Zenith Energy • TILAPIA • 3-5 x opptur i vente

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ZENA 05.08.2022 kl 10:39 158393

Nå kan det løsne i CONGO B og Tilapia!

Møte i dag 05.08.2022:

Ministre de hydrocarbures
Agenda 05.08.22 lagt ut:
«plenum om lovforslag som godkjenner endringer i produksjonskontrakter»
Assemble nationale..


Kan løsne nå! Kom dere inn i Zenith Energy snarest!



Redigert 09.08.2022 kl 09:18 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 10:10 6772

If we cross 0.12 with 10million shares we will reach 0.15 today
23.08.2022 kl 10:27 6730

BMU - sorry about that, I am not meaning to be serious all the time I promise 😊. However, I do believe that there are very exciting times ahead for the company and I think that your crystal ball has a better chance of being right than wrong!
23.08.2022 kl 10:28 6737

A key element to driving the price up is going to be the news that comes out over the next two weeks (before the investors conference call on the 8th).

If this is Tilapia news (which would eb the best option) then the share price is going to fly. We should also not forget that AC has told us in the past that when Tilapia is approved it is possible that we will not just be receiving the license for Tilapia but also one and maybe even two more Congolese licenses about which we currently have no information.

If this is non-Tilapia news on the acquisition of a new asset then the share price could also go up significantly but it will be impossible to tell how much until we know what the asset is. The value it adds would depend on where it is located; what its production potential is and how much we have to pay for it up-front.

The final event that could also drive the share price up significantly is the release on the annual report on August 31st. With all of the oil production that we have generated over the last year I expect this to make very healthy reading and hopefully show an overall (not just operational) profit for the company. This is incredibly rare amongst small-cap oilers and should begin a market re-rate on its own.

We are finally expecting some significant news about company progress in short-order and we also have the advantage that we will be able to question AC about everything that is happening in the company at the Investor’s conference call on September 8th. It fells like exciting times for Zenith and I expect and hope that yesterday’s rise and volume is just the beginning of a company-wide re-rate.
23.08.2022 kl 10:34 6719

I am expecting news before annual report.
Also many times AC told if we waited for long will get one to two more licenses with local partner and Zenith work as operator.
One more course driving fact is Gas reserve in Tilapia field and zeniths capability of generation of electricity from it.
23.08.2022 kl 10:42 6729

old news
he has purchased a total of 39,029,728 common shares of no par value ("Common Shares") in the capital of the Company on the London Stock Exchange at a price of £0.00825 per Common Share (equivalent to approximately NOK 0.10).
23.08.2022 kl 11:04 6670

Viking_1 that is a very good point. It also rang a bell at the back of my mind that Andrea had mentioned this electricity generation in Congo before so I looked back at my old nots and found this from an interview he gave in February 2021 (unfortunately I did not note down who the interview was with). In this he said:

“The international delegation came over to assess the financial and technical abilities of the Zenith group. We took them over 1000km to show them the many activities of Zenith in Italy for a complete financial and technical visit. We visited two sites – one producing gas and one producing electricity.
Zenith’s approach to Tilapia is very different to AAOG’s. We are taking a new license for 25 years whereas AAOG PLC took a license for the tall end of the last four years so it is a totally different concept – we are marrying the Congo for this field and for other fields because the (IPU) visit will permit us to apply for different licenses on top of Tilapia. So this was a very important visit. On top of this, the people who visited us will be our counterparties in the daily running of the operation – filing, accounting, cost of oil capex etc. So all these meetings were in preparation for cooperation for 25 years. “

So, in short, we know that the Congolese were interested in gas to electricity two years ago. They must be quite impressed with Zenith’s current Italian electricity production.

I also dug out my old figures on Congolese electricity requirements:

The Republic of Congo have a total population of 5,518,092
Almost half of this population (2,600,000) do not have access to electricity.
Only 62% of urban areas are electrified and many of these areas including the capital Brazzaville and the economic capital Pointe -Noire still suffer significant outages.
The country ranks 143rd out of 195 countries worldwide in electricity production and 158th for electricity consumption.
Indigenous production is 62% from fossil fuels (mostly gas) and 38% from hydroelectric plants.

In short, Congo have a real electricity deficit but they do have a lot of natural gas reserves so there is the significant potential of improving this especially by using the gas generated from oil production for electricity production instead of simply flaring it off. Obviously this is a much more efficient and environmentally friendly of getting rid of the gas than simply burning it and so it is no coincidence that the delegation from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons were interested in looking at Zenith’s gas to electricity setup as this is where they can get a lot of quick and easy electricity supply from .
23.08.2022 kl 11:17 6633

Congo trenger olje, gass og ikke minst elektrisitet. Siste året har det vært skrevet mye om behovet i media.

Og som du nevner; delegasjon fra Congo var faktisk på besøk i Italia Rundt 25. januar 2021. AC var i Congo 12. februar 2021, ifl. twitter oppdatering: "I look forward to finalising our objectives, as well as exploring potential additional development opportunities".
Mulig dette var "additional development opportunities".
23.08.2022 kl 13:11 6460

Zenith gjør det sterkere på børsen i London. Gikk veldig høyt ved åpning.
23.08.2022 kl 13:53 6346

Og nå da?
23.08.2022 kl 13:55 6342

Energy prices go even higher in Europe (as posted on the UK forums yesterday) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-08-22/europe-gas-jumps-as-supply-fears-return-with-planned-pipe-works

I suspect that August's electricity revenues may once again be record-breaking for Zenith.
23.08.2022 kl 14:04 6311

Todays highest electricity average rate recorded in Zenith history.
Today average rate is - 605,23 €/MWh
Average for current month 496.66 €/MWh (expecting Profit EUR 450 000)
23.08.2022 kl 14:28 6239

Andpaal71 skrev Og nå da?
2,5% i pluss
23.08.2022 kl 14:42 6202

Nylig ble det kjøpt en stor post på 2,6mill aksjer👍 Så vi endelig kunne bryte over 0,115
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 14:42 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 14:52 6184

Ligger i kortene at den plutselig stikker. Kjøperne er der, bare mer tolmodig enn i går.
23.08.2022 kl 15:34 6083

Expecting many institutional investor form UK after Tilapia news. Difficult to get below 0.4 after news. AAOG investor waiting for news too.

Keep eye on PNOR too, large upside potential with production increase to up to 5000 bopd after well intervention completion in Congo and Senegal news. Nigeria production will also start next year.
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 15:39 Du må logge inn for å svare
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23.08.2022 kl 15:47 6043

Zenith får økte inntekter fra strøm uten å løftet en finger godt hjulpet av den nye Hitler (Putin) i Moskva hvis de holder produksjonen stabil.

Produksjon av strøm må opp hvis det skal bli fart på ting.
Ett intressant spørsmål er om de kan øke produksonen uten å stoppe dagens produkson.

23.08.2022 kl 15:49 6041

I september 2019 gikk den til en krone. Også da klare forventninger, men nå er forventningene mer berettiget synes jeg. Riktignok flere aksjer nå, men nå tjener de cash og potensielt flere triggere i dagene fremover. Veldig spennede
23.08.2022 kl 15:53 6020

Og strømprisene ser ikke til å gå nedover med det første. Nå blir det kaldere fremover også. Vinn vinn for Zena. Høyere gass og strømpriser, pluss høyere forbruk!
23.08.2022 kl 16:12 5965

Essensen av hva jeg leser, er rykter. Ofte er det noe i dem ,andre ganger nada.

Zena tjener penger ,men tenk om gass turbinen ryker ?
23.08.2022 kl 16:17 5970

if news comes tomorrow, then what will happened to these day traders, 10 working days to IC.
buy 10 million below 0.12 all are these will vanish
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 16:18 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 16:22 5965

they have 4 gas turbine, so don't worry and most of the North sea oil and gas related equipment's and valves comes from Italy
23.08.2022 kl 16:36 5937

Forventninger som har grobunn i at selskapet selv skriver «due to potential near-term progress» som årsak til forsinket investor call..
23.08.2022 kl 17:09 5844

Selvfølgelig kan news komme etter IC, kan jo være at Zenith har måtte prioritere å sette av tid nå istedenfor en del arbeidsmengde i forbindelse med IC, uansett kan vi forvente news ganske snart.

Snakk om å sette forventninger, men ikke nødvendigvis før IC.
23.08.2022 kl 17:21 5828

Det skuffer meg litt at ikke det kom noe som helst angrep på 12 øre idag. Det burde ha gjort det!!
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23.08.2022 kl 17:43 5775

Høyt forbruk av strøm p.g.a det grønne skifte er ett pluss for Zenith.
En kald skulder fra Moskva likeså.

Men det blir ikke fart på ting før Zenith får opp produksjonen av strøm
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23.08.2022 kl 18:03 5733

Hadde Don AC idag kommet med gode nyheter om Tilapia eller fornyet lisens for SLK så hadde markedet fått noe de ikke kunnet si nei til.

23.08.2022 kl 18:06 5735

Har du husket historikken? Før har "store" oppganger i Zenith 8-9 ganger av 10 . Endt med en stor nedgang neste dag.
Eller som en skrev igår, idag kommer "syre-testen" .
Den syre-testen endte med oppgang... I grønt terreng.
Bra du bare er litt skuffet da, tør ikke tenke på hvor skuffet du ville vært med en nedgang på 10 %.
Du får trøste deg med at det kommer inn cash-flow, hver eneste dag. Mandag som søndag.
Og så vil eg råde deg til å lese strømprisene hver dag,og prognosene fremover.
Så skal du gå et spørsmål, hva trur du Zenith sitter igjen med i rein NETTO for mnd.en når desember produksjonen er solgt?
Forøvrig ha ein flott kveld....
23.08.2022 kl 18:06 5737

Blir konge dette: «The Company’s Italian ‘Gas to Power’ activities are intended to be replicated in certain Africa jurisdictions on a larger scale, specifically in the Republic of the Congo, where there is an abundance of unexploited natural gas reserves and a strong demand for stable electricity production».
23.08.2022 kl 18:30 5661

Dette blir bra! Flere inntektsmuligheter, og det noe Zenith mestrer.

Er det nevnt noe om plan/strategi for produksjon av elektrisitet i Congo? Dette kan vel startes rimelig raskt etter at det formelle er på plass...?(slipper å vente på bl.a. utbygging av pipeline/rafineri)
23.08.2022 kl 19:30 5575

"due to potential near-term progress" as the reason for the delayed investor call.
23.08.2022 kl 20:12 5481

Uansett hvordan dette tolkes så mener jeg det er positivt. Noe skjer...Personlig tror jeg også det kommer før IC.
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 20:15 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 20:15 5492

Sammenstilt med månedsbrevet for august er det potensielt veldig bull. Vi får se
23.08.2022 kl 20:21 5477

Ja noe må skje for brutte løfter er lett å finne.
23.08.2022 kl 22:46 5246

Fra august nyhetsbrev:

«The Company has a number of significant ‘growth catalysts’ between now and the close of 2022 that might bring about a transformational leap forward in its size and revenue generation. This is especially the case in respect of our long-held business development objectives in the Republic of the Congo, where we expect to be awarded a new 25-year licence for the Tilapia oilfield, as well as in other jurisdictions where the Company is reviewing potential acquisition opportunities».

Kanskje ikke så rart at noen trekker paralleller til 2019 da aksjekursen gikk til krona?
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 22:47 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 22:54 5229

Fra august 2022 nyhetsbrev:
"Zenith’s overarching strategic objective is to become a mid-tier energy company with a complementary balance of production, development and exploration assets across Africa and Europe"

Man bør vel forvente en økning av dagens MC på 211mill hvis det skal bli en "mid-tier energy company".
23.08.2022 kl 23:03 5209

Om flere leser dette kan vi få en zena alla 2019 eller Iox.

De har jo tidligere også børsmeldt salg av 104.000 barrels for 2022. Det blir ca 100 mnok. Og det er jo kun frem til juli.
Redigert 23.08.2022 kl 23:04 Du må logge inn for å svare
23.08.2022 kl 23:10 5255

Hei. Da var det boring i Azerbaijan. 😊

Og 1,5 milliarder aksjer mindre i selskapet.
Redigert 24.08.2022 kl 05:37 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.08.2022 kl 07:49 5057

Mener å ha lest at Tilapia oilfield kan gi opp mot mrd i omsetning?