CBDC pilot in Brazil/Japan with IDEMIA in Tokyo

IDEX 25.10.2022 kl 00:00 30613

Japan’s only international payment brand JCB Co., Ltd. (“JCB”) has launched “JCBDC” (JCB Digital Currency) pilot project with identity technologies no. 1 IDEMIA and the world’s leading fintech company Soft Space Sdn. Bhd. (“Soft Space”). JCBDC pilot will develop a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) payment solution and conduct a pilot test with Tokyo merchants.

Over the past few years, central banks in many countries and regions have been testing CBDCs that should soon be widely accepted by consumers and merchants. However, merchants might be reluctant to accept them, and mass-market rollout may be held up by people without smartphones, like children and the elderly, who could find the user interfaces and payment systems hugely challenging.

As a result, JCB will have CBDC acceptance tested using existing JCB Contactless – JCB’s EMV® based contactless payment, merchants, POS terminals and plastic card-based user interfaces, with guidance from IDEMIA and Soft Space.

JCB, IDEMIA and Soft Space will conclude payment system development by late 2022 and conduct the pilot test with Tokyo merchants until March 2023.

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Senate Idex tweet

There are various banks, including Shinhan Bank in Korea and Standard Bank in South Africa, who are testing the use of stablecoins for cross-border payments. While still under Proof of Concept, the banks essentially issue stablecoins pegged to their national currencies, enabling users to purchase stablecoins for various cross-border payments with users of other banks in different countries. Because these payments are processed using blockchain technology, transactions are low-cost and near-instant.
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HashWallet , eSignus and IDEX 🚀

A lot of things have been going on through the last two weeks in eSignus.
We officially launched a HASHWallet Link and a Founder´s Edition for our backers, which supported us since the start of this passionate journey, that has been developing #HASHWallet.

Now, we can announce that we have partnered with Crypto.com for the global launch of the HASHWallet Link, on the Crypto.com Pay 10/10 Sale!


This is another major step for us to increase our audience and promote the mass adoption of #crypto. Security and ease of use.

Thanks to all the people at Crypto.com involved in this promotion and to our partners, for making this happen.

Crypto.com Passes 10 Million Users Mark

The crypto app experienced a significant growth in its user base over the last four months, jumping from 5 million users to more than 10 million.
The increased interest in the platform drove its revenue growth to 10x in 2020 alone, and its employee count from 250 to over 900 globally.
30.10.2022 kl 14:36 15500

CBDC in China in hela 4 Provinserna

China digital currency: Beijing to expand e-CNY trials to four entire provinces including Guangdong

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will expand e-CNY trials to Guangdong, Hebei Jiangsu, and Sichuan provinces, an official said on Monday
The number of users, merchants and transactions is ‘steadily growing’, Fan Yifei, the bank’s deputy governor, said at a financial forum in Suzhou


China's plans are significantly the most advanced, while South Korea's and Sweden's have also moved into a testing phase in the past year.
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30.10.2022 kl 14:44 15535

Kan du forklare hvordan denne informasjonen påvirker IDEX, poki? Interessen min for dette selskapet heves.
30.10.2022 kl 14:52 15522

Du få läsa lite tidigare inlägg om CBDC
01.11.2022 kl 01:26 15133

31. oktober 2022. Tyrkia, Japan piloter digital valuta med nasjonal ID, Idemia-kort

JCB, Idemia og Soft Space samarbeider om betalingskort
Pilotprosjektet kalles JCBDC (JCB Digital Currency), og fokuserer på å teste CBDC-aksept ved bruk av eksisterende JCB kontaktløse teknologier, inkludert kontaktløs betaling, selgere, POS-terminaler og kortbaserte brukergrensesnitt. Kunngjøringen spesifiserer ikke om kortene vil inneholde biometri, men de vil bli brukt for å oppfylle systemets krav til digital identitet.

01.11.2022 kl 17:16 14931

Kina börjat testa CBDC i Metro och Publik transport 😝

Vilka Wallet använder de ? 😝

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02.11.2022 kl 09:19 14592

Bør man gevinstsikre eller vente på tallene?
02.11.2022 kl 09:46 14512

IDEX kommer bra den. Konsolideres på dette nivået nå, før videre stigning. Blir mange som skal inn igjen når aksjen bryter opp over 1 krone og går i pluss.
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02.11.2022 kl 09:49 14561

her er det kun app på mobil som omtales, ikke noen hardwallet med biometriske kort
02.11.2022 kl 15:44 14514

Gevinstsikring var visst dagens vinnerlodd.
Joda. Det kan jo snu nordover igjen..
Savner litt tallfesting på inntekter. Blir liksom ikke særlig "sikring av bunnivå" uten tall?
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04.11.2022 kl 14:53 14246

🎖#AWARDS | IDEMIA wins the 'Best Solution for Consumers' #DigFinnie for F.CODE 💳

The F.CODE biometric payment card allows cardholders to authorize payments using a fingerprint sensor embedded into the card, offering secure transactions and contactless payments without amount limitations.

Thank you DigFin Group for the honor and well done to the IDEMIA teams working hard to bring our payment solutions to people across the world 👏
05.11.2022 kl 14:53 14073

Nu efter Japan CBDC i Singapore 🇸🇬

We're excited to announce that StraitsX a major payment institution licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is piloting a series of stablecoin applications with Mastercard IDEMIA & CarbonSeed for $XSGD - their Singapore dollar stablecoin built on Hedera ⚡
06.11.2022 kl 00:02 13916

Turkey, Japan pilot digital currency with national ID, Idemia cards

Earlier post Singapore 🇸🇬

Turkey, Japan pilot digital currency with national ID, Idemia cards
Oct 31, 2022, 11:22 am EDT | Alessandro Mascellino
CATEGORIES Biometrics News | Financial Services
Turkey, Japan pilot digital currency with national ID, Idemia cards
The Turkish government is planning the deployment of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) infrastructure to be integrated with the country’s digital identity system and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey’s FAST instant payments service.
The initiative is part of Turkey’s Central Bank Digital Turkish Lira Research and Development Project. It will reportedly include testing the use of the CBDC for payments as well as for wholesale banking transactions.

The new phase of the plan was unveiled by Turkey’s Presidential Strategy and Budget Directorate last week, according to CoinDesk Türkiye. It comes roughly a year after the country’s government launched the first phase of its CBDC project in September 2021.
JCB, Idemia and Soft Space partner on payment cards
A similar CBDC project was recently launched by Japan’s international payment brand Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), in collaboration with biometrics and payment card provider Idemia and fintech company Soft Space.
Called JCBDC (JCB Digital Currency), the pilot project focuses on testing CBDC acceptance using existing JCB Contactless technologies, including contactless payment, merchants, POS terminals and card-based user interfaces. The announcement does not specify whether the cards will include biometrics, but they will be relied on to meet the system’s digital identity requirements.
JCB, Idemia and Soft Space announced they intend to complete the payment system development by late 2022 and conduct pilot tests with Tokyo merchants until March 2023.
Idemia partnered with ConsenSys to develop an offline payment solution for digital currencies supporting transactions with biometric payment cards and feature phones, rather than just smartphones, in late-2021.
“We at Idemia firmly believe that CBDCs are redefining the very fundamentals of the payment ecosystem,” comments the company’s managing director of APAC financial institutions, Romain Zanolo.
“We’re proud that our ability to innovate has enabled CBDC payments with existing card and POS terminal hardware. Idemia’s, JCB’s and Soft Space’s joint payment system expertise will usher in worldwide CBDC growth.”
The move comes two years after the Japanese central bank started exploring CBDCs by revealing a three-phase outline to deploy digital yen infrastructure in the country.
CBDCs are also growing in popularity in Europe and the U.S., with two of the world’s top central bankers recently discussing the importance of balancing privacy and security in deploying national digital currencies.
07.11.2022 kl 13:35 13638

Real Word USE 😝🚀

StraitsX partners industry leaders to pilot stablecoin real-world use cases at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

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07.11.2022 kl 14:58 13540

Poki. Bra hittat 👍👍

” We’re proud that our ability to innovate has enabled Stablecoins payments leveraging our Biometric Card technology F.CODE. This partnership demonstrates again that IDEMIA's secure offline payment solution became the de facto standard for stablecoins payments." said Romain Zanolo, Managing Director APAC at IDEMIA.”

07.11.2022 kl 15:20 13491

Vanvittig mye på gang nå. Skal bli spennende å høre hva Vince G. har å berette den 10.11!
07.11.2022 kl 15:26 13463

Noen prøver å holde den igjen
07.11.2022 kl 19:39 13317

Det är IDEMIA offline CBDC inte Zwiipe
07.11.2022 kl 19:47 13289

Redan igång

DBS Bank, in a separate media release announcing its first PBM trial on Monday, said that although a majority of these vouchers are digital vouchers, it involves some backend administration for the merchant.

“However, with PBM vouchers, merchants will be able to be paid instantly, doing away with backend reconciliation, increasing productivity and efficiency,” it added.


07.11.2022 kl 20:51 13186

Ser vi 1,3-1,5 imorgen?
07.11.2022 kl 21:52 13149


Eftersom Zwipe använder SE core tech från Idemia så är det förmodligen Idemias chip avdelning i Meyreuil, Frankrike som producerar. Idemia/Starchip om du vill googla.
07.11.2022 kl 22:07 13113

Jaja.. i know.. dette har ingenting med posten å gjør,.litt utenom
Lurer på hvem som produserer SE for zwipe, jeg greier ikke å finne det ut, det irriterer meg sinnsykt
Hvilken Semiconductor firma ?

Tidligere partner var Infieon men tror Zwipe byttet til en annen produsent rundt 2019, vet ikke navnet på denne Semiconductor produsenten.
Håper dere kan hjelp ;)
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07.11.2022 kl 22:34 13062

Men da fortår jeg ikke dette , trodde Zwipe også leverte (SE) Secure ellement ... har jeg missforstått?

Ok, :)
Redigert 07.11.2022 kl 23:07 Du må logge inn for å svare
07.11.2022 kl 22:53 13082

SE fra Idemia ble utviklet av Idemia med støtte fra Zwipe. Zwipe bidro sikkert med sin strøm teknologi som de har patent på.
SE som Zwipe bruker tror jeg ikke er laget av Idemia, men produsert på lisens fra Idemia. Eller de har en joint venture som gir begge lov å bruke designet.
Siden Zwipe har Visa og Mastercard sertifisert "sin" SE+sensor pakke kan en gå utifra det er ikke Idemia som lager dem.
Men det kan også hende at Zwipe måtte sertifisere sin løsning hvis de bruker andre inlay. Meningen til Zwipe er at lokale produsenter skal kunne lage kortene, med SE og sensor fra Zwipe. Da bruker de mest sannsynlig lokale inlay produsenter også.
Mye usikkert. :)
08.11.2022 kl 00:21 12988

Sente, Heilfint

Zwipe har inte bidragit med teknik i utvecklandet av Idemias BioSE.

Zwipe har distributionsrätt för Idemias SE och får marknadsföra den som egen produkt inom sin produktfamilj ”Pay”.

Certifiering av BioSE:et gjordes som ett gemensamt ärende av Idemia och Zwipe.

” notably the shared single silicon biometric secure element, where Idemia and Zwipe have co-invested since Q4 2019”

Idemia tillverkar BioSE:et.



Vill inte röra till det för mycket men förenklat kan man säga att Idemia har det mesta av RnD och produktion in house. Startchip helägt Idemia bolag utvecklar och tillverkar Security controllers till bl a smartcards och IoT.

Det finns även Idemia standard payment kort som har SE från Infineon.

Redigert 08.11.2022 kl 00:34 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.11.2022 kl 01:29 12937

Så hvilket selskap produserer SE for IDEMIA/Zwipe?
Det jeg prøver å finne ut er hvem produsnten er, så jeg kan finne informasjon om hvor lang ventetiden fra bestilling til levering er, ?
Hvor fort kan de levere på en ordre på SE?

Infineon har opp til 6 måneder fra bestilling til levering på eksisterene kunder pga Halvleder mangelen i verden, i følge en utalelse fra i sommer
Redigert 08.11.2022 kl 01:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.11.2022 kl 02:20 12903


Idemia designar och utvecklar egna SE. Vilka foundries de använder vet jag inte.
Redigert 08.11.2022 kl 02:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.11.2022 kl 18:07 12642

Redan 2020 känns som testad :-) av JP Morgan

JP Morgan in digital currency payments venture with DBS Bank, Temasek (updated)
December 8, 2020by Ledger Insights

Today the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) revealed its Project Ubin digital currency experiments have borne fruit with the commercialization of a cross-border payments network.

“DBS Bank, JP Morgan, and Temasek are leading the development of a digital multi-currency payments network aimed at enhancing commercial cross-border clearing and settlements globally. Pilot trials will commence next year,” said Ravi Menon, Managing Director of MAS, during a speech at the Singapore FinTech Festival.

StraitsX partners industry leaders to pilot stablecoin real-world use cases at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022
November 2, 2022

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15.11.2022 kl 22:42 12294

Nya film Tokyo Japan CBDC pilot 🚀


Tid 1:39

IDEX sensor 😝♥️
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15.11.2022 kl 22:58 12257

Ser at det er jul , påske og litt til på dette forumet for IDEX. Kjempefint jeg sitter også fanget her. For det er fanget jeg er pga et selskap som ikke klarer å framskaffe entusiasme blant aksjonærer og investorer.
Noe som har ført til at aksjen har falt 300%. Det er fint med avtaler, men når avtalene ikke gir avkastning , er det ikke mye verdt.
Så her får en bare sitte å håpe på julenisse gange to.
16.11.2022 kl 08:17 12102

Oslo, Norway – 16 November 2022 – IDEX Biometrics ASA has received a volume production order from its partner IDEMIA, representing the largest order to date for IDEX TrustedBio sensors. The order represents more than USD 2 million in revenue for IDEX and will begin shipping in Q1 2023. IDEX and IDEMIA are seeing market acceleration for biometric payment cards, and in early November the two companies announced a full-scale biometric card program by a major bank in the UAE. IDEX Biometrics has also recently confirmed agreements with issuers in Turkey and in the UK for biometric card programs, anticipated to reach markets in the first half of 2023.
”This order from our partner IDEMIA reflects the increasing demand for biometric payment cards powered by IDEX Biometrics TrustedBio technology. IDEMIA has come to market with a superior solution which is gaining traction as banks begin to launch large-scale biometric card programs globally”, comments Vince Graziani, CEO of IDEX Biometrics.
Winter is Here
16.11.2022 kl 08:24 12082

Betyr det at Idex slipper å hente penger i nærmeste fremtid ?
Redigert 16.11.2022 kl 08:24 Du må logge inn for å svare
16.11.2022 kl 10:11 11922

Nei, men de trenger å hente minde penger, gitt at det kommer flere ordre som dette. Det holder ikke med en ordre.