Zwipe and IDEX and IDEMIA

IDEX 21.06.2022 kl 15:08 34237

New VD

Dear Customers, Zwipers and Partners,

I am delighted to begin this new journey as the CEO of Zwipe. Since day one, I have felt thoroughly welcomed and enjoyed the energy, engagement and competencies that we have in the team.

I would like to start by saying a big thanks to all Zwipers for working tirelessly and to André Løvestam for having been such a strong ambassador of next generation biometric cards for many years.

More card manufacturers, payment processors, banks and enterprises than ever before are today committed to launch their next generation card programs with Zwipe. My sincere thanks to our customers and partners for their continued confidence in our platform. Throughout H1 2022, we continued to grow our customer and partner base at a strong pace.

· We signed with six new issuers, from Germany to India and the Middle East. All of them are now engaged with our card manufacturing partners and other players in the value chain to launch their new cards.
· In the APAC region, we strengthened our market position significantly with Placard (largest card manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand), Modularsoft (Malaysia’s largest payment card personalization bureau) and Wisecard (one of APAC region’s largest EMV Software providers). All these leading brands selected Zwipe Pay platform in launching their next generation payment cards.
· On the technology side, our Zwipe Pay platform received the Letter of Approval (LoA) from Visa, which was followed by confirmations of Visa certification from our three lead customers (Tag Systems, BCC and Inkript). This list will only grow from here.
· Fraport, operating in 31 international airports (including Frankfurt, New York (JFK), New Jersey (EWR) and New Delhi) shortlisted the Zwipe Access platform for their new access card program. Pilot is now underway, and we are expecting a decision before the end of the year.

We also strengthened our organization by welcoming Patrice Meilland as Chief Strategy & Product Officer and Danielle Glenn as CFO & Head of IR. Patrice joins from his position as the SVP of Advanced Cards in Idemia. Danielle brings substantial financial markets experience from the likes of Goldman Sachs and her most recent role as the CFO of Arctic Bioscience. With a strong focus on ensuring deliveries and successfull launches, we have also strengthened our engineering teams.

Throughout H1 2022,we continued to investigate consumers’ payment preferences and their feedback on biometric payment cards. From Austria to Australia, Italy to Taiwan, Malaysia to The Netherlands and Germany, consumers’ interest in biometric payment cards remained consistent and very strong. This is encouraging, not just for Zwipe but for all our customers, partners and industry peers who just like Zwipe are on a mission to deliver the next generation payment and access control experience worldwide.

I now look forward leading Zwipe and together as a team delivering measurable value to our customers, partners and shareholders.
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Har du någon motivering till detta uttalande?
28.09.2022 kl 21:42 3061

Idex opp 12% i usa idag.
28.09.2022 kl 22:32 3019

Viste 10% opp hos meg tidligere.
Ved stenging - 5%
Forstår ikke dette
28.09.2022 kl 22:45 2991

Volumet er så lite i Idex på Nasdaq at det blir store utslag om noen handler.
28.09.2022 kl 22:47 2988

Det känns somIDEX och Infineon lösning är klar då HID Global började marknadsföring Biometric ID.

29.09.2022 kl 00:04 2942

Har HID Global gått fra Zwipe og satser nå på Infineon?
29.09.2022 kl 07:06 2875

Det kommer nok snarlig melding igjen her.
Den siste melding som kom, hadde den volum eller cash omsetning synlig? Fant ikke volum?
29.09.2022 kl 20:28 2607

I sammanhanget är det intressant att Sentry har samarbete med HID.

Generellt är det inte så att Zwipe har ett direkt samarbete med HID, det går via Legic.
29.09.2022 kl 20:42 2590

2mill ned på short, denne er nok ute før q3.
Bare å henge på:)
29.09.2022 kl 21:24 2543

Jaha, på vilket sätt är det relevant för diskussionen om HID?
29.09.2022 kl 23:01 2483

“MasterCard” granted it
after “Visa”
the license certificate …
Ramzi Al-Sabouri:
The ZWIPE biometric card
has strengthened its presence
in Saudi Arabia …


On the entrance to Gepcom

The ZWIPE biometric card is continuing to establish itself in the Middle East and the African continent, as evidenced by its rapid expansion and transition to the stage of banking service through a group of banks in each of the countries visited by the company's general manager in these two regions, Mr. Ramzi Al-Sabouri, who returned a few days ago from Saudi Arabia carrying with him Good news to be added to the portfolio of achievements.

The reason for the visit to Saudi Arabia is to follow up on what was paved for in the year 2021, when ZWIPE signed an agreement with Gepcom, the largest company in the Kingdom that is interested in printing smart payment cards, phone charge cards, and the like. Under this agreement, the Saudi company was given the exclusive right to manufacture the Norwegian card. The last visit is only to follow up on the procedures leading to activating the date of launching this card through banks that Mr. Ramzi Al-Sabouri visited on his last tour. It is true that his expectations do not indicate that the Kingdom will be one of the first countries to launch this card, but rather he feels the many benefits that will be achieved for both parties by cooperating with Saudi banks, given the large population in the Kingdom, which exceeds 30 million people, which means that the company Gepcom will print ZWIPE cards to be in people's hands through banks. To find out what this company is doing, Ramzi Al-Sabouri, as he informed us, visited Gepcom's headquarters in the industrial area, where its plant is spread over an area of ​​ten thousand square kilometers. “It is a huge factory, rather one of the largest factories in the Middle East region for printing, papermaking, smart cards for telecommunications, electronic payment and hotels.” He added, “I was amazed at the size of this factory, its antiquity, and the quality of the machines imported from Italy and Spain, all of which are very modern. What caught my eye, is the small number of employees, and this is medical because the reliance is on technology and automated devices.”

Ramzi Al-Sabouri with Abdullah Abed
Q: What did you come up with after this meeting?

A: With the general manager of the Gepcom factory, Mr. Abdullah Abed, I have developed a strategy for work, including tours to banks, and my expectations are that the Kingdom will be one of the most successful countries to adopt the ZWIPE card, and this has already been felt by those responsible for decisions, whether in public facilities or in banks. The questions that were asked to me revolved around the secret card information and other technical matters, knowing that asking this type of question is justified because ZWIPE is the only card on which the fingerprint remains, but it is not stored in the Data Base, and this is what makes them happy.

At the Gepcom factory, Abdullah Abed appears
Q: Was the visit limited to this activity only, or did you seize the opportunity to expand the meetings?

A: Of course, the visit was not limited to Gepcom. I visited “Visa” in Saudi Arabia, which is a very large office under the supervision of Mr. Ali Bailon, who runs the Bahrain and Oman offices from the Kingdom as well. The meeting with him was useful and encouraging after he briefed us on the way we work and the successes achieved by this office. Here, I would like to refer to an incident that occurred with me that reminded me of Lebanon and what I sought, but to no avail. When I arrived at the airport, the lady in the customs department informed me that the fees are not collected in cash, but through a “Visa” or “MasterCard” card, a measure that maintains economic movement and fights corruption in public utilities. In fact, throughout the past period, I have been trying to consolidate this achievement in Lebanon in order to avoid bribery and corruption, but successive governments have not responded to me. The country has come to where we are because of the short-sightedness of the officials sitting in their chairs who do not care.

Ramzi Al-Sabouri from the right in the Visa offices with Ali Beloni in the center and Abdullah Abed to the left
Q: Can it be said that Saudi banks are close to launching the ZWIPE credit card?

A: I expect good signs from now until the end of this year, but don't ask me about the first bank that will launch the card. In fact, there are ringing names that I can't currently reveal, but when we sign officially with those banks, we will announce this event to everyone. As for the countries that may soon announce the launch of this card, I mention: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. In these countries, there are great and serious preparations for the launch of the card.

Q: What caught your attention on this visit?

A: Saudi Arabia is one of the most important regions in the Middle East and North Africa because the development in it is comparable to the Emirates, and digitization is sweeping, so to speak, all public facilities, especially airports. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes ZWIPE from its competitors is that the biometric card will be manufactured in the same country that will sign the agreement with the company, meaning that it will be a Saudi product, while the cards of ZWIPE's competitors are brought from abroad, and this is not desirable, as the best way is to produce the cards in the same country. This is ZWIPE's policy because its manufacture in the place of its deployment, activates the role of factories in each cooperating country, in addition to that this manufacturing reduces the cost of shipping and other logistical matters, so that if the customer requests a card in the morning, he gets it in the evening, and this is desirable at the banks that issue cards.

And here with Joseph Helou, Senior Manager at Newlip Saudi Company, which deals with the issuance and processing of electronic payment cards
Q: Is there anything new about the card?

A: Yes, during the last month ZWIPE obtained a certificate from “MasterCard” similar to the certificate we obtained in the third month of this year from “Visa”. This means that the product is ready for commercial launch. ZWIPE is the only company in the world that provides biometric services in the world and is licensed by "Visa" and "MasterCard".

Poki, har du en link til siden ?

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30.09.2022 kl 01:08 2388

IDEMIA to launch Crypto Bitcoin Card 😝
30.09.2022 kl 07:25 2320

Når da og har kortet sensor?
30.09.2022 kl 08:32 2262

Varför ska de lansera det utan Biometri sensor? Det är IDEMIA som har drivit det hela med Mastercard och IDEX och IDEMIA med CBDC i EU projektet om jag minns rätt

30.09.2022 kl 09:12 2218

Linken din viser jo ikke sensor på kortet.
Et kort uten sensor er mye billigere enn med sensor, så selvsagt er det mulig de lanserer kort uten sensor...
Idemia lager veldig mange kort uten sensor.
30.09.2022 kl 15:35 2097

Kan vel forvente inndekking av denne lille Short som vises på Registeret fremover?
Er nok dem som har skapt denne sure kursutviklingen, spørsmålet blir jo om dem vil jukke den fremover, eller sikrer seg mens det enda er noe å hente.
Kursen var 3,64 i Desember , med positiv utvikling så ryker den hurtig opp dit, da kan short sitte med svarte-Per kortet, plutselig.
Redigert 30.09.2022 kl 15:40 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.09.2022 kl 16:22 2034

Short har minket med 2 mill de seneste dagene. Venter på oppdatering idag, kanskje ned noe igjen men er lavt volum.
Jeg tror denne er ute før Q3
30.09.2022 kl 16:42 2002

Bronte har begynt å dekke shorten inn, men dette påvirket ikke kursen noe særlig på Onsdag.
Mens GSA solgte/shortet 1 million aksjer sist fredag og kursen gikk 10% ned. Totalt volum den dagen var ca. 2,5 millioner.
Jeg tviler på at GSA begynner å dekke inn med det første.
30.09.2022 kl 19:47 1901

Sente. Här är en intervju från maj i år med Jérôme Ajdenbaum VP, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Currencies Idemia.

Det finns ett projekt för crypto bpc hos Idemia och det har funnits i några år. Sen blir det ju inte så att samtliga crypto kort kommer ha fps.

"What technology do you use to ensure secure and frictionless identity verification?

Two examples come to mind to answer your question. The first is our BChain card, our hardware crypto wallet. It allows you to securely store and transfer your cryptocurrencies. BChain solves a common problem with other physical wallets – the complexity, requiring the user to enter a PIN code on a two-key pad or to locate information on a tiny screen.

BChain is a mobile-first solution: you simply need to tap your BChain card on the back of your smartphone to authorize a transaction. The solution is highly secure thanks to the use of a government-grade certified secure chip. In addition, BChain features a fingerprint reader embedded in the card. So, if you lose it, nobody else can use it. And of course, your biometric information will never leave the card to protect your privacy.

Opp 30% i USA på bra volum😀😀
30.09.2022 kl 21:52 1781

30.09.2022 kl 22:12 1790

Secure offline CBDC wallet just started 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

A picture says 1000 words

Bringing the power of Central Bank Digital Currencies to everyone

Don’t forget to see the screen of the mobile App


IDEMIA and ConsenSys demonstrate their commitment to financial inclusion with their new Secure Offline Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Payment Solution

Revealed during the MAS Global CBDC Challenge hackathon, this solution paves the way for the future of money by allowing everyone to use digital cash, anywhere and anytime.

CBDC explained
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01.10.2022 kl 15:33 1534

The card was co-designed by French technology company Idemia, which provides identity technology solutions in physical and Crypto spaces

and Sidan 22 Blind Society
People who struggle to maintain multiple passcodes & PINs or unable to use them

sidan 7 Alzheimer's Society

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02.10.2022 kl 14:39 1354

Dubai, August 2022–TOPPAN Gravity, a TOPPAN Company, and UAE-based global secure solutions provider, collaborates with the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), a robust, scalable, and inclusive foundational identity platform, to support governments in implementing a digital, foundational ID in a cost-effective way.

MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identity Platform) is an affordable, scalable, and customisable software solution that has the potential to drastically transform the landscape of digital identity technology solutions. Through the power of open source, nations across the globe can use this digital identity system to create their own robust digital identity.

MOSIP was built on a strong foundation of principles that prioritise security and privacy. With over 70 million people already registered on MOSIP-based systems, the platform allows the secure collection of demographic and biographic information of the end user to determine and issue a digital identity.

A wisely-designed ID programme can provide significant benefits in terms of financial and social inclusion, in particular. By enabling access to digital services, digital identity promotes value-creation through increased inclusion and contributes to reducing fraud. Proper use of digital identity protects citizens’ rights and increases transparency, while having a positive impact on GDP growth, especially for emerging economies.

Toppan Gravity is in a unique position as it is fulfilling MOSIP’s requirements as System Integrator and as Biometric Solution Provider as well.

“MOSIP is one of the most exciting developments in the Identity space, and Toppan Gravity is at the heart of it. With an unparalleled commitment to the Open-Source Initiative, we are proud to have joined the MOSIP Partner Programme. Toppan Gravity is dedicated to supporting countries in mitigating challenges related to adopting new technology and vendor lock-in, facilitating international cooperation and knowledge transfer.” says Nicolas Jaouen, VP Solutions.

Commenting on Toppan Gravity becoming a MOSIP Partner, Nagarajan Santhanam, Chief Dissemination Officer, MOSIP said: “We are pleased to have Toppan Gravity as a part of the MOSIP community, as one of the MOSIP-trained System Integrators under the MOSIP Partner Programme, and a provider of compliant biometric solutions. We are confident that new countries adopting MOSIP for the implementation of their ID systems can make use of the experience and track record that Toppan brings to the Identity space. We are thrilled to be working with Toppan, along with all other ecosystem partners, on upcoming projects.”

Toppas finns i flera länder

Hong Kong
Unit A, 20/F, Lee & Man Commercial Center,
169 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2912 5200
Fax: +852 2810 5530

University City Road, Industrial Area 13
P.O. Box 150199, Sharjah, UAE.
Tel: +971 6 538 9488
Fax: +971 6 538 6446

Ubora Office Tower, Office No. 1204,
Marasi Drive, Business Bay,
P.O. Box 9051, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 361 5997
Fax: +971 4 361 9255

43-47 avenue de la Grande Armée,
75116 Paris France,
RCS Paris, 890 703 788.
Tel: (852) 2912 5200
Fax: (852) 2810 5530

c/ Alcalá 20 28014 Madrid,
Tel: +34 9 15 22 07 90
Fax: +34 9 15 22 07 89

South Africa
Cresta 2118, P.O.Box 644
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Tel: +27 11 791 6675

Toppan Gravity becomes part of the White Label Alliance (WLA) Payment Standard to provide customers with high-quality contactless payment products and services
Dubai, April 2022 – TOPPAN Gravity, a TOPPAN Company, and UAE-based global secure solutions provider, becomes member of the White Label Alliance (WLA), a robust member-driven organization that promotes independent payment solutions designed for domestic and private-label use, to provide its customers with high-quality contactless payment products and services.

With the continuous trend of moving transactions to contactless payments and increased use of digital platforms, the demand for closed-loop payment schemes is rising accordingly. Though often started as pure digital solutions, the need for physical payment solutions is growing in a later, more mature stage. Looking at the prepaid card market, in 2020 it was estimated at US$1.6 trillion, and it is projected to reach US$2.7 trillion by 2026 with the closed-loop prepaid cards segment garnering a significant share during the forecast period*1, 2.

To be more competitive in today’s payment ecosystem, Toppan Gravity decided to be part of the White Label Alliance (WLA) payment standard. WLA is a comprehensive and open set of standards that ensures interoperable payment solutions focused on local payment schemes. Backed by a strong industry consortium, WLA has the potential to solve key issues by enabling local payment schemes.

Commenting on the membership agreement, Michael Hraschan, Director of Product Management Payment said: “Our customers deserve high-secure and qualitatively advanced payment products and services, and we believe that WLA-based solutions can support us in achieving this. Designed to build on EMV standards, the WLA payment standard delivers security and interoperability wherever payments are made.”

By providing solutions following the WLA specifications, Toppan Gravity aims to provide its customers with high-quality payment products and services based on proven and certified technology. The robust and flexible standard allows the deployment of contactless payments to meet consumers’ needs and enhance the in-store checkout experience.
02.10.2022 kl 14:43 1345

Hvorfor er dette relevant for dette forumet?
02.10.2022 kl 17:30 1269

Jag sk... fullständigt vad du tycker om du inte har koll på hur hela payment kedjan fungerar. Många kommer tycka att det är relevant till payment some kommer hända i UAE/ Dubai

Toppan har sin fabrik där och det är andra leverantörer som leverera de integration tjänster så allt är relevant för min del.
Redigert 02.10.2022 kl 19:02 Du må logge inn for å svare
02.10.2022 kl 22:05 1139

"relevant till payment" Veldig lite relevant til payments som jeg ser det.
MOSIP er en sentralisert database for lagring av biometrisk ID og personinfo. Tenk for eksempel Pass informasjon.
Halve poenget med Idex sensor er at biometrisk data lagres på kortet, ikke på en data base.

Det som er relevant, er at Toppan og Zwipe jobber sammen. Men innlegget ditt handlet om MOSIP, ikke biometrisk kort.

28 sep 2022. IDEMIA Leverer en offline digital euro proof of concept til ECB og de europeiske nasjonale sentralbankene

IDEMIA har utviklet en fullstendig demonstrasjon av en offline versjon av en desentralisert hovedbok (blokkjede) basert på digital euro på forespørsel fra Den europeiske sentralbanken, Bundesbank, Banque de France, Banca d'Italia og andre nasjonale sentralbanker. Demoen gir mulighet for kjøp med en smarttelefon eller et smartkort. For et enda høyere sikkerhetsnivå, smartkorttilgangen kan beskyttes med biometrisk autentisering via en innebygd fingeravtrykkleser (IDEX sensor)
05.10.2022 kl 20:27 594

Kolla både MDP med ny Zwipe Biometric Card på Seamless Africa och Sentry/ HID Trusted Identification med nya post på LinkedIn
Redigert 05.10.2022 kl 20:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.10.2022 kl 07:13 481

Idex har fått en ny aksjonær på nr fire på listen med 45 mill aksjer.
Dette er da hsbc holding, som er verdens største bank. Tilfeldig? Neppe..

"Idex har fått en ny aksjonær på nr fire på listen med 45 mill aksjer.
Dette er da hsbc holding"
Uten at jeg har sett aksjonærlisten så vil jeg tro at dette er en nominee konto, med de samme aksjene som tidligere stod på nominee konto hos Northern Trust.
Selv om det skulle være en ny eier/eiere så har det neppe noen kobling HSBC sin bank-virksomhet og kort.