Sykt bra Årsrapport!!!! Med masse olje på lager!!

Vi venter store nyheter. Volumet har tatt av siste tiden. Fundamentet er på plass. Nedsiden er så godt som vekke..

Fra årsrapporten: Highlights

During the financial year ended March 31, 2022, the Company:

o Generated revenues from the production of oil, gas, and electricity of
CAD$8,239,000 (2021 - CAD$596,000).
o Held inventory awaiting sale of 116,391 barrels of crude oil that had been
produced in Tunisia.
o Produced and sold 131,556 Mcf of natural gas from its Italian assets (as
compared to 12,713 Mcf for the corresponding period for the financial year ended
March 31, 2021).
o Recorded an after-tax profit of CAD$64,437,000 (compared to an after-tax
profit of CAD$3,525,000 for the financial year ended March 31, 2021).

Luca Benedetto, Chief Financial Officer, commented:

"This positive set of results for the 2022 FY clearly demonstrate the Company's
unprecedented revenue generation which has been supported by the favourable
energy pricing environment. During the period, the Company also displayed strong
attention to cost control, whilst continuing to pursue an ambitious growth
programme in respect of developing the existing portfolio and acquiring new
assets. Additionally, Zenith's operating results have markedly improved over the
corresponding period for the past financial year, and we expect this trend to
continue into 2023.

As we look towards the next financial year, it is our intention to take every
necessary step in the near-term to ensure that our production activities are
maximised, and, with equal focus, that our portfolio is enriched by the
acquisition of new assets that can contribute, potentially in a transformational
manner, to the sustained, long-term profitability of the Company."
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Når gevinstsikringene er over snart stikker Zena.til 0,16 - 0,18 . Dunker AC inn Congo nå pluss 5.7 mill dollar fra rettsaken så blir det virkelig fart mot 0,5 - 0,80

Det er det faktisk meget stor mulighet for. Svaret kommer meget snart på investor call
30.08.2022 kl 10:52 2855

Congo tar tid og de 5,7 milll $ skal forhandles om.

2 mill aksjer er plassert, tid har jeg nok av ):
30.08.2022 kl 11:52 2662

Jammen muligheter for gode kjøp i dag .. noen blir ranet her. Kjøp med begge nevene


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Smart å skifte ut de kortsiktige før fete news,👍Er det generell bukseskjelv på gang?Equinor har tom droppet 15 kr i dag.
30.08.2022 kl 12:03 2634

Kaunis you insulted my Crystal boll, so pleas du that wot you ar intended to do and we se by the end of the yer who was right.
p.s. Luca B. don't make mistaks.
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30.08.2022 kl 12:07 2621

minus 15 % og du tror at vi lander rundt 0,15 ?

We will hit 1.5 before news from tilapia, when that comes we will break 2.25 with relative ease. We have serious volume and momentum behind us right now is time to add to holdings before the big bull run.
30.08.2022 kl 12:12 2625

Nice buy of 1.5 million at 0.12 and 0.125.
Zenith will earn profit of NOK 4.8 million from electricity sale this month.
people don't know upside also. oil sale of 6.4 million in April and until August oil inventory of around $13million total - 6.4 +13 =19.4 + $1.6 million (Italia production )
in last 5 month Total - $ 20million
Page 83 - debt
debt - $ 6.14 million loan (CAD 7,975,000) and bonds $8millions (CAD10,360.000) (which will roll over to next term )

Company is debt free now.

Next 7 month Zenith will earn only surplus money. ($5.7 million form SNPC not considered)

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30.08.2022 kl 12:16 2600

Usikker, markedet har reagert negativt idag. Tror kanskje den skal enda lenger ned. Fredag blir spennende, om det er mye tradere kan de dumpe da for å slippe å sitte på aksjene over helgen. Blir vel berg og dalbane nå frem til nyheter eventuelt meldes. Kommer den ned på .11 skal jeg handle.

Går rett sørover ,hva skjer?

Prøvde å advare, dere kjøpte vel ikke?
Dette her er ikke noe å ha pengene i, dømt til å tape

snart passerer vi 50 millioner aksjer. i dag blir det nok 60 - 70 millioner.
30.08.2022 kl 15:05 2213

Aksjen har steget 30-40% siden du advarte mot den og NAS aksjen har falt 37,8% siden du anbefalte den

05.08.2022 kl 11:09
Jeg satser ikke ei krone i Nigeria.
Aksje utviklingen sier mer en 1000 HO innlegg"

05.08.2022 kl 10:41
Hvorfor satser du på Afrikansk olje vs Norsk?
Regner ikke med å få svar, men spør likevel"

Herlig, Frodon!
Men ja, er det et av mange nick som har null troverdighet, så er det Longsitingbulk. Kun for egen vinning, og endrer mening 180grader etter posisjon(aksjonær eller ønsker inngang).

I have had my first look through the annual accounts today and although I am disappointed that they did not book the Tunisian oil sales on an accrual basis it still makes for pretty good reading.

The headline figures on revenue of CAD$8,239,000 (USD$6.3 million) are slightly disappointing but this does not include the sales that were made after the year end and it does not include most of the high value gas sales in Italy either.

The administrative expenses of CAD$12,526,000 (US$9.6 million) are pretty much bang on double of those figures in the half-yearly report so they are exactly as predicted and this gives the company a loss on trade (not including depreciation or other accountancy tricks of US$3.3 million.

Another key element that they annual report gives away to us that we did not know before is the operational cost of getting the oil out of the ground in Tunisia. This is shown in the value that is associated with the 116,391 barrels of oil valued at CAD$5,690,000 (and from an accountancy point of view this is always the vale at this is the cost of getting it out of the ground, not the value of the oil for sale) so now we know that this is $ 4,373,390 which equates to $38 per barrel in production costs.

We also know that the company had stock of 116,391 barrels at the period end. At an oil price of USD$100 per barrel and with the production costs that we now know are $38 per barrel then this gives a valuation that (IMO) really should be in the accounts of $7,216,242 in net revenue. So if this were put into the accounts then they really should have shown a trading profit of $4 million. This is at the lower end of my original calculations (I originally predicted between $3-7 million) but it is still a substantial profit and the basic fact is that the oil had been produced and stored by the end of March so it is very frustrating that it is not properly been included in the accounts just because the sale had not yet been completed.

I had assumed that the oil that had been stored would have been booked in on an accrual basis and therefore would be shown in the 2022 annual accounts and it is extremely frustrating that it has not been because it means that the accounts do not present a true picture of the company’s profitability unless you read into them in detail.

All of the Italian gas production would have been included in this year’s accounts, but it is important to remember that the production up until March while substantial is not anywhere near what is has become since the year ended. In the five months that Zenith announced production for in the 2022 tax year the revenue totalled €1 million and in the three months that they have announced since it is already €840,000.
Consequently, the big plus point is that the half-yearly report is going to be absolutely spectacular with the stored oil generating a minimum of $7 million in revenue (as there has already been more oil produced and stored in the 5 months since March 31st) and I would expect gas sales of approx. €2 million. So we are looking at an income of $9 million for the half yearly report and administrative costs once again of about $4.8 million so we should show a minimum profit of $4 million for the September half yearly.

Finally, the CAD$75 million that has been put in the accounts as a “gain on business combination”. I see from the note that this is based on the value that they have put on the values of El Bibane and Sidi El Kilani and considering that it is only about 5 times the annual gross revenue that both theise sites produce it is not unreasonable. However, it is also accountancy bullshit that I am inclined to ignore. As far as I am concerned the key element of judging any company that is producing oil is how much they make from oil sales and how much their administrative expense are. These cannot be toyed with whereas other factors like “gain on business combination” are just opinions.

In short, I am slightly disappointed with how the figures have been presented, though I expect that this is because of the conservative nature of the auditors, but I am pretty happy that when all of the figures are looked at together (as I have done above) that the company is delivering profitability around the level I was expecting. More importantly, I see it continuing to do this going forwards.
30.08.2022 kl 17:31 2009

Wary god evaluation of the annual accounts MG, not that I am in to that cain of baseness my self, but my father was many many years a go before meny of us know what was stock or stock marked. I m not surprised that they didn't book any of Tunisian oil sales or gass or Italian. They war happy that they can show a positiv number in report so they can haw possibility to include in the next year or quarter report ( or move the results from one year to another or half year to another ) in that way they don't have wary big differences from the report to report.
I m wary happy that I learned haw much is expeensives per barrels I was wondering that, to gat sum cain of pictures roughly.....about the others expenses I m not in position to agree or disagree ( don't know much about )
30.08.2022 kl 17:33 2011

sådan gik det desværre ikke. Håber ikke at faldet fortsætter og vi skal tilbage til 10 øre.
30.08.2022 kl 17:34 2123

Any idea of why zena decided a last minute change and chose to publish the report one day ahead of planned date? Simply because it was ready a little earlier?
30.08.2022 kl 19:34 1940

Siden vi ikke hørte noe mer, har han sannsynligvis bommet på traden i Zena idag ;)
30.08.2022 kl 21:55 1837

Har sittet opptatt i hele dag. Ble ganske overrasket når jeg så starten i dag. En glimrende rapport forresten, men samtidig hadde den gått endel i forkant.

Nå flyttes fokuset over til investor call. Får håpe tall og forventninger på nytt gir ny giv.
30.08.2022 kl 22:05 1972

Kan de komme med tall på investor call som ikke er børs meldt enda? Håper i hvert fall de kan bekrefte / avkrefte om olje salget som skulle vært gjennomført i gjennomført nå. Håper de har fått økt strøm produksjonen over 1000 kwh pr mnd. Det får vi vite snart uansett. AC skal vell bruke mest tid på å snakke om Kongo ;)

Hva slags info håper du kommer frem på investor call?

Er ikke mye jeg forventer ved IC... Tror ikke de kan bekrefte/avkrefte så mye rundt oljesalg.
Håper congo blir meldt før IC, og han kan prate litt rundt dette, samt detaljer.
30.08.2022 kl 22:12 2001

Årsrapporten ga mye info om fremtidig produksjon. Og det ser unektelig meget bra ut.

Da er det vel kun Congo igjen og bekreftelse av investorbrevet.
30.08.2022 kl 22:18 1987

Det er vel kun forhandling rundt «production sharing contract» som står igjen. Men selv uten Congo nå synes jeg det ser meget bra ut.

Er du LATO? Du dukket plutselig opp da brukeren LATO ble slettet/fjernet.
30.08.2022 kl 22:29 1953

Trykk på linken tekna, så ser du at LATO har blitt tekna! Genialt rollebytte 😀

Tilapia kan ikke være langt unna.

Bare å kjøp alt som de utålmodige selger.
31.08.2022 kl 09:41 1457

Info fra rapporten i går var veldig bra. Blir overrasket om fallet fortsetter:)

Oppgangen starter igjen nå
31.08.2022 kl 09:55 1430

Må jo reprises når selskapet går fra konkurskandidat til mer modent selskap! Og med god inntjening!!

Bruno Itoua, Minister of Hydrocarbons, Congo [Brazzaville] is one of the Keynote Speakers at the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power Conference, Dakar, Sept 1-2. The outline program released yesterday appears to schedule his contribution as part of the West African NOC Forum on the morning of Thursday September 1st. Since Ministers use these high profile occasions to release news of the signings of significant national contracts it is possible that an announcement of both the Trident OGX/Orion Oil/MKB [ref 22.05.2022 post] and ZEN/Tilapia II contracts will be included. The timing of such an announcement could explain why the release of Final Results has been brought forward by a day, to Tuesday Aug 30th.
AGEOS (UK forum)
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Fytti det hadde smakt deilig om de kunne fått dette bekreftet.
31.08.2022 kl 10:05 1475

So we can expect announcement tomorrow and message before weekend, AC must be participating this conference so he prepone result. Also move IC to next Tuesday.
its a bull signal.
AS per RNS news will come before IC otherwise no point to postpone by 2 week saying "due to potential near-term progress".
Redigert 31.08.2022 kl 10:06 Du må logge inn for å svare
31.08.2022 kl 10:08 1471

Hvor fant du dette?
31.08.2022 kl 10:12 1474

Read message carefully
AC can continued with IC on 23th August but as per message he is waiting for announcement of bIg news. everyone knows things happening in Congo rapidly including minister inform on twitter parliamentary procedure already completed.
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31.08.2022 kl 10:18 1468

Vi får bare krysse alt vi har og håpe på det dette er fortsatt bare antagelser.