im wrong.
26.09.2022 kl 12:18 3183

I will go from being a student to becoming a father of three before this TICKER reaches the price it deserves. Hope I get proven wrong
26.09.2022 kl 12:27 3146

Snakk norsk
26.09.2022 kl 12:29 3156

Vet ikke om alle her forstår norsk
26.09.2022 kl 13:16 3147

it is not necessary it should be leaked, as per parliament handle hydrocarbon bill in Congolese parliament for 30 field there is 99% chances of Tilapia 2 on the board.
Many selling with hidden volume at 0.1180 0.1182 0.1186 best of luck to them.

I haven't seen any news that any company submit "offer" for Sèmè Field in Benin other than Zenith.
If anyone think this is about then process for Sèmè Field is going on from long time and will be conclude in within few weeks or days like EZZ and ROB.
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26.09.2022 kl 13:28 3126

Hvis de går inn på et utenlandsk forum, kan de sikkert bruke google oversetter 😉
26.09.2022 kl 13:33 3212

Haha kan ikke argumentere mot det
26.09.2022 kl 13:40 3339

There are 5 million shares placed create pressure to buy hidden volume, No one will sell 5 million at 0.1160 knowingly there is IC on 28th and T2 is coming. if they want they can easily shop hidden volume.
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26.09.2022 kl 13:59 3413

You know how much hidden volume is on each one (0,118 0,1182 , 0,1186) ?
26.09.2022 kl 14:13 3390

it is dynamic changes all the time, minimum 1 million to 3 million 0.118 already sold more than 2 million.
Any how it is buying opportunity to buy in bulk before news.
now hidden volume for buy too. excluding 5 million buy we can see here.
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26.09.2022 kl 14:34 3363

great, thanks! This stock seem to have had lots of hidden shares on buyer and sellers side. even with great news, i wouldnt be surprised it not going to high, bear markets are tough for a reason I assume.
26.09.2022 kl 15:06 3323

Kan aldri tro benin er årsak til utsatt IC. At dette ikke er grunnen er lett og lese/forstå.
IC har blitt utsatt 2 ganger.
For å avgi tilbud på benin var innen 15.sep og de 2 først meldte IC var før denne dato, av den grunn avskriver jeg helt benin som due to near term progress.
26.09.2022 kl 15:53 3256

yes, that's why i am saying T2 on the way. Not much time left will see on 28th morning before IC almost after 8 month after last IC.
Syndicate already decided it is Benin so they are selling with hidden volume to buy cheaper after IC.
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26.09.2022 kl 16:01 3246

Ingen tvil om hidden sell. Jeg kjøpte nettopp 1,2mill aksjer 0,118 på et blink
26.09.2022 kl 16:08 3257

AC bør i hvert fall forklare hva som er årsaken til utsettelsen(e). Hvis ingen melding kommer før IC starter.
26.09.2022 kl 17:12 3160

Tror ikke på at der kommer fantastisk melding der driver kursen voldsomt op.

Men ja forklaring på udsættelse bør komme.

AC lover alt for meget der ikke bliver holdt.

27.09.2022 kl 08:58 2776

1 working day to IC, i am waiting to buy more if syndicate took course to 0.11.
currently no hidden volume to sell but there is hidden volume to buy (Probably yesterdays 5 million sold at 0.1180)
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27.09.2022 kl 09:23 2692

Her er det ingen store forventninger til morgendagen.
Omsatt for 20k.
27.09.2022 kl 09:37 2662

sell out now, large hidden volume at 0.1150 to buy. I am waiting at 0.11.
Regarding news, it will come tomorrow but this is undervalue share with Italy and Tunisia giving kr 0.45 can peak-up anytime.
Benin kr 0.99 and Tilapia kr 0.64. form here chance to down 10% but go up to 10 times 90%
27.09.2022 kl 09:50 2628

hidden buyer will push you to the 0.115, do not sell. IC is in 24 hours.
Yesterday syndicate sold 5 million in hidden volume putting 5 millions buy order to create pressure so total 10 million is waiting to buy after news rise will be high.
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 10:04 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 10:15 2607

Jeg tror Zenith er eneste tilbyder på Sèmè-feltet i Benin. Finner ikke noe info på nettet om andre som har kommet med tilbud. Trolig derfor de også ventet til siste frist med å legge inn bud. (Men hva vet jeg; dette er bare noe jeg TROR).
27.09.2022 kl 10:19 2592

Kommer denne nå utover dagen...vi ligger ufortjent lavt og har gjort det alt for lenge, strikken er strukket lengre enn langt, følg med!!
27.09.2022 kl 10:25 2580

what i think too.... soon they will conclude it as announcement. i am expecting license fee and other activation cost around $10million here.

I have googled with different filters and combinations but other than zenith no one is publish news offer for Sèmè Field in Benin. Look like it is already settled deal.
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27.09.2022 kl 11:19 2476

I hope you are right, but don't forget Zenith is a very small company, so i expect similar companies to be equally small, so I can imagine it being very very hard to find other bids?
27.09.2022 kl 11:38 2412

Zenith is definitely preparing the groundwork for a substantial increase in share price, but it is the groundwork and we still need to finish off a number of issues before the market will seriously re-appraise the company’s potential.

At the moment, the big advantage that Zenith has against most of our small-cap rivals is that we have existing production assets (Tunisia and Italy) that are making the company a very substantial amount of net revenue each year. By my calculations we should be generating approximately $17 million per annum in total ($12 million from Tunisia and $5 million from Italy). We also have the $5.2 million owed to the company by the Congolese SNPC and the ongoing multi-million dollar court-case against the French drilling company SMP which are both a legacy of AAOG’s

However, Zenith does have a one disadvantage compared to our small-cap peers in that we do not currently have a big exploration/development asset that could (in the medium-term) deliver the kind of company-changing revenues that will propel Zenith into being a mid-tier (£100 million plus market cap) oil company.

This is because the two potentially company changing assets that we potentially have on the books, Tilapia and Benin, are not signed off as being ours yet. Essentially, we are still waiting for both applications to be approved. As soon as the approvals for these land then the company will have 50% of a potential additional 5,000 bopd production from the two sites as well as the means to fund them (the Italian and Tunisian revenues).

Until ownership of these two fields is formally agreed then neither the market itself, nor many investors, will be convinced that they are going to happen – but once they do, then a market-wide re-rate will be quickly on the cards.

Obviously, Tilapia is a bit of a mystery. It never occurred to me when we got the approval as the preferred bidder back in December 2020 that we would still be waiting around in September 2022 for the formal approval. However, it would appear, as AC has said on more than once occasion, that the wheels of bureaucracy grind very slowly in Congo and as long as the company still thinks that things are progressing there then I guess we will get there eventually. I only hope that it is before the end of the year so we can still complete the drill in H1 2023.

Benin, I believe, is going to be granted at a very different pace to Tilapia. We know from the last investor conference call that Andrea said that “we are looking to acquire assets that can be closed quickly” and I do not believe that the company would have applied for the Benin license if they did not expect that it would meet this criteria.

Clearly things are progressing in the right direction towards Zenith significantly enhancing both it’s oil production levels and it’s overall market cap and, consequently, as I said at the beginning of this post, the groundwork is being laid for a substantial increase in share price. One key point to remember is that neither Benin nor Tilapia are exploration plays, for the first drills at least. We know that there is oil in place in both licenses and that in Benin it has previously flowed at high rates as well so the risk level on both licenses is almost as small as it can be when it comes to Oil and Gas shares.

Once we acquire one or both of the Benin or Tilapia exploration/development licenses then the foundations of the company will be complete and we will have both the assets that can massively change the company’s fortunes in just a couple of drills and the cash-flow from existing production that will be required to develop them. The jigsaw is almost complete. We jus need to put the last couple of pieces in place by getting the contracts on the T2 and Benin licenses signed and the share price will rocket.

27.09.2022 kl 11:49 2381

Snakk norsk
27.09.2022 kl 12:08 2340

i am still not convinced with Benin is "near term progress" due to which Zenith prolong IC 2 times and waited for Feb 2022 to Sep 2022, usually there is 4 IC in year but this year only 1 conducted.
27.09.2022 kl 12:11 2346

Here we can see sell pressure for hidden volume at 0.1150 do not sell until tomorrow 11 am. ------------ jokers waiting for this comments
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 12:13 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 12:17 2329

Why sell tomorrow?
Think you are overestimating tomorrow, will just be basic conference, nothing new info before deals in place.
27.09.2022 kl 12:25 2317

Sell-out then, AC needs to answers serious questions if T2 news not there, last Nov 2021 deal was 1 stroke away in 10 month he haven't done anything but collect money 3 times for Tilapia 2, recent one in June.
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 12:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 12:26 2325

hidden volume moved down, just pressure tactics to buy cheap do not sell. syndicate has to cover 12 million now before IC
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 12:34 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 12:33 2295

Desværre er der nogle som ikke tror på godt nyt fra fader AC, nu lempes der ud på usle 11 øre
27.09.2022 kl 12:47 2246

Nå kommer kjøperene
27.09.2022 kl 12:49 2266

Hadde hjulpet på om de hadde børsmeldt hvor det er blitt av siste båtlast med olje og
27.09.2022 kl 12:52 2256

Soon oil price will cross $100 again, US already emptied Strategic reserve. AC will wait until November. No one found Russian Gas replacement yet and winter is coming.
Zenith should buy back 40 million shares every month next 1 year to prove shares are undervalued.
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 13:00 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 13:08 2199

Do not sell below 0.12 to sell until 11 am tomorrow 12 million share to cover by syndicate.

Remember company will earn $30 million without adding any new field in 2022 -2023, more than company value in market.

In London price still around 0.12.
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 13:15 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 15:01 2007

imagine if seme field announcement tomorrow.
· A proven oilfield, with significant unexploited potential, having estimated recoverable reserves (P2) of 22-28 million barrels of oil and 428 billion cubic feet of natural gas (Kerr McGee 2005).
* 428 billion cubic feet - 71.33 million Barrel of Oil Equivalent(BOE) (1 Million Standard Cubic Feet(MMscf) = 166.6666667 Barrel of Oil Equivalent(BOE))
Total around 90 to 100 barrels of oil
$10 (income after all expenses) x 90million = $ 900million
earning per share - 900 *10 / 1872 = kr 4.82
Redigert 27.09.2022 kl 15:22 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.09.2022 kl 15:13 1980

Hej Norge

Våger mig ind på Viking_I monopolet

Det bliver annoncering af Licens Benin eller T2 inden i morgen kl. 1100.
Hvis ikke vil vi se nok en udsættelse af IC -- bliver nok det i nat.


Ingen skjulte ordre her :-)