To my fellow DOF shareholders

You may not be aware, but your opinion and shares are being manipulated by a few people, namely by those who constantly claim your shares and the company DOF are worthless. Please read the following article and become more aware !!

Sad time to be a troll here no days with so low argument factor. They need to be very creative to manipulate the stock value now things are not going the way the trolls here like. There paranoia have become more severe (a sign of lack of control). Trolling is also about a mental war, use of reverse psychology (tricks) to make you emotional and then play the victim role. The act is very easy to spott. The Trolls here are not creditors, they are not bound holders and they are not shareholders. They lack knowledge and are depended on google on all things arguments and headlines. They have no self integrity or realistic insight in to DOF. Sometimes when there argument are down to 0% they reapet text (scripts), even text that is nolong relevant.
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Kudos for å være på ballen 24/7 og rettlede når andre forsøker villede

How to spot trolling : these are people who constantly make a lot of comments about how worthless your shares are and how the company is sinking into the abyss !! But reasonable thinking and intelligent investors will understand that there is something amiss i.e. it's obvious these troll's hold zero shares in the company they consider worthless !! and so, why are they on here and other sites making their opinion known, page after page ! So why. If anyone out there has a better understanding then I'm all ears.