Denne tråden er stengt for nye innlegg.
31.08.2023 kl 16:08
Automatisk lukket grunnet trådens størrelse. (Beklager.)
ZENA 25.12.2022 kl 23:29 393840

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and especially a successful and prosperous new year for all Zenith holders, I believe we have a very good year ahead of us with lots of profit. Enjoy
Redigert 26.12.2022 kl 12:10 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 07:59 4857

Nå må vel denne begynne å røre på seg, hvem drar i gang festen?
19.01.2023 kl 08:29 4800

AC er toastmaster, så han kjører showet!

Men ellers kan det bli selvgående fest med enten;
19.01.2023 kl 08:52 4727

any way party will start any time.
Tilapia - any time may be within this month too.
Oil sale - ( EZZ, EBB and ROB) and SLK it should be in Jan or Feb 9 month cycle.
10th April - Benin
June -23 - Italy production increase
Tunisia - SLK approval with 45% and upgrading, EZZ side track drilling, ROB-3 drilling and EBB upgrade ( will take production to 1000 bopd to 1600 bopd)
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 08:55 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 09:07 4691

How will they Finance everything u think? More debt or issue Shares?
19.01.2023 kl 09:16 4691

Check half year report they sell more bond in last 6 month,
Tunisia is operation are fully funded except EBB workover. (will fund it from next oil sale from Tunisia around $8 to $10 million )
Congo they require $2.5 million to complete remaining drilling. (will fund it from next oil sale from Tunisia around $8 to $10 million )
Italy is funded from its profit.
Yemen - will fund by its oil sale as payment spread in 5 year.
Benin - will come detail soon ( possibility funding by Tunisia Congo and Yemen oil sale in coming month )
19.01.2023 kl 09:23 4672

inventory at the end of Sep 2022 127,759 ( Page 35) -$85/ barrels - $10 million and if you add production upto Feb 2023 it will be around $15 million.
after tax and royalty and operations cost it will be around $8 million in hand.
remember SLK reaming 22.5% production from April 2020 not in picture, if all goes ok it will serve cash $5 to $7 million
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 09:28 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 09:30 4705

kite flyer please come and debate on numbers, correct me if a I m wrong
19.01.2023 kl 09:33 4731

Bond issue for $6 million in April to Sep 2022.

Production increase to Zenith in coming days
Tunisia - 1000-bopd 1800 bopd
Yemen - 1600 to 2100 after drilling 4000 bopd
Congo - 3000 bopd

"Stage Four – Depending on the results achieved from the drill into the Djeno, the Company will consider drilling into a further, deeper horizon, the Vandji, via a new well."
"Stage Five – A ten-well development plan for Tilapia is under discussion with the DGH, and the scale and speed of its execution will depend on the results from the stages described above and the finalization of attractive terms for the new license over Tilapia that is currently being negotiated."

Benin - 2000 to 3000 bopd
Italy - electricity

Total - min 7600 to 11800 bopd

With $85 oil price yearly income $236 million - $366million
current company market value is - $19 million
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 10:35 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 09:44 4701

Gleder meg vilt til hele saueflokken på Oslo børs våkner til live og skal løpe etter hverandre og kjempe om å by mest mulig for aksjene våre, det gledes.
19.01.2023 kl 10:56 4817

How much? And at which price. Thanks for all info you send
Slettet bruker
19.01.2023 kl 11:45 4691

Ref -- https://live.euronext.com/en/product/equities/CA98936C1068-MERK#order_book

Det koster ikke all verden å ta alle salgsordrene hvis du har ståltro på Zenith.
19.01.2023 kl 12:04 4901

I can understand some peoples pain now a days, but its market. slow and steady buy in this calm period is key. Its is clamp period before storm.
any how 0.1014 - 5T hidden volume upto 3 million
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 12:05 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 15:04 4839

Order at 0.1028 is only to create pressure, do not sell. hidden 5 million share in buy above 0.1010.
19.01.2023 kl 15:29 5026

Viking_I. Where can we find the hidden orders?
19.01.2023 kl 15:42 5007

Flere som tviler på at ZEN er delaktig i fornyelsen av Ezzaouia

Fra AGEOS på UK forumet;

On the 8th January I reposted the link below, which had originally been posted by 123tor on the 24th December, and suggested that this appeared to confirm final government approval of the 20 year 'New Concession' for the Ezzaouia Field, in which ZEN had acquired a 45% interest by way of its 100% acquisition of EPZ [Ecumed Petroleum Zarzis Ltd] from Candax in March 2021 [see ZEN website for details].


I concluded that post by stating “Presumably this will be confirmed by RNS and followed by activation of the 'production optimization and drilling program at Ezzaouia' which is inherent in the terms of the 'New Concession' and has previously been mentioned by AC.”

At the time of writing that post I was conscious of having adopted a positive interpretation of this new announcement as the reference to ETAP having been awarded the concession “with a rate of 100%” implies that ZEN is excluded. In the absence of an RNS from ZEN clarifying the situation, the possibility exists that this loss of a significant proportion of ZEN's oil production is indeed inherent in this award which is back-dated to 01.01.2020, and therefore not only impacts the c225 barrels per day of current production due to ZEN but may also place an embargo on selling the Ezzaouia portion of the 52,000+ barrels in stock, The El Bibane and Robbana portions would not be so affected.

Although the text of the above link refers to the award as an “exploitation concession” and in the second paragraph as an “operating concession”, and is reported elsewhere as an “exploration concession”, it is clearly one and the same “20 year concession awarded 100% to ETAP”. The simultaneous award of the “Oued Zar” concession 50% to ETAP and 50% to ENI, reinforces the conclusion that ZEN [via EPZ or any other subsidiary] is excluded from this new 20 year Ezzaouia concession as it should have stated “ ETAP 55% and EPZ 45%” if the status quo was to be maintained..

It is unfortunate that the 'Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic (JORT)' has limited online access as it is always advisable to check original sources especially for disclosures as significant as this. Second hand reports from news agencies cannot always be relied upon for accuracy in translation, in this case from the legalistic arabic and French of the JORT. However, at some stage and hopefully soon, ZEN will have to issue an RNS to clarify the issue.

I note that recent adverse trading here and in Oslo may imply that others have similar concerns regarding the situation in Tunisia and not just regarding Ezzaouia. I hope such concerns will prove to be unfounded,
19.01.2023 kl 15:51 5037

now you know there is hidden order at 0.1018 -5T of 2 to 3 million
19.01.2023 kl 15:55 5119

Same old false news, trying to spread panic.
please go through latest rating report.
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 15:57 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 15:59 5181

Jeg vil anta at detter er i kategorien meldepliktig informasjon fordi det pr dd er av stor betydning for å bekrefte hva selskapet faktisk har eller ikke har av inntekter.
19.01.2023 kl 16:07 5312

Same news publish on forum in mid Dec and old 29th Nov in newspaper.
Company come with official credit rating report this week on 16th Jan.
try to avoid create panic with same news many times.
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 16:08 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 16:10 5301

Dette har bekymret meg en stund også, ettersom salget som var meldt i sommer aldri skjedde. Da er det ikke mye olje ZEN produserer om dagen.
19.01.2023 kl 16:16 5273

Oil sale for SLK reaming which is announced in summer, might be waiting for total oil sale of 45%. Concerned EZZ already happened 2 times form April 2021
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 16:19 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 16:24 5270

go on E24 you will see hidden order now
19.01.2023 kl 16:54 5194

Dårlig gjemsel lek spør du meg 😜
Slettet bruker
19.01.2023 kl 17:00 5169

Hva som er status på Zenith sin aktivitet i Tunisia er uklart ...
ETAP sin nettsider ser også ut til å være nede ....

Zenith sin SLK lisens har gått ut på dato ..
AC somler ikke med å legge ut gode nyheter noe som impliserer at SLK
lisens ikke er blitt fornyet ...

Om Zenith også har mistet Ezzaouia er fortsatt uklart .....
Hvorfor har de ikke sendt en melding om at dette er feil ?
Det impliserer at noe ikke har gått etter planen ....

Å bare avvise dette som falske nyheter, forsøk på å skape panikk og
spre negativitet blir for dumt .....

Zenith selv er den største kilden til mye av usikkerheten og gjør
det klart å tydlig at dette er en høy risiko aksje

19.01.2023 kl 17:02 5250

Helt riktig, fylla12

Her er mer fra AGEOS, og det er helt klart at der er frustrasjon ute å går;

A Candax Ecumed Presentation in 2015 states “Ezzaouia Concession, Candax 45%, ETAP 55%, MARETAP Operator [50/50- JV between ETAP and Ecumed] end of Concession 31.12.2019; extension/renewal requested and expected.”

ZEN, via its subsidiary [ZEAL Zenith Africa Energy Ltd] completed the acquisition of EPZ [Ecumed Petroleum Zarzis Ltd] on the assumption that the “extension/renewal [in the form of the New Concession] would be granted, as implied by the statement on the current company website as follows:

“On April 19, 2019, the Tunisian State represented by the Ministry of Industry and Small & Medium Enterprises informed ETAP and EPZ that the Comité Consultatif des Hydrocarbures (“CCH”) had provided a favourable opinion to the application submitted by ETAP and EPZ for a new 20-year concession to be called “Ezzaouia” (the “New Concession”).”
“A Convention for the New Concession (the agreed work programme between ETAP and EPZ) has been signed by both parties.”

The website concludes with the following:
“The New Concession is currently awaiting parliamentary approval.”

That 'parliamentary approval' is presumably what is referred to in the Ministry of Industry decree published in the Gazette on the 29th November 2022. If so, and in favour of ZEN, why no RNS confirming the award and an update to the website.
Slettet bruker
19.01.2023 kl 17:11 5343

Hidden orders i en oljemygg som Zenith .....
Det blir som å dele opp en liten rosin og spre den
rundt i pølsa .......

19.01.2023 kl 19:06 5314

Same news already discussed in last 2 week of December, go and check now same thing again and again to take course down, jokers never learn things.
News from 29th Nov.
Discussed in mid December on forum.
After one month take out same old news.
AC already applied for SLK renewal for 45%.
Zenith is planning to side drill EZZ from last year waiting for approval. Sold oil 2 times from same field.
Redigert 19.01.2023 kl 19:07 Du må logge inn for å svare
19.01.2023 kl 20:29 5202

Yes it is true Viking, but wi learn from the experience to wait until final conclusion is announced in stock marked, and than we go from there....
Slettet bruker
19.01.2023 kl 21:05 5148

Noe har stoppet opp i Tunisia ......
Only jokers fail to see that there is a problem ...

20.01.2023 kl 00:19 4929

Brazzaville (République du CONGO)

Le Conseil des Ministres s’est réuni au Palais du Peuple, ce jeudi 19 janvier 2023, sous la Très Haute Autorité de Son Excellence, Monsieur Denis SASSOU N’GUESSO, Président de la République, Chef de l’Etat.

Neuf (09) affaires étaient inscrites à l’ordre du jour du présent conseil, à savoir :

- deux (02) projets de lois, au titre respectivement des Ministères en charge de la défense nationale et du plan et de la statistique,

- cinq (05) projets de décret, présentés par trois Ministères sectoriels,

- deux (02) communications, au titre respectivement des ministères en charge du développement industriel et des industries minières et de la géologie .
*****Google translate; *****


The Council of Ministers met at the People's Palace, this Thursday, January 19, 2023, under the Very High Authority of His Excellency, Mr. Denis SASSOU N'GUESSO, President of the Republic, Head of State.

- Nine (09) cases were on the agenda of this council, namely:
- Two(02) bills, respectively for the Ministries in charge of national defense and planning and statistics,
- Five(05) draft decrees, presented by three sectoral Ministries,
- Two(02) communications, respectively for the ministries in charge of industrial development and mining industries and geology»

Bruno Itoua la ut på sin Facebook side for 1 time siden.
Vet ikke om det er relevant enda..
Redigert 20.01.2023 kl 00:21 Du må logge inn for å svare
20.01.2023 kl 04:23 4854

Tjaaaa siden Mr Bruno har lagt det ud kunne man jo håbe at det har noget med Zenith at gøre🤞🤞🤞🤞
20.01.2023 kl 04:59 4895

Tik tak tik tak.

Noen som har tall på kostnader Zenith har i mnd? Inkl. Lønninger
Redigert 20.01.2023 kl 05:00 Du må logge inn for å svare
20.01.2023 kl 06:53 4901

Er bare å åpne siste rapport
20.01.2023 kl 09:37 4647

large hidden order at 0.1006
20.01.2023 kl 09:44 4619

Det viser i hvert fall at ting skjer hos myndighetene siste 6mnd!
Noe som har vært manglende under pandemien.

ENI Congo sjefen hadde nylig møte med Sassou i går eller dagen før.

Det er tydelig at ting skjer iht hydrokarboner i Congo.
Tror vi snart får avklart Tilapia.. Negativt eller positivt(for å være litt nøytral).😊
(Burde i hvert fall komme en avklaring snart iht tidligere uttalelser om betydelig økning av produksjon for Congo fra start av 2023, og all aktivitet hos myndighetene siste mnd.)
20.01.2023 kl 10:44 4471

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDvPKVMF2jg 08.00mi onwards
As per hydrocarbon minister he talk with "every player" and made them happy also sign PSC from Feb 2022 to August 2022 and that 27 contract approve in parliament in August to September and they are announcing it one bye one after President signing. Perenco is announced in Dec first week.

AC was in Congo in late Feb 2022.
AC already meet president in 2020 before announcement in Dec 2020.
Redigert 20.01.2023 kl 12:05 Du må logge inn for å svare
20.01.2023 kl 11:28 4351

"contract approve in parliament in August to September and they are announcing it one bye one after President singing."

I hope you meant signing and not singing :-)
Redigert 20.01.2023 kl 11:28 Du må logge inn for å svare
20.01.2023 kl 12:17 4199

Knowingly there is hidden volume to buy still people selling at 0.1004 - 5T. big support around 0.1.
hidden volume to sell at 0.1020 but now less than 1 million remain.
Redigert 20.01.2023 kl 12:38 Du må logge inn for å svare
20.01.2023 kl 14:12 4017

Desperate to buy 0.1010 - 5T hidden volume more than million.