Idex, the future. Have played their cards right!

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IDEX 15.12.2022 kl 09:57 90710

«Indeed, according to a recent Visa study conducted on US consumers, 86% of respondents were interested in using biometrics to verify identity or make payments. The same research also found that more than two-thirds of consumers prefer to pay with contactless cards rather than using a digital wallet on their mobile device.«

By Anthony Eaton, Chief Technology Officer, IDEX Biometrics

"The biometric sensor market alone is set to triple its 2020 value to $3.3 billion by 2030. This is due to a drastic need for more secure authentication relating to access and payments. In fact, 84% of consumers in the US place huge importance on the privacy of their data in the digitized world, while 62% are so concerned by fraud that they feel it is an inevitable part of the transaction process when online shopping.
This makes biometrics a certainty, rather than a possibility; especially with 58% of consumers now agreeing that biometric payments make transactions more secure – up from 48% a year previous."

Don’t touch and go!

Sier nå jeg:)

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05.05.2023 kl 15:58 6099

How embedded finance benefits both banks and sellers

Banking as a Service and Card as a Service models enhance the customer journey.

POSTED ON 03.31.23
Read time: 4 minutes
Using embedded finance is a “win-win” for traditional banks and non-financial companies. The former can access new markets while the latter get to offer a seamless payment experience. This collaboration is underpinned by Banking as a service and Card as a Service models.

Understanding the value of embedded finance

Embedded finance may be one of the top 3 buzzwords currently doing the rounds of the financial ecosystem. In simple terms, embedded finance is the placing of a financial product by a non-financial company in order to sell financial services to its end users, seamlessly weaving these services into its digital end-to-end customer journey.

Non-financial companies providing financial services as part of their customer journey is not really a new thing—think about a retailer offering to finance appliances such as a fridge or a television, or an airline offering credit cards. Such private-label cards have been and still are an important part of card issuing. The novelty that embedded finance offers is a seamless, digital, fully-integrated experience in phase with what today’s customer expects. Consequently, the embedded finance market is forecast to be worth over $7 trillion by 2030, i.e., twice the combined value of the world’s 30 biggest banks1!

Banking as a Service

Banks possess bank charters which allow them to do business in the financial services industry—i.e. “the keys to the banking kingdom”. They also possess a wealth of expertise in navigating the regulatory and compliance complexities of the financial services industry. Both are tricky for emerging financial services providers to acquire—let alone having to build this type of infrastructure from scratch from an IT perspective, or having to buy a bank. Non-financial companies can access and offer financial services through Banking as a Service (BaaS) models where banks provide these non-traditional financial service providers with access to their regulated infrastructure.

In an embedded finance model, the non-traditional financial service provider acts as the “customer front” and financial product/service distributor. Banks are the financial engine. They use this additional channel to provide financial services at scale and at the lowest possible cost. This arrangement leverages their existing back end without the need to market products through their own distribution networks “from their front end”. Hence, the potential for a win-win situation.

Payment cards as part of embedded finance offers

The traditional private-label credit card model has been and remains an important part of card issuing, and the question is how this new wave of embedded finance will impact the future of cards. There are many reasons to believe that it has the potential to unleash huge untapped potential for card issuance.

Cards can benefit embedded finance providers in many ways. Use cases include instant payouts, loyalty points redemption or scaling merchant acceptance. A perfect example is the Uber Pro Card which gives Uber drivers cash back on gas or electric vehicle charging (when drivers use the card to pay) and provides drivers with free automatic cash outs.

Card as a Service: bright days ahead for cards

However, issuing a card is not as easy as it appears, especially from a compliance and regulatory perspective, and this is where Card as a Service (CaaS) comes in. In the same way that Banking as a service takes a lot of the complexity out of banking, Card as a Service takes the complexity out of card issuance, making it easier for non-financial players – particularly for startups – to issue cards and thereby bringing a significant untapped card market into play.

During the past couple of years, some of the world’s most iconic digital companies have launched groundbreaking physical payment cards, pushing back the frontiers of card design possibilities. For example, customers can design their own doodle that will then appear on their card. As they are now set to be joined by scores of innovative startups, banks offering Card as a Service can leverage this hyper-personalization trend to climb up the value chain. These issuers may also tap into new revenue streams with the adoption of multi-application cards and move to a position of even greater value.

Last but not least, as cards are now poised to become even more omnipresent by adding value in emerging, embedded user journeys, the next big step for BaaS and CaaS players might very well be to seamlessly weave adjacent services such as card activation and digital PIN management into the overall card issuance experience—hence creating and monetizing value-added services for embedded finance providers.

1 writing to
How IDEMIA technologies are contributing to social and financial inclusion in emerging markets
IDEMIA achieves
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06.05.2023 kl 07:52 5941

«The digital euro should be distributed via apps, digital and physical cards and other form factors that enable consumers to make both NFC and QR code in-store payments with the proposed central bank digital currency (CBDC), according to a European Central Bank (ECB) report.«

“Furthermore, NFC is the only widespread technology which could facilitate the development of a convenient offline payment method by introducing a physical card for the digital euro — this could foster financial inclusion,” the report adds.«
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08.05.2023 kl 13:46 5755

Det blir nok mange physical cards etterhvert:!

Ikke noe stort utsalg på 0,95,- heller, hmmm. Virker som aksjonærene tviholder på aksjene sine her også. Må nok høyere om man vil ha tak i litt volum:)
11.05.2023 kl 08:31 5543

08:12 IDEX Biometrics continues expansion of biometric payment cards with a third issuer in Turkey

Oslo, Norway 11 May 2023 IDEX Biometrics continues the expansion of biometric payment card programs with another Turkish issuer. Cards from this innovative issuer focused on premium financial products will be available throughout Turkey as of the fourth quarter of 2023.This expansion confirms the accelerated demand for biometric payment cards in Turkey. Turkey is the innovation front runner in Europe and one of the largest payment card markets globally demonstrating a great opportunity with more than 250 million cards in circulation and 1.8 million acceptance locations. We are delighted that the biometric payment card market continous to accelerate in Turkey, following several previously announced biometric card programs. IDEX Biometrics commitment in Turkey is strong and the market opportunity is materializing fast. We are excited to contribute to the growth of digital banking and identity access solutions, meeting a variety of consumer needs, says Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer at IDEX Biometrics.Source: The Interbank Card Center of TurkeyFor further information contact:Marianne Bøe, Head of Investor Relations E-mail: Tel: + 47 918 00186 About IDEX BiometricsIDEX Biometrics ASA (OSE: IDEX and Nasdaq: IDBA) is a global technology leader in fingerprint biometrics, offering authentication solutions across payments, access control, and digital identity. Our solutions bring convenience, security, peace of mind and seamless user experiences to the world. Built on patented and proprietary sensor technologies, integrated circuit designs, and software, our biometric solutions target card-based applications for payments and digital authentication. As an industry-enabler we partner with leading card manufacturers and technology companies to bring our solutions to market.For more information, visit www.idexbiometrics.comTRADEMARK STATEMENTIDEX, IDEX Biometrics and the IDEX logo are trademarks owned by IDEX Biometrics ASA. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.
11.05.2023 kl 09:00 5477

Passer fint med pos strokes👍
12.05.2023 kl 08:41 5288

IDEX Biometrics launches a complete Biometric Payment Card solution leveraging products and technologies from STMicroelectronics
Oslo, Norway - 12 May 2023 - Global biometric technology leader IDEX Biometrics
has developed an advanced solution for biometric smart cards, leveraging
products and technologies from leading semiconductor security provider,

Vis børsmeldingen

The solution combines the biometric system from IDEX Biometrics with the latest
Secure Element from ST and is fully integrated with ST’s STPay-Topaz-Bio
Operating System and payment applets. This high-performance solution includes
the ST31N600 secure microcontroller with biometric features, packaged in a
single-chip EMV module, and includes a cost-effective enrollment solution.
Bringing these innovations to market enables cost efficiencies for manufacturers
and significantly improves the user experience.

The solution is now completely tested and validated, demonstrating market-
leading biometric performance and transaction latency. This new IDEX Biometrics
smart card solution is targeted for deployment with banks and issuers in the
first half of 2024.
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12.05.2023 kl 08:58 5211

Fortjener egen tråd
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12.05.2023 kl 14:28 5096

Den liker vi!

På forspørsel kansje?

St er ikke noe mikrofirma, hva var det jeg så, 50 000 ansatte?

En fin nyhet. Vel, vi får håpe handelen i Idex får en annen karakter ettrhvert.

Redigert 12.05.2023 kl 14:31 Du må logge inn for å svare
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13.05.2023 kl 08:32 4968

«The integration lowers costs and is fully tested and validated, Idex says«

«This announcement reveals STMicroelectronics as the mystery partner in an integration announced last September.»

“A fast and simple enrollment is critical for this to take off and today we do it with a simple device,” says Eklof. “Idex is developing a new solution which will come into market, where enrollment will happen at the point-of-sale terminals.”

«In a recent interview with the Business Reporter, Eklof said that despite the fact that the banking industry has been focusing on mobile, they still constitute just around 10 percent of all mobile transactions. This means physical cards are here to stay. As more people accept biometric cards, prices are bound to fall.»

«The partners will make engineering samples available to card manufacturers from the first quarter of 2023, ahead of a target of delivering biometric smart cards to issuers later next year.»

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13.05.2023 kl 09:00 4924

“A fast and simple enrollment is critical for this to take off and today we do it with a simple device,” says Eklof. “Idex is developing a new solution which will come into market, where enrollment will happen at the point-of-sale terminals.”

Tommel opp for den:)
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15.05.2023 kl 12:29 4607

Skal se sjefen sjølv, får rett angående late q3 eller q4. Ikke så lenge til det.
Redigert 15.05.2023 kl 12:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
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15.05.2023 kl 15:51 4507

«Thriving in a Zero Trust world: redressing the security balance with biometrics
May 15, 2023, 9:39 am EDT | Anthony Eaton»

«By Anthony Eaton, CTO, IDEX Biometrics«
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16.05.2023 kl 10:25 4281

Ser ut som Idex er Favoritt der nede! Da blir det kansje ikke bare der. Aner vi konturene av noe stort:)
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23.05.2023 kl 09:48 3943

Att vi står forsn enn boom i den biometriske betalingskort verden er det vel ingen tvil om,
Samarbeidsavtalene kommer tett som hagl nå. Idex er i front!
Når det løsner i India og Kina, da blir en million kort peanuts.

Det er nok med bare ett land om alt går rette veien:)

Og så Bangladesh, 170 millioner mennesker, ikke mange som så den komme, det kommer nok flere land ut av det blå.
Mange land å ta av:)
Redigert 23.05.2023 kl 11:23 Du må logge inn for å svare
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24.05.2023 kl 09:40 3734

Se på one year target:)

Jeg ser att Fpc har fått enda en milion dollar deal . Det begynner vel å tikke inn flere ordre for Idex også om kort tid.
Mange å ta av der ute nå:)

Thames i dag 250 millioner kort der. Om det går som predicted så ska i alle fall 70% av disse bli biometriske etterhvert.
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24.05.2023 kl 10:33 3675

«Contactless payments taking off and the movement from cash towards digital payments and cards have largely driven the rapid growth of digital payments in Bangladesh. IDEX Biometrics explained that, as an industry enabler, it plans to partner with leading card manufacturers and technology companies to bring its solutions to market.

‘An accelerated appetite for innovative financial technologies’

Khawaja Ashraful Hawak, managing director of DoelPay, discussed why now is a good time for the companies to partner. He commented: “This strategic partnership will bring advanced biometric payment cards to the country, addressing the interest and demand for cutting-edge payment solutions.

“Bangladesh boasts a notable number of consumers in particular amongst the affluent and tech-savvy, who are showing an accelerated appetite for innovative financial technologies.”
Slettet bruker
24.05.2023 kl 10:38 3644

Ta en titt på siden deres:
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24.05.2023 kl 11:18 3591

“With IDEX Biometrics’ industry-leading technology, we are excited to ramp up the distribution of biometric smart cards and deliver a seamless experience to consumers via our global partners.”

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24.05.2023 kl 15:07 3545

Partnership with IDEX Biometrics ASA announced in August 2022, to launch possibly the most innovative all- in-one Web3 and metaverse card on the market.
- Will launch the world’s first next-generation Web3 and metaverse biometric payment card with digital ID and cold storage in H1 2023
- Fully integrated into the Reltime’s FastTrack to Embedded Finance and FastTrack to Web3 services
- Reltime will also integrate virtual cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay connected into the Super Wallet in Q2 2023
- Business model: white-labellng, licensing fee and revenue sharing
24.05.2023 kl 16:41 3432

Der kom den ventede emisjonen:

IDEX Biometrics ASA - Contemplated Private Placement 24 May 2023
24.05.2023 kl 16:44 3419

Da er det bare for menigheten å ta rennafart og kaste det de har av midler på bålet.

Bålet som vel har brent jevnt og trutt siden 1998.

Ser vi snart en ny re-sett av selskapet, med påfølgende ramp-up og mass productions in the billions?
24.05.2023 kl 16:56 3358

Nå ble jeg virkelig overrasket!
6 samarbeidmeldinger på 3 uker og en kasse som ville være på 0 før 1/7
Tror at i morgen vil vi få høre at emisjonen er overtegnet,
Kan være letttjente penger her om en har 100KEUR liggende i skuffen. Aksjen vil mest sannsynlig trades over emisjonskurs i den første tiden etter at en har aksjene på konto og kan selge.
Redigert 24.05.2023 kl 17:12 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.05.2023 kl 17:09 3294

Der kom den, en dag etter, må si jeg syntes handelen idag var veldig rolig med tanke på siste nyheter, og her har vi svaret.
Nå får vi håpe på ekstrem overtegning, med påfølgenede rally, tvi tvi.

IDEX Biometrics ASA - Contemplated Private Placement 24 May 2023


Oslo, 24 May 2023.

IDEX Biometrics ASA (the "Company"), a leading provider of advanced fingerprint
identification and authentications solutions, has retained ABG Sundal Collier
ASA and Arctic Securities AS as Joint Bookrunners (the "Managers") to advise on
and effect a private placement (the "Private Placement") of new shares in the
Company (the "Offer Shares") to raise gross proceeds of approximately NOK
100-150 million.

The net proceeds from the Private Placement will be used to accelerate the
Company's product commercialization and for working capital and general
corporate purposes.

The subscription price per Offer Share (the "Offer Price") and the number of
Offer Shares to be issued in the Private Placement will be determined by the
board of directors of the Company (the "Board") following an accelerated
bookbuilding process. The bookbuilding period commences today at 16:30 CEST and
ends at 08:00 CEST on 25 May 2023. The bookbuilding period may, at the
discretion of the Company and the Managers, close earlier or later and may be
cancelled at any time and, consequently, the Company may refrain from completing
the Private Placement.
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24.05.2023 kl 21:30 3056

Det er rare greier, her er det noen som sitter å bryr seg fælt om hva emien blir på, men de har ikke trua på aksjen:)
Idex er holdt i stramme tøyler over lang tid, å nå forstår vi hvorfor, litt trist men sånn er det.
Det er vel noen store ordre på trappene.
Vi får håpe på noen nye storfisker med interesse for produktet!

Redigert 24.05.2023 kl 21:37 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.05.2023 kl 21:36 3045

Hva mener du med at Idex er holdt i stramme tøyler? Manipulert fra større aktører som vil ha en lav inngang? Bare tull å konspirere sånn. Kursen burde like gjerne ha blitt blåst oppover slik at de kunne satt en emisjon på kr 2+, men nå blir den satt til en rabatt og det blir spennende å se kursen.
Føre var
24.05.2023 kl 21:42 3015

Hvorfor rabatt, dagens kurs er vel med rabatt allerede?

Men det er det jo naturligvis delte meninger om.
Redigert 24.05.2023 kl 21:43 Du må logge inn for å svare
24.05.2023 kl 21:49 3002

IDEX er en aksje med store ord og visjoner. De har ingenting å vise til, dvs mengder av tro håp og kjærlighet. Her er det ikke behov for store aktører å manipulere. For det klarer ledelsen svært godt selv.
24.05.2023 kl 22:00 2994

Idex er i etablerings fase og med tanke på siste meldinger vil og ventes flere meldinger om salg. Det er det som må kalkuleres i hvert kjøp. Det kommer og sikker i 2023 og når det kommer skal kursen være over 2,5-3 Nok
24.05.2023 kl 22:03 2975

2-3 kroner, skjer ikke med 100 mill++ nye aksjer. I 2024 kanskje, men ikke i 2023
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24.05.2023 kl 22:53 2883

«Zwipe and Idex ink plethora of supply deals for biometric cards«

«In yet more news of orders, Idex says it has been chosen by card maker Paragon ID to supply Paragon subsidiary Thames Technology. Thames designs, customizes, makes and distributes 250 million cards a year in 60 countries, according to Idex.
Idex also has said it is negotiating another deal with an unnamed “leading card manufacturer and payments solution provider.”
According to Idex, the company has an annual production volume of 30 million cards as well as a strong presence in the Middle East. If a deal is reached, biometric cards could be distributed in the fourth quarter.«

Føre var
24.05.2023 kl 23:10 2833

Føre var
25.05.2023 kl 08:47 2697

Selp, Thames(paragon) , Linxens hub, Idex ser ut til å ta Frankrike også med storm.
Spennende fortsettelse her nå.
Ps ble ikke store rabatten på emien, slippes den fri nå:)

Vi får se om det kommer storfisker inn her etterhvert.
Redigert 25.05.2023 kl 08:49 Du må logge inn for å svare
25.05.2023 kl 08:52 2784

Nå blir det helt ellevilt her! Er gjerne over alle førstsider i franske aviser! :-)
Nåja. Spennede blir det idag..
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25.05.2023 kl 13:34 2625

Hvor mange aksjer skal rulleres under 0,85?
Føre var
25.05.2023 kl 16:58 2480

«DoelPay says it expects have biometric payment cards for consumers in the region before the fourth quarter. It says it is working with three of Bangladesh’s largest banks.«
Slettet bruker
25.05.2023 kl 20:44 2348

The Biometric Sensor Market is experiencing significant growth due to the increasing adoption of biometric authentication systems across various industries. Biometric sensors offer enhanced security and convenience compared to traditional authentication methods such as passwords or ID cards. The market is witnessing advancements in sensor technologies, including fingerprint sensors, iris recognition sensors, facial recognition sensors, and voice recognition sensors.

The growing emphasis on personal data protection and the rising number of cyber threats are further propelling the demand for biometric sensors. Additionally, the integration of biometric sensors into smartphones, wearables, and other consumer electronics devices is fueling market growth. The market is highly competitive, with key players focusing on research and development to enhance sensor accuracy and reliability. As biometric technology continues to evolve, the biometric sensor market is expected to expand further in the coming years.
25.05.2023 kl 21:03 2276

"Idex er i etablerings fase"

Det må være dagens innlegg...🤣🤣🤣
26.05.2023 kl 01:15 1943

Umulig å spå kurs nå, men hvis mcap/verdi på Intel er 80 mrd og Nordic semiconductor har verdi på 35mrd ( sammenlignbart med Idex Ref Vince) og antatt verdi på Idex 3,5 mrd i Q4 2023 er kurs da kr 2,80etter gårsdagens emisjon??

Isåfall vil den rettede emisjonen kun være ubetydelig i mine øyne…

Bare finanseliten har fått kjøpt seg inn på lavest mulig kurs igår og idag så vil nok aksjen raskt etablere seg over 1,50🐤

Dette er nøye planlagt og avtalt for lengst inne i finansmiljøet spør du meg… noen få bestemmer når kurs får opp og ned. Felles dor de er at de eike blir enda rikere, mens småsparerne blir redde og fir seg i aksjen pga baissere som ikke vet bedre eller vet bedre🐤
Redigert 26.05.2023 kl 02:58 Du må logge inn for å svare
Clay Allison
26.05.2023 kl 06:38 1914

Unnskyld meg, men det er noe som heter stave kontroll, men gitt tidspunktet så er det mulig en forklaring på det