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ZENA 05.08.2022 kl 10:39 157764

Nå kan det løsne i CONGO B og Tilapia!

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Ministre de hydrocarbures
Agenda 05.08.22 lagt ut:
«plenum om lovforslag som godkjenner endringer i produksjonskontrakter»
Assemble nationale..


Kan løsne nå! Kom dere inn i Zenith Energy snarest!



Redigert 09.08.2022 kl 09:18 Du må logge inn for å svare
02.11.2022 kl 11:30 5300

lots of impatience here and missing the bigger reward, all it takes is one big project to be signed and sealed and the price will follow. Best time to buy is when the impatient sell and transfer stock to the patient.
02.11.2022 kl 11:57 5255

It is not impatience, people here have been invested since 2019, I think when you promise 1000bopd for 3 years it is okay to expect some results, sooner rather than later.
02.11.2022 kl 12:10 5220

Enig med pessimist
02.11.2022 kl 12:16 5219

this is the oil game nothing happens overnight, if you believe it won't reach 1000 bond then sell up and invest somewhere you think it will, realy that simple.
02.11.2022 kl 12:54 5166

Well here you are putting words in my mouth which I have never stated. I believe Zenith could be a good investment. We are all aware of that investing in oil is time consuming. The problem however comes from managment promising certain things and not delivering in accordance with the things stated in interviews, investor calls etc. The impatience as you so good call it, is actually a result of Zeniths own communication. Having two thoughts in your head at the same time is also very important in the oil game. Making critical questions to managment when they say one thing and dont deliver is something that is our obligation as shareholders. So please stop putting words in my mouth.
02.11.2022 kl 13:30 5145

It is perfectly fair, and sensible to be critical of management when they do not deliver. I think that at the end of the year, if we have not delivered one of the three significant additional assets that we know the company are trying to add to the portfolio then it is time for investors to start asking some serious questions about management capabilities.

However, I do not think that it is yet time to criticise the company. In the last two years AC has performed an incredibly successful reinvention of what the company is about. It has changed from a company that put all of it’s eggs in one basket when gambling on the success of re-drilling wells in Azerbaijan; into a company that is producing oil and revenue in two separate jurisdictions and is negotiating to gain assets in three more. Lessons have clearly been learned about focusing all of the company’s efforts in a single country and as I read it they continue to be learned.

I do not think that we can blame Zenith about the time it is taking to get the Tilapia license renewed. Short of paying bribes, when Andrea has confirmed that Zenith would never do, there is simply no way to speed up the process of the T2 license renewal.

The company has also not just waited and bet everything on Tilapia. We know that they were trying to get the Barracuda OML141 license last year which was ultimately frustrated by the legal action between ADME and NHN and we know that they are trying to acquire licenses in Egypt and Benin currently.

However the clock is ticking. In order to move the company on to the next level we need an additional license with significant production and exploration potential. The company do seem to be going all out to find one but as Pessimist has said, they do need to deliver as it is only this that will drive the share price up significantly.

The company is in a better place now than it has ever been but a new project has to be delivered soon. I have every faith that it will and this is why I remain invested and continue to increase my holdings when the opportunity presents itself. But if something is not signed by the end of the year I will want to know why.
02.11.2022 kl 13:44 5139

I will not argue with that. I think the time spent on both Tilapia and larger acquisitions are perfectly fair. Given the size of the acquisitions. I do however still maintain that the postponements especially regarding Tunisia are perfectly fair to ask questions about. This is just because the company have communicated certain months where they are saying this will most likely happen by this and this time frame.

I also agree that it is a massive turnaround that has already happened. And that is something the company needs credit for.

For me personally I think asking questions about Ezzouia, Rob-3 and the planned oilsale that did not happen from SLK. Is something the company needs to take a bit of the blame for. A lot of the pressure from shareholders when it comes to when things should be done are a direct result of communication from the company to the shareholders.
02.11.2022 kl 14:50 5058

Fact is the company is at the mercy of the governments of the countries it is working in. It is high risk high reward and so far in Tunisia we have been rewarded well for our initial investment. The same goes for Tilapia, we have been waiting for the government to process the deal not at the end of the zenith. I am sure if there was something for the company to put out they would have done it, and that is the world of investment, you do your due diligence and then you invest or not. Personally I believe we’ll secure tilapia as well as other new assets and the company will continue to grow along with its market cap.
02.11.2022 kl 15:05 5034

Does not alter the fact that the communication of the company is quite bad in terms of that. I agree with you, they are at the mercy of goverments. However, one needs also to look at the statements that has come from the company and continues to come from the company. Being critical of the fact that the company is saying dates, times etc. This communication should not have taken place if they are completely at the mercy of the goverments. Zenith should not be bold in their time estimates if it not possible to be bold due to goverments. That is both a fair an completely viable critisism.
02.11.2022 kl 15:24 5041

Har du noen anelse om hvor de 52 000 tønnene som skulle selges i Juni har blitt av? Ref RNS nr 0415j? Har de mistet hele dealen uten å melde det?
02.11.2022 kl 19:06 4886

Oljen ligger fortsatt på lager å mange tusen nye fat har blitt tilført lageret siden juni. De eier 22.5% av SLK, enhver endring som du her beskriver må børsmeldest så det er helt utenkelig at oljen ikke er på lager og har vokst betraktelig i perioden.
02.11.2022 kl 21:52 4843

Signal Update Our system’s recommendation today is to BUY. The pattern finally received a confirmation because the prices crossed above the confirmation level which was at 0,1064, and our valid average buying price stands now at 0,1066. The previous SELL signal was issued on 31.10.2022, 2 days ago, when the stock price was 0,1047. Since then ZENA.OL has risen by +1,81%.

Let’s jump on our white horses and go for a bullish ride. The bullish pattern that was previously identified is finally confirmed and a BUY signal is generated. The market is telling you about a new profit. Do not miss this bullish opportunity.

Kilde: norskbulls.com
03.11.2022 kl 01:10 4655

We cannot rule out possibility that governments in thous contras inform the Zenith about estimate waiting time for concluding agreement and Zenith conveys to us, and it turn out not to be true. That can haw chain reaction on keeping promises on other statement to which other ways cud be easily don.
07.11.2022 kl 19:15 3839

Program konferanse for de som er interessert:
07.11.2022 kl 22:40 3681

I am sure if there was something for Zenith to communicate to shareholders they will, fact is there is nothing to announce until they receive to put to the market. This is what investment is, we invest on fundamentals and potential and we wait.
08.11.2022 kl 08:02 3495

På tide:

«Under pressure from international financial institutions, Congolese hydrocarbons minister Bruno Jean-Richard Itoua has begun reorganising his administration. This represents a logistical challenge for an ageing institution that is overpopulated with advisers, directors and attachés, but it should not cause a radical change in the balance of power in the sector, which is largely decided outside the ministry. [...]»


08.11.2022 kl 08:07 3507

Det begynner å bli en stund siden nå. Hva skjer ??


Redigert 08.11.2022 kl 08:09 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.11.2022 kl 10:38 3386

Jeg tror vi må i så fall må vente til 25-30 november.
Bruno Itoua har nå 21 dager på sin nedtelling på Facebook.
Er det denne anledningen der Tlp2 + andre lisenser skal publiseres, fremheves og markeres? Virker i hvert fall som at konferansen er viktig for Congo.. 3 uhyre spennende uker fremover.

Hvis Zenith får tlp2, mangedobles kursen.
Hvis det er uten noen nyheter, siger kursen mulig under 10øre.
Hvis zenith mister tlp2, halveres kursen på kort sikt.
08.11.2022 kl 11:30 3312

Not my point at all. Just saying they have communicated quite a lot of things that does not materialize in the timeframe the company says to the shareholders. Then you cannot be mad that people are holding the company to previous statements and asking critical questions of why they are not achieving things in timeframes that Zenith has provided. I have great belief in the company, however, the company also needs to look within itself and ask why are people negative? Maybe it might not be a good idea to give time estimates with dates if they are very uncertain. One could excuse it once or twice, but if you look at the history of Zenith they have done it alot, one could only hope they learn for the future. Because in my opinion it damages a lot of the trust shareholders have towards the company.
08.11.2022 kl 11:46 3293

Time frames slip by a month or two this is the oil business, no company hits every target on time. Not that I am complaining as money leaves the impatient to the patient, I have been buying significantly at current levels.
08.11.2022 kl 11:59 3260

Time frames slip by a month or two ? That is just wrong, oil sale for instance was expected this summer. We are now approaching the end of the year, more than a couple of months there. Look at the SLK transaction when that happened and all the postponments there. Look at the investor calls and the comments made surronding Tilapia for the past 2 years (will be two years in December). I still hold a significant portion of Zenith stock, has nothing to do with that. The point is that it beyond any doubt that the company has had poor communication, and that an improvement in this regard would most definitely increase the trust in market and hence the sp in Zenith. This is something I have communicated both publically and directly to the company.
08.11.2022 kl 15:31 3186

Investorcalls hittil har bare vært vas, hvorfor skulle det forandre seg nå?

Tipper tilapia forsvinner for zenith
08.11.2022 kl 19:52 3026

No company hits time frames exactly on time this is the nature of the oil industry, moaning about it won’t make the share price go up, if you feel the company isn’t doing what you want then sell out its really that simple. If you think it will recover and break 3 year highs as I fully expect then load up which I have been doing while the likes of you have been complaining.
X-43 scramjet
08.11.2022 kl 20:34 3076

Forsiktig optimist er bra når en har aksjer i Zena. Gi den masse tid, slutten av november kommer halvårsrapporten. Er vi heldige, kommer det noen gode nyheter som sender den opp til 12-13 øre. Men opp til 20 øre tar en evighet i Zena
09.11.2022 kl 00:30 2977

Difficult roads sometimes lead to beautiful destinations. That whats happened with Zenith.
09.11.2022 kl 12:14 2749

Seems you have a bit slow head. Cant seem to figure out that thats not the point. I doubt you have any serious experience in the oil industry. That being said it is always funny to see a shareholder who is so in love with a stock that he cant handle a fair critisism of the stock. This is the second time you start talking to me about selling. I will repeat myself once more and we will see if you manage to understand something extremely simple.

I like the company, I think here is great potential. I do not moan and complain, I do however believe that the company has been untrue and had bad communication to many times and that this is damaging the SP development. There is a reason why other oilers in the same segment as Zenith is outperforming us greatly. Zenith is the oiler in Norway without a major scandal that has had the poorest performance of any of the oilers. This is just a fact, it is not moaning. What I am saying is that it is my belief that the company would perform better if they improved their communication toward shareholders. That is my opinion, I have said this to you and I have said it directly to the company.

Load up while I am complaining? You must be the most unserious shareholder I have come across in here. This is just ludacris. I am not complaining I am raising a point where I believe the company could improve for the better. The fact that you cant handle that the company recieves a little fair critisism probably means you have loaded up a bit to much.

However, I will not entertain you anymore. I have been invested here since 2019 how long have you been invested? Being able to be clear on where the company needs to improve is only a good thing.
09.11.2022 kl 12:38 2921

"This is something I have communicated both publically and directly to the company."

Noen respons fra selskapet?
09.11.2022 kl 12:44 2940

I have a very good entry and very comfortable holding to the point I don’t have to moan about why the company hasn’t given me a daily update :) I am happy to remain patient for the big deals to come to fruition.
09.11.2022 kl 13:18 2927

Again I have never moaned about a daily update. My point is the overall communication of the company, I think most shareholders would agree they have improvement in this area. Yes, we will hope that the big deals come to fruition, nothing I would want more than to get Tilapia over the line.
09.11.2022 kl 13:21 2962

Respons i form av hva da tenker du? De takker for innspillene, men de gjør de vel til alle som tar kontakt.
09.11.2022 kl 13:56 2929

Det er soleklart at om det ikke skjer noe i løpet av uken/neste uke siger nok Zena under 0.1 igjen. Her går det sagte med det aller meste
09.11.2022 kl 16:30 2771

Hope so so I can increase my shareholding even more
Lord Wincheste
09.11.2022 kl 17:10 2727

Det er jo mye av planer som skal fyres i gang nå. Mere gass i Italia, økt produksjon i flere av feltene, samt Tilapia og Tunis. Kan bli tidenes julegave dette. Kjøper hver gang jeg har free cash
09.11.2022 kl 19:02 2642

Soleklart at det blir forventninger før AC skal holde innlegg på konferansen i Congo Brazzaville ;) Neste uke er det ca 14 dager til...
09.11.2022 kl 19:06 2637

Forventninger er der ingen der køber på mere.
Det har vist sig at være fejl før.
Kom med noget konkret. Ellers er den død
09.11.2022 kl 19:32 2611

En ting er iallefall sikkert, dersom jeg tjener noen kroner på denne stabile pennystocken (øretrilleraksje på norsk ;-) , så skal jeg bevilge meg en engelsk-norsk ordbok.
Tog dere an ? :-)
09.11.2022 kl 21:15 2513

Ja, men er ikke mye konkrete innlegg her, må tenke på at dette er en oljemygg. Tålmodig folkens.