CBDC pilot in Brazil/Japan with IDEMIA in Tokyo

IDEX 25.10.2022 kl 00:00 30597

Japan’s only international payment brand JCB Co., Ltd. (“JCB”) has launched “JCBDC” (JCB Digital Currency) pilot project with identity technologies no. 1 IDEMIA and the world’s leading fintech company Soft Space Sdn. Bhd. (“Soft Space”). JCBDC pilot will develop a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) payment solution and conduct a pilot test with Tokyo merchants.

Over the past few years, central banks in many countries and regions have been testing CBDCs that should soon be widely accepted by consumers and merchants. However, merchants might be reluctant to accept them, and mass-market rollout may be held up by people without smartphones, like children and the elderly, who could find the user interfaces and payment systems hugely challenging.

As a result, JCB will have CBDC acceptance tested using existing JCB Contactless – JCB’s EMV® based contactless payment, merchants, POS terminals and plastic card-based user interfaces, with guidance from IDEMIA and Soft Space.

JCB, IDEMIA and Soft Space will conclude payment system development by late 2022 and conduct the pilot test with Tokyo merchants until March 2023.

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So andra länder typ Australia, Central Bank of Malaysia, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and South African Reserve Bank säkert ligger i samma fas med Singapore DBS Bank


I South Afrika




The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) are launching a one-year pilot project for central bank digital currency (CBDC). The goal is to work with the business sector to establish innovative use cases and business models demonstrating the economic benefits of introducing a CBDC.

“CBDC is no longer a question of technological feasibility,” said Dr Andreas Furche, CEO of the DFCRC. “The key research questions now are what economic benefits a CBDC could enable, and how it could be designed to maximise those benefits.”

As part of its work on exploring the viability of a CBDC, the Australian Treasury will participate in the project’s steering committee. Unlike the mass experiments for China’s digital yuan, this one will be of limited scale in a ring-fenced environment.

While there’s a reference to providing “value-added payment and settlement services to households and businesses,” the announcement doesn’t mention whether this will be a wholesale bank-focused pilot, a consumer-focused retail CBDC, or a combination of the two.
Update: the DFCRC confirmed to Ledger Insights that it will involve retail and wholesale CBDC.

Both the central bank’s and DFCRC’s past work have been biased towards wholesale CBDC. In the case of the Reserve Bank, at the end of 2021, it published results from a proof of concept of a wholesale CBDC, Project Atom, with the Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Perpetual and ConsenSys. It’s also a participant in the multi-CBDC Project Dunbar, which targets cross border payments and uses wholesale CBDC.

Turning to the DFCRC, much of its work revolves around digital securities, digital assets and tokenization. Many experiments worldwide have focused on the potential for wholesale CBDC for digital asset settlements, although a retail CBDC would also be handy where there is disintermediation.

The DFCRC stated that the pilot CBDC will be deliberately broad and experimental to enable integration with a wide range of use cases. The pilot’s objective is as a decision-making tool rather than reflecting a decision to issue a CBDC or its future design.

The DFRC is working with Trovio on security aspects and is inviting companies to participate in both the consultation and potentially implementation of a narrower set of applications.

Kört sedan 2021
Project Dunbar: international settlements using multi-CBDCs

Project led by the BIS Innovation Hub in partnership with the Reserve Bank of Australia, Central Bank of Malaysia, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and South African Reserve Bank

Project Dunbar is an experimental multi-CBDC (multiple central bank digital currencies) platform for international settlements, developed by BIS Innovation Hub and central banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.
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Idemia och Bitt - offline CBDC wallet with IDEX sensor

Bitt takes on CBDC team from Criteo, which had 12 central bank deals

July 18, 2022by Ledger Insights
bitt cbdc
Today digital currency technology firm Bitt announced that it was taking on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) team of Criteo. Two of the Criteo CBDC team founders, James Shinn and Erik Bethel, are joining as Executive Director and Head of Business Development, respectively.

Amongst other projects, Bitt is known for the DCash Eastern Caribbean digital currency project and Nigeria’s eNaira CBDC, which launched last October.

Meanwhile, Criteo is a substantial company, but its primary business is in the ecommerce and marketing sectors. It entered Singapore’s Global CBDC Challenge last year and was one of the three winners, alongside big names in the sector, central bank provider Giesecke+Devrient and a joint project by ConsenSys and Visa.

As a result of its win, Criteo signed a dozen central banks as clients. Jim Shinn said that Criteo is re-focusing on its core e-commerce business. We contacted the company to clarify the reasons for its withdrawal from CBDC work but didn’t receive a response in time for publication.

“We (Bitt) are reaching out to all the central banks with which Criteo had an MOU. Criteo management was gracious enough to advise each central bank that the CBDC team was moving to Bitt and copied Bitt on those communications,” Shinn told Ledger Insights via email.

Other members of the Criteo CBDC team are joining Bitt alongside Shinn and Bethel.

banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa, Sweden , Japan, 6-8 Banks in Kina running CBDC pilot som jag har läst om nån vet mer lägga till de i listan.


India's Central Bank to Start Wholesale CBDC Pilot Nov. 1
A pilot for a retail version will start within a month.
In February 2022, India's finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will introduce a digital rupee sometime in the 2022 to 2023 financial year, which begins April 1, 2022.
If it sticks to its plans, India will be one of the largest economies to issue a CBDC


The Digital FMI Consortium will start the pilot scheme in October this year and run it till October 2023

Countries that are testing CBDCs in pilot projects


Sweden is undertaking testing of a digital currency that has been dubbed the e-krona. There are plans for the testing to advance from simulated participants to a testing environment with external participants.

Sweden’s Riksbank has developed a proof of concept and is exploring the technology and policy implications of CBDC.

One of the key targets of the project is to ensure broad access to the e-krona in the future. It wants to safeguard the elderly and people with certain disabilities to make sure they aren’t adversely affected in a cashless society.


The National Bank of Ukraine has been exploring the possibility of issuing a national digital currency since 2016.


The European Central Bank (ECB) announced last July that it is actively looking into creating a digital version of the euro
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IDEMIA är med både Bitt och ConsenSys om CBDC 🙏

IDEMIA and ConsenSys demonstrate their commitment to financial inclusion with their new Secure Offline Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Payment Solution

Revealed during the MAS Global CBDC Challenge hackathon, this solution paves the way for the future of money by allowing everyone to use digital cash, anywhere and anytime.

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20.11.2022 kl 14:33 6212

Soft Space | Adopting Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Tokyo Japan

Med IDEX sensor ;)

20.11.2022 kl 20:29 5981

NY Fed launches 12-week CBDC pilot program with major banks

Banking giants including BNY Mellon, Citi, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo will be issuing tokens and settling transactions through simulated central bank reserves as part of the pilot.

NY Fed launches 12-week CBDC pilot program with major banks
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Innovation Center, or NYIC, announced that it would be launching a 12-week proof-of-concept pilot for a central bank digital currency, or CBDC.

In a Nov. 15 announcement, the New York Fed said the program would explore the feasibility of an “interoperable network of central bank wholesale digital money and commercial bank digital money operating on a shared multi-entity distributed ledger” on a regulated liability network. Banking giants including BNY Mellon, Citi, HSBC, Mastercard, PNC Bank, TD Bank, Truist, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo will be participating in the pilot by issuing tokens and settling transactions through simulated central bank reserves.

“The NYIC looks forward to collaborating with members of the banking community to advance research on asset tokenization and the future of financial market infrastructures in the U.S. as money and banking evolve,” said NYIC Director Per von Zelowitz.

The proof-of-concept project will test the “technical feasibility, legal viability, and business applicability” of distributed ledger technology, as well as simulate tokens and explore regulatory frameworks. The NY Fed said the project could “potentially be extended to multi-currency operations and regulated stablecoins.”

Related: US lawmaker lays out case for a digital dollar

The launch of the NYIC pilot project followed the center releasing research on its wholesale central bank digital currency program on Nov. 4. The first phase of the CBDC trial, dubbed Project Cedar, tested foreign exchange spot trades to determine whether a blockchain solution could improve “speed, cost, and access to cross-border wholesale payments.”

Federal regulators in the United States have not reached any consensus on whether to launch a digital dollar in the country, but agencies and those in the private sector have been exploring the possibility. Following U.S. President Joe Biden issuing an executive order aimed at establishing a framework on digital assets, some lawmakers questioned what Congress’ role might be in passing legislation in support of a CBDC and how a digital dollar might curtail similar innovations from the private sector.
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Softspace trailen i Tokyo är relevant för Idex.

NYIC’s cbdc trail i New York är inte relevant för Idex.

”This project will be conducted in a test environment and only use simulated data. It is not intended to advance any specific policy outcome, nor is it intended to signal that the Federal Reserve will make any imminent decisions about the appropriateness of issuing a retail or wholesale CBDC, nor how one would necessarily be designed. The findings of the pilot project will be released after it concludes.”

”The technology is being provided by SETL with Digital Asset, powered by Amazon Web Services. Swift, the global financial messaging service provider, is also participating in the initiative to support interoperability across the international financial ecosystem.”


20.11.2022 kl 21:17 6115

I Brazilian de tester CBDC men jag kan inte hitta några trådar till G&D. Jag tror IDEX kör CBDC i Brazil med G&D.
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26.11.2022 kl 21:18 5902


Ny video om CBDC stable coins FCODE med Idex sensor 😝 Singapore dollar på bordet 🏦💰💸


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Trenger vi video eller salg.
26.11.2022 kl 22:00 6018

So andra länder typ Australia, Central Bank of Malaysia, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and South African Reserve Bank säkert ligger i samma fas med Singapore DBS Bank


I South Afrika




Nu med Singapore

27.11.2022 kl 07:42 6030

Singapore’s largest bank, DBS Bank, completed an intraday repo trade on J.P. Morgan's Onyx

Repos are a $4 trillion market and settlements usually take two days.

By using blockchain technology it was possible to complete this transaction in just a few hours.


“ In pursuit of this streamlined system, the MAS partnered with BIS in July on a new initiative called Project Dunbar to build a common platform where central banks could directly transfer funds across borders using central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). ”


Project led by the BIS Innovation Hub in partnership with the Reserve Bank of Australia, Central Bank of Malaysia, Monetary Authority of Singapore, and South African Reserve Bank

Project Dunbar is an experimental multi-CBDC (multiple central bank digital currencies) platform for international settlements, developed by BIS Innovation Hub and central banks of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.
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StraitsX partners industry leaders to pilot stablecoin real-world use cases at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022
November 2, 2022
28.11.2022 kl 20:07 5937


world’s first biometric wallet to complete an end-to-end security audit by a credentialed security lab to achieve the Common Criteria EAL5+ software certification on a certified EAL6+ silicon.


08.12.2022 kl 16:40 5476

Nu ännu flera länder med IDEMIA


Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa, Sweden , Japan, 6-8 Banks in Kina running CBDC

och nu France, Switzerland och UK is launching a CBDC retail pilot featuring a live stablecoin asset

14.12.2022 kl 19:10 5147

Tokyo, 14th December 2022 – IDEMIA, the leader in identity technologies, today announced the launch of its first service centre in Japan as a reflection of its commitment to supporting digital advancement in the country. Located in Kawasaki, the service centre can support millions of users and aims to partner with Japanese credit card issuers to deliver premier products and services for end users in Japan. This includes IDEMIA’s advanced card personalisation offerings such as F.CODE, recycled PVC cards, metal cards and more.


Domo arigatu gozaimasu.

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14.12.2022 kl 21:23 5059

I Japan utstedes det ca. 300 millioner kredittkort i året, etterdom jeg har forstått. Det kan bli bra dette.
14.12.2022 kl 22:23 5021

Julenissen kommer ikke i år heller.

Makan til optimisme her inne. Denne Aksjen en dømt nord og ned. Hva skal vi med plastkort?
14.12.2022 kl 22:31 5064

Har du plastkort i dag? Noe tro har du jo i og med du skal inn igjen hvis den kommer under 1 krone ;)
15.12.2022 kl 05:34 4945

Der har du poenget. Blir ikke noe nyttårsfeiring i år heller på IDEX
15.12.2022 kl 08:08 4891

Hva skal du med id-kort? Er du helt på bærtur? Har du sett markedsundersøkelsene for kort for de nærmeste årene?
15.12.2022 kl 08:18 4893

Enda en krampetrekkning fra en ihuga IDEX patriot. Blir du ikke lei av å hause opp denne Aksjen. Se på regnskapet og våkne opp før det er for seint.
15.12.2022 kl 08:44 4865

Regner med du har kort da du ikke svarte og selvfølgelig skal det være biometriske, litt rart å bruke pin kode.
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15.12.2022 kl 09:06 4775

Plutselig 2,80,-)
Vi får kose oss med nedfallsfrukten imens.
15.12.2022 kl 09:40 4725

Du kan gå tilbake å se på de samme markedsundersøkelsene i f.eks. 2018. Den gang skulle det ta av neste år. Og slike har det vært hele tiden.
15.12.2022 kl 10:16 4675

Helt enig med iTRADER09.
18.12.2022 kl 00:00 4439

The planning for Brazil’s central bank digital currency, the Real Digital, is entering a new phase. The Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) has selected Giesecke+Devrient’s CBDC solution Filia for its dual offline payment capability in a challenge that evaluates use cases of a digital currency in the South American country.

The central bank’s digital currency (CBDC), the Real Digital, is to be launched in Brazil as early as 2024. This would position Brazil among the first major countries to have a CBDC as a complementary alternative to cash. In preparation for this major step, the Brazilian Central Bank in partnership with the national Federation of Associations of Banco Central Servers (Fenasbac) initiated the program „LIFT Challenge Real Digital“ to evaluate use cases and the best technologies for the ambitious project.
18.12.2022 kl 00:26 4399

Spør deg igjen som du aldri svarer på, hvorfor kommer du igjen om den havner under 1 krone? Bare svada. Takk andre for god info som for eksempel Poki som kommer med nyttig info!
18.12.2022 kl 11:25 4270

Japans centralbank kommer dra igång ytterligare cbdc trails i mars nästa år. Den kommer involvera några av Japans storbanker. Trailen kommer pågå i två år. Därefter kan det bli aktuellt med lansering av digitala yen år 2026.

Kan länka men det verkar inte viktigt bifoga urls i det här forumet.
23.12.2022 kl 00:09 3846

Sentry Enterprises intends to sell Sentinel Wallet LLC via a formal investment banking process in early 2023.

In CBDC game

Sentinel’s goal is to sell its solution; believing that it will be highly sought after by a wide array of interested parties, from leading crypto exchanges and large Fintech companies to current wallet providers and governmental agencies implementing Central Bank Distributed Currencies (CBDC). For more information about the Sentinel Wallet please visit

With CC EAL5+ certified software and EAL6+ hardware, the Sentinel Wallet will be the world’s first biometric cold storage crypto solution to complete an end-to-end security audit by a credentialed security lab.

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23.12.2022 kl 09:23 3670

Bare vent å se... Tar ikke mange dagene nå, så er vi under 1
23.12.2022 kl 10:27 3600

Ikke mange minuttene, mener du. Vet ikke hva som skal til for å snu denne. Virker som om robotene vil ha den ned i 0.
23.12.2022 kl 10:43 3580

Vi får sette vår lit til at det skjer et mirakel
23.12.2022 kl 10:49 3589

Nå får vi bare sette vår lit til at emisjonsinvestorene misliker så strekt å se sine investeringer gå i minus at de snart "trår til" igjen!
Kanskje en ringerunde til de som ikke fikk være med sist?
Emisjonen var jo kraftig *overtegnet*, var den ikke?
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23.12.2022 kl 11:42 3535

Plutselig 2,80,-)

«This partnership will provide banks and other smart card issuers with biometric card solutions for the Indian market, a front runner in biometric authentication. India is one of the world’s fastest growing payment card markets with close to 1 billion cards issued annually, and with 5 million acceptance locations1.«


Ikke så stor andel Idex trenger av disse for å skyte i været:)
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23.12.2022 kl 14:43 3441

M-TECH to scale Biometric Payment Cards in India, M-Tech is certified by RuPay, Visa and Mastercard, offering high tech end-to-end smart card solutions for financial payments, access control, and government identification, the biometric solution is based on IDEX Biometrics TrustedBio sensor module, powered by SLC38 from Infineon Technologies.

Som vi ser her er Rupay listet opp ved siden av M-Tech på presentasjonen https://ibb.co/x5xTLKM

RuPay har over 605 millioner betalingskort i sirklasjon utstedt av 1160 banker, RuPay’s market share are more than 60 per cent of total cards issued in India
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23.12.2022 kl 14:55 3421

Det er kinderegget sitt det!
Asia er Idex sin tumleplass.

Dettane blir heiltfint det!
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23.12.2022 kl 14:58 3434

Så mens vi venter kan disse algoene kjøpe og selge til seg selv til de blir blå, betyr ingenting i lengden:)
23.12.2022 kl 15:11 3417

Kan bli ett skikkelig gullegg, Idex. 2023 blir året hvor piloter og sertifiseringer blir omgjort til volumordre i markedet.