OPEC meeting June 15-17 in Congo's capital, Brazzaville *ZENA*

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ZENA 15.06.2022 kl 09:28 6183

Sources said the minister is also seeking to hold either an OPEC meeting or a session of the nine-country OPEC+ Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee on the sidelines of the conference, which is scheduled for June 15-17 in Congo's capital, Brazzaville.

Da er OPEC møte i Congo Brazzaville startet og er AC på plass som representant for Zentit Energy?

Vi har nå ventet siden 23.12.2020 på fremdrift på Tilapia og feltet vi fikk operatør-status på for 25 år. ( kilde: https://finansavisen.no/nyheter/energi/2020/12/23/7600663/oljeselskap-sikrer-25-ar-lang-oljelisens )

Skjer det noe nå?

Zena er priset til ca. 200 millioner. 11 øre pr. aksje.

Vær klar og last opp. Kan mye skje fremover.
15.06.2022 kl 11:42 6037

Meget spennende. Congo Brazzaville må også levere guiding til Opec fredag, 17 juni.
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15.06.2022 kl 12:19 5969

Ja noe må de dra opp av hatten.
ZENA har hentet penger og alt er klart!

La oss få sluttført handelen og hjelpe landet med å få økt produksjon.

Godt jeg er fullastet til pipa med ZENA :)
15.06.2022 kl 12:50 5904


Vet du noe om AC er i Brazzaville for å vise ansikt på konferansen (uavhengig av tildelelse for tilapia eller ikke)?
15.06.2022 kl 14:02 5815

Uavhegig av ZENA, synes det er mekelig at man ikke er mer fremoverlent i slike land når det gjelder å skaffe sårt tiltenkt business og inntekter til det gode for folk og fedreland. Olje og gass vil kunne eliminere annen forurensende kilder... Om noen når resten av verden er "elektrifisert" vil det ikke være så lukerativt.
15.06.2022 kl 20:42 5610

I would be very surprised if we didn’t hear a positive update from Congo within this month.
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16.06.2022 kl 08:29 5348

Etter dette OPEC møte og fokus på økt produksjon i Congo Brazzaville bør Tilapia avklaring kommer.

Da bør ZENA sette større press for avklaring. Vi er ikke tjent med å gå over år å vente.

Når var det rettsak i Nigeria skulle komme med en avklaring? Juni?

Hvordan går det med det selskapet som skapte trøbbel for feltene ZENA skulle kjøpe seg inn i?
16.06.2022 kl 09:08 5242

Keep eye on La Skhirra (Tunisia) terminal, from SLK production will be transported to 99% to Italy. Brent crude is above $115 from last 15 days. Interesting to watch how far AC goes. Range is $115 to $122 (NOK 59.8 million to NOK 63.4 million)
Last time it was a Chemical/Oil Products Tanker

Tomorrow or max on Monday we will get ROB-1 Production rate and update about ROB- 3 Drilling too.
Redigert 16.06.2022 kl 09:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.06.2022 kl 10:14 5106

I can't see howt this meeting will have a direct impact on our getting Tilapia but I assume that having the Opec meeting in Congo will be focusing the administration's attention on oil production and may end up expediting the approval of outstanding license applications including ours. Here's hoping, but frankly who knows with that place. It seems that we just have to wait until the minister is in the right mood!
16.06.2022 kl 10:28 5065

SMP $3.1 million also still could be received once the court case has been concluded, also the SNPC $5.7 million money still expected to be settled once the license for Tilapia 2 has been granted. We have lots to come from Tilapia just a matter of patience but it will come through eventually.
16.06.2022 kl 10:34 5042

Why AC is not taking IC its almost 4 month. Company management in hibernating mode in Tunisia and Congo. Is AC concentrating on his sons and wife company now? Who is stopping him not starting work on ROB-3 and EBB-3 ? now it is more than year after takeover.
Tunisian Govt is trying to cheat AC with Kuwaiti govt friends by not approving remaining SKL through CCH. almost $10million on stake for remaining part.
Redigert 16.06.2022 kl 10:37 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.06.2022 kl 10:41 5013

Indeed very good questions, Viking_I !!
16.06.2022 kl 10:48 4988

This is valid questions. Best case scenario they are in the process of finalizing agreements t hat will have major positive impact on ZENA. Worst case, they are stuck in negotiations, or even worse no communication at all. Many of us have been waiting for a long time to see things get finalized and further develop the company. The main challenge is that news can come at any time, today, tomorrow, next month, next year... nobody knows.. Lets hope the reason for the hibernating mode is hard work from ZENA to close and finalizing deals
16.06.2022 kl 11:00 4961

November 2, 2021 - 34,500,000 NOK
( £250,000 – Tilapia II licence, (located onshore Republic of the Congo), development costs, including finalisation of licence award process and employment of operational personnel to optimise the planned beginning of drilling operations in well TLP-103C. ) - "beginning of drilling operations ?"
December 6, 2021 - NOK 31 million
March 16, 2022 - US$6,000,000
May 10, 2022 -EUR 1.3 million - (The Company plans to use the funds received in connection with the Loan to provide additional financial support for the achievement of its business development objectives in the Republic of the Congo, as well as for general working capital purposes. )
Not a single work i can see on ground here form money collected
Redigert 16.06.2022 kl 11:03 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.06.2022 kl 11:02 4952

Viking and fake revenue we have seen both of you post some quite defamatory comments in the last several months. AC is not even a director or any involvement in his sons company yet you bring this up to scaremonger investors.

Fact is we have produced and sold a significant amount of oil from Tunisia and currently we are at the mercy of the Congo government for Tilapia approval. It’s up to investors whether they are patient enough to hold for the approvals there the drilling of the ROB-3 – which is due to be drilled at the end of this month with a target total Robbana production of 500bopd.

This will come at a cost of £600,000 which is already fully funded out of the £3 million raised on November 2nd 2021.
16.06.2022 kl 11:16 4912

These are not comments, but QUESTIONS
16.06.2022 kl 11:23 4896

i am not denying regarding oil sale it will be there as AC collected money by diluting shares 4 times in last two years for this production targeting 1000 bopd end of the 2021 but it not happened. His responsibility to face the share holders quotations too. Every company gives updates every 3 month by presenting Q reports. he also told will consider buyback program but not happened.
Redigert 16.06.2022 kl 11:50 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.06.2022 kl 11:34 4853

Viking, I agree with some of what you say, it is about time for an investor conference call just to update us all with what is going on. I have no doubt that the company has been making progress in both Tunisia and Congo but you are absolutely right, we need to have confirmation of this from AC and the Investor conference calls should be every 3 months as they have been in the past.

In answer to the other points you raised I reckon there is no chance that we will get the other 22.5% of SLK now. It has taken too long, the oil price is too high and they are just not going to sell. It’s annoying and, as you say, it means that we have lost out on a lot of money that we could have made, but there were clearly issues behind the scene with this as the other deal went through relatively easily and the more that the oil price has risen the less inclination that the Kuwaitis will have had to complete the deal anyway. They would just think that the money is better in their pockets than Zenith’s and I don’t blame them. As for the Tunisian government, I bet that they would rather have KUFPEC as an investor in the country than Zenith and so they are in no hurry to approve the change-over either. I would do the same in their position too. In my opinion, that deal is dead now, but instead of being disappointed about it then we should just be grateful that we got the $10 million from the other 22.5% share of SLK – after all, we only paid $1.6 million to secure the asset in the end.

I don’t think that we need to worry about anything to do with ROB-3 or EBB-3 yet either. The operational update on Tunisia RNS from Jan 24th said that they intended to commence activities on both of these projects in June 2022 “following the completion of civil work activities and the mobilisation of a drilling rig to the well location.” I would say that even thought there are two weeks left in the month, we are also clearly behind schedule in this as the company have not announced that they have commenced the civil work activities yet. But at the same time, this does not surprise me. It seems obvious that the company would want to finish the ROB-1 repair work before starting work on additional projects and so I would expect an announcement of what is happening with ROB-3 and EBB3 by the end of this month. I cannot see the work itself commencing until July now, but sa long as the time slippage is only a month then it does not really bother me.

As for Ajax Resources, it is clear from the fact that AC is not on the board of Ajax that he has no executive involvement with the company so what is the point in bringing it up here. I am sure that he will give them advice and the benefit of his experience as a relative, but his focus is all on Zenith IMO. Another point is that nothing is happening with Ajax Resources anyway. It is traded on the London markets and it is just a SPAC (an investment vehicle looking for an asset) at the moment and there have no even been any trades in it since it has been listed. I do not expect that it will be requiring much of anybody’s attention at the moment, much less Andrea’s. However, it may be worth raising the question of his involvement in this at the next conference call.

The bit I really want to hear an update on is Tilapia but I that just makes me the same as everybody else and on that I guess we just have to wait on the Congolese govt . Like I said earlier though, maybe the OPEC meeting there will concentrate the govts mind on approving oil licenses so that foreign companies like Zenith can actually invest in the country and start increasing their oil revenues for the benefit of everyone.
16.06.2022 kl 11:53 4801

Fake revenues incorrect you have made a vast number of false comments on multiple forums also.
Redigert 16.06.2022 kl 11:59 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.06.2022 kl 15:55 4527

Hva som er mest spennende hva disse 2 x 6 mill usd i lån pluss salgt av olje for over 10mill usd skal gå til🙂
Virker som forhandlinger er i sluttfase da det er tyst som i graven fra alle hold om dagen😅
16.06.2022 kl 16:07 4497

Yes lots of options with that money available
16.06.2022 kl 18:08 4385

Opplevte noe rart i dag. Det var noen meldinger på dn investor i ettermiddag. Fikk ikke let disse da jeg gikk på tur med hunden. Skulle sjekke disse senere da fant jeg de ikke. Lurer på om jeg begynner å bli gammel 😂. Fikk No kjøpt 470000 aksjer i dag 👍
16.06.2022 kl 20:49 4214

Yes gleder meg til i morgen fredag 1700-1800 -
Tenker de har kommet med en avtale TLP2 i Congo .
Men kanskje har de enda meir på lur.
Med dagens olje pris og lave løfte kostnad så er selv 200-300 fat pr dag noen ekstra øre på kursen. Langt og lenge før vi ser krona men den kommer💵🏦🚀
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16.06.2022 kl 21:17 4162

Hvorfor kl. 17-18?
17.06.2022 kl 01:06 3975

There is sum thing god in what you ar manchening, in fact I am very glad that AC has managed to show some financial muscle.He can't go to the OPEC meeting with empty pockets and fol of words. You ar talking about 13 - 15 mill $ that peanuts compared all the work that should be done in Congo.
17.06.2022 kl 12:41 3659

I have to say that with $12 million dollars burning a hole in the company pockets I would like to see them go out and acquire another speculative asset (similar to Tilapia). Now the company has been put on a sound financial footing via the Tunisian production then I think that it is important for the share price that we really start to develop assets in different jurisdictions – preferably ones where they have the potential to flow in excess of 1,000 bopd.

I know that we are all waiting for Tilapia but we have been waiting a long time for this and it would be good to have another asset to develop while we wait. I realise that this would mean that we are diluting our financial firepower somewhat, but I don’t think that this is a major issue. As long as we have the cashflow being kicked out of the Tunisian assets then we can easily service debt of $10-15 million and this should give us enough cash to work on two assets in parallel.

Just a thought, but it would save us from being completely beholden to the Congolese govt and their slow processes all of the time.
18.06.2022 kl 11:49 3436

Ikke et ord om Zenith så langt fra Congokonferansen.
Ser de har konsentrert seg om de store selskapene.
18.06.2022 kl 12:06 3395

Mulig dette guider for en større runde med ulike godkjenninger i parlamentet?
18.06.2022 kl 12:09 3384

Hey. Dont they have 12mill usd from loan and over 10mill usd from oil sale tot 22mill usd😉🙌👍🙂
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20.06.2022 kl 07:42 3017

Hadde Zenith fåt noe på kroken under denne konferansen ville en update
ha ligget på f.eks twitter.

20.06.2022 kl 07:50 2986

Kanskje eller holde en lav profil. Finner ikke et eneste ord fra konferansen generelt.
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20.06.2022 kl 08:10 2924

Det beste vi kan håpe på idag er en nyhet om at ROB-1 er tilbake i stabil prod.
20.06.2022 kl 08:54 2783

kommer nok en melding midt på dagen idag der flow fra ROB 1 bekreftes..
Det bør også komme melding om levering av olje fra SLK feltet i disse dager..
Om ikke annet i hvert fall 2 triggere som er ganske åpenlyse..
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20.06.2022 kl 22:32 2511

Nå må de få ut melding i morgen.
« Norge, England og Canada bør stoppe U-hjelp til CONGO B om de ikke får fingen ut..,,» 🤷‍♂️😅
21.06.2022 kl 17:02 2245

The Rob-1 trigger should be very beneficial. With oil prices at $116 today and opex at $35 then we should make a revenue of $91 per barrel. This will mean that every 10 barrels of oil will generate $330k per barrel in revenue and so, assuming the workover takes us back to the 100bopd level for the well then we will be generating an additional $3.3 million per annum just from Rob-1.