Denne tråden er stengt for nye innlegg.
31.08.2023 kl 16:08
Automatisk lukket grunnet trådens størrelse. (Beklager.)
ZENA 25.12.2022 kl 23:29 404223

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and especially a successful and prosperous new year for all Zenith holders, I believe we have a very good year ahead of us with lots of profit. Enjoy
Redigert 26.12.2022 kl 12:10 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.05.2023 kl 00:22 7871

What did u mean by this?
27.05.2023 kl 00:37 8069

Det står på hjemmesiden, der kan du finne alt..også ca produksjon pr dag..
27.05.2023 kl 09:08 7937

Jeg fikk også svar fra Omv, som bekrefter de fremdeles er i salgsprosess. +++ så det som har kommet frem på Twitter fra gahgman ser ut til og være falsk informasjon.
Slettet bruker
27.05.2023 kl 11:10 7920

Legger du ut en kopi av svaret fra OMV ?

Hva "gahgman" skriver på Twitter er langt mindre bastant enn det enkelte andre skriver.
At OMV kom trekkende med Zenith virker lite velkomment av de som styrer Yemen.
Kansje det eneste som virker klart.
27.05.2023 kl 21:19 7633

Jeg går utifra at du får samme svar som meg hvis du sender en Mail til dem. Eneste jeg kan si er at jeg ble mer optimistisk etter svaret jeg fikk at dealen vil gå gjennom. Omv svarte på en veldig ryddig måte der de opplyste meget godt sålangt de har lov til.
28.05.2023 kl 02:25 7751

Flott. Kunne du lagt ut svaret du fikk fra omv og dato du fikk svar? :)
28.05.2023 kl 08:40 7669

Fikk svar nå på fredag for 2 dager siden.
28.05.2023 kl 17:44 7362

linker du til oljesalg og produksjonsdata for feltene?
28.05.2023 kl 21:09 7178

Yemen’s oil and gas sector is catching attention during the current period as a raging conflict grows that begins to surface. This comes amid the undeclared ongoing truce, which succeeded in reducing the intensity of military confrontations on the fronts to the lowest level, to turn completely into an economic conflict involving all local and international parties.

The Hadhramaut Governorate of South Yemen stands out as a major stadium for this conflict, which China joined along with France, the United States of America and the Arab coalition countries, in addition to the neighboring Shabwa Governorate, which acquires part of this interest and the ongoing conflict over Yemen's oil fields and exploration sectors.

France has intensified its interest and efforts in preparing for the return of its companies investing in the oil and gas sector, especially Total, which is considered the partner of the Yemeni government in the production and export of liquefied natural gas. China followed it, taking the first steps to resume its investment activity in the Yemeni oil and gas sector in a way that surprised everyone, after signing an oil investment agreement in Sana'a, part of which focuses on investing oil fields in Al-Jawf Governorate in northeastern Yemen, adjacent to Saudi Arabia.

A dilapidated sector

Yemeni geological expert and consultant in natural resources development Abdul Ghani Jaghman, says in a statement to the "New Arab", that Yemen is a rentier country that depends on the oil economy as the only supplier of hard currency, as there is no other source currently produced in the country. Pointing out that the conflict is focused on this sector, which also takes a great place in the negotiations between the conflicting parties.

The Yemeni expert describes the oil sector in Yemen as destructive and dilapidated in light of the decrease in the production of oil fields and the cessation of exports since June 2022 after the Houthis targeted the ports of Al-Nashima and Daba in Shabwa and Hadramout. Jigman explains that the Chinese interest is the most prominent in this file, which she should highlight after turning into a pivotal player in the Middle East, while establishing its presence in the field of energy investments in Yemen.

Arab economy

Yemen is studying the application of Egypt's customs experience

What is remarkable in the matter, according to Jaghman, is that China takes into account the specificity of the situation in Yemen, contrary to the mechanisms of entering the markets of the rest of the region, as despite obtaining large investment contracts in Iraq and other countries, but China deals in a deliberate way in this geographically divided country and disputed by multiple parties.

In mid-May, the first meeting was held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates between the leadership of the Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Minerals and officials from the Chinese company Sinopec, which is discussing its return to Yemen. China is located as an operator of the 71 oil sector in Hadhramaut and a partner in the Aqla sector in Shabwa Governorate, while the

Bad management

The government's Yemeni Oil Exploration and Production Authority reveals that there are six exploration sectors that have become productive during the past few years; however, its investment business has stopped due to the war; and currently, maintenance and rehabilitation work has begun to resume work in them.

Jaghman believes that the management of the file of this sector is very bad with its non-based on any international standards in the process of producing and exploration of oil fields, given the size of these limited and small fields, while according to his speech, Yemen's reserves do not exceed 9 billion barrels, about 7 to 8 billion barrels of the installed reserves have been produced from them

The oil and gas sector in Yemen is under the management and investment of companies from several countries, the most important of which are France, America and China, where about 55 international oil companies have carried out exploration activities in the past in 39 sectors since the beginning of exploration in the country. On the other hand, the State Authority for Oil Exploration and Production confirms that Yemen, according to international reports

People's economy

Yemen: Transport costs jump 800% in 3 years

Economic analyst Ali Al-Haifi, in his interview with Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed, believes that the geographical location of Yemen in general and the provinces of Hadhramaut mainly, Shabwa and Al-Jawf are as important than oil, resources and natural resources and may exceed them, so the various conflicting countries are looking to share this cake, including ports

According to the Yemeni Ministry of Oil and Minerals, exploratory works are currently being carried out in 25 sectors in several Yemeni areas by 13 international oil companies concentrated in several basins mainly concentrated in Hadhramaut Governorate with 25 exploratory sectors, including 12 sectors in the Messila basin in the city of Sayoun.

Yemen has 13 basins distributed over a large area of Yemen. Geological information confirms that the country has petroleum potential, with good indications indicating the presence of key elements needed for oil accumulations, as it has not been adequately studied.

Reflections of the Russian war

Earlier this year, economists expected wide changes in the game of local, international and regional conflict in Yemen, driven by the interest of major countries in oil and gas sources because of the repercussions of the Russian war in Ukraine and the position of OPEC and allied countries regarding reducing oil production by about two million barrels per day, and their insistence on its position, which prompted many countries to

In the context, economic researcher Murad Mansour, refers to "Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed", to what is happening in Hadhramaut from a grinding conflict that portends an imminent explosion of the situation there in light of the attempt by the Southern Transitional Council to fully control the oil province and remove the military forces affiliated with the government in order to facilitate its control

This crisis has escalated significantly since the middle of last year 2022 after the Houthis targeted the government oil export ports in Hadhramaut and Shabwa governorates by drones, after addressing investment companies in the oil and gas sector, that they must stop once and for all what they called the looting of Yemeni sovereign wealth, and hold them fully responsible in case of non-compliance.

Link: https://www.alaraby.co.uk/economy/صراع-محتدم-على-النفط-في-اليمن-والصين-تطرق-الباب-بقوة
29.05.2023 kl 01:32 6952

?? Dette er det ingen som skjønner noe av, og meningsløst å poste. Hva betyr dette Aqualight??
Slettet bruker
29.05.2023 kl 13:43 6578

Dette var ikke vrient å skjønne ...
Yemen er risiko sport men det er ikke noe nytt.

Jeg er enig at dette var en meningsløs post.

29.05.2023 kl 21:55 6242

There is no point of spending time and breath reading those political b.s. like thinking about Utøya and 22/7. when you thinking about investing in Norway ore 11/9 tween tower in US.
30.05.2023 kl 06:35 5982

Vil bare legge til at det var på den lukka tråden til Aqua som hadde postet artikkelen- hva han mener med å postlegge den det aner jeg ikke. Vi trenger ikke politiske fakta, men politisk handling !
30.05.2023 kl 07:53 5899

Artikkel omhandlet en del om aktuell provins, så for min del grei info.
The Austrian company “OMV” owns the largest assets in the Al-aqla oil field in Shabwa Governorate, eastern Yemen.
30.05.2023 kl 09:10 5777

I modsætning til hvad der bliver delt og ytret på de her tråde, kan man rent faktisk lærer noget af det jeg deler med forummet. Men når man ikke kan se værdien i at få dagsaktuelle opdateringer delt, og kan se hvad der står i mellem linjerne og at man oven i, ikke gider bruge 3 min på at sætte sig ind i den lokale situation, hvor firmaet operere - ved i hvad, så sid endelig og vent på at der kommer en RNS -

Aqualight 🇩🇰🇳🇴
Redigert 30.05.2023 kl 09:10 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.05.2023 kl 09:17 5813

Bare fortsett med å poste, også kan vi velge å lese eller ikke👍 de som bruker egen tid på å finne frem informasjon, skal fint belønnes med heder og omtale.
30.05.2023 kl 10:11 5951

hidden value to buy and pressure sell order.....................hidden order 0.0571 - 10 more than 3 million to buy
Redigert 30.05.2023 kl 10:22 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.05.2023 kl 10:15 5930

The Market Makers will drain out the weak investors and transferring stock to the smart loading up at these levels.
30.05.2023 kl 13:13 5635

Hidden order to sell 0.0579 -100

what happened to reverse split?
What happened to oil inventory
"As of September 30, 2022, inventory consists of CAD$ 6,003k (2021 – CAD $1,378k) in relation to 127,759 barrels of crude oil that has been produced but not yet sold,"
In Tunisia Company should have more than inventory worth $16 to $18 million
Will company come with oil inventory on 30th July ........in annual report ending March 2023?
Redigert 30.05.2023 kl 13:15 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.05.2023 kl 13:26 5599

Inventory would probably be slightly altered to; alleged inventory 😁
30.05.2023 kl 13:38 5559

Yes, as management already left Norwegian shareholders on mercy of syndicate so you can say that....................Single RNS about Tunisia Update can change scenario but company don't want to do that.
Redigert 30.05.2023 kl 13:41 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.05.2023 kl 13:45 5533

I highly company the company can do anything until legally they can announce any updates. Whether that is positive or negative, rest is just deramping speculation. I see some of the weak investors offloading their stock at the bottom level which is perfect for me as I will pick up another 25% on top of my current holding. Once Benin news comes the price will multibag in a week and then those selling at current level will be kicking themselves in the foot.
30.05.2023 kl 13:55 5551

They can give update on Tunisia legally and course will fly upto kr 0.1 as here everyone is in doubt on Tunisian production after following official document
Though EZZ with Zenith as per bondholder document published in March 2023
30.05.2023 kl 14:02 5522

As ZENA has been removed from the public databases, I think we also could put Tunisia in the 'allegded' basket.
30.05.2023 kl 14:09 5498

That’s incorrect unless there is actual news without legal implications to release zenith would have done it by now. Whether good or had the company would have announced the news if there was any to the market.
30.05.2023 kl 14:11 5496

Oops all licenses expired and every company had to renew new agreement
30.05.2023 kl 14:17 5597

Helt riktig! Hadde de informert markedet om lisenser, produksjon, og videre utvikling, så hadde kursen vært en annen:-) Skjønner ikke hvorfor dette ikke blir meldt.
30.05.2023 kl 14:54 5532

I am certain the company will report when there is something to report. I see lots of impatience here and that’s the quickest ways to lose money instead of profit.
30.05.2023 kl 16:42 5288

Slik jeg ser det har Zenith mye de kan, og burde melde. Og mye skal til for å bygge opp ny tillit!
30.05.2023 kl 17:15 5452

Helt riktig, og derfor er vi der vi er, da ingen vet hva som blir produsert net til ZEN Var jo heller ingen genistrek at AC ikke informerte om at vi mistet TLP2 lisensen før forum deltakere fant det ut. Det skaper ikke mye tillit. Trenger jo bare en oppdatering på "rikets" tilstand, så man kan komme seg ut, eller investere mer.
30.05.2023 kl 18:49 5438

Impatience in Zenith is in my opinion warrented in every way shape and form. The company has promised 1000bopd for several years and not been able to achieve it, several things have not gone according to plan and to expect results after years of not delivering in accordance with what has been promised is very logical. Also I should add millions of dollars have been gathered in private placements diluting shareholders and the money spent has not gone to increase production, therefore the word impatient should not be used when speaking of zenith because shareholders have been more than patient.
31.05.2023 kl 09:06 5034

Pessimist they would have achieved more than that had it not been for the Congolese authorities messing the company around with their corrupt tactics. Also with little to now money AC secured Tunisia in which we actually made money from during covid whilst other small cap oilers drifted away. The Italian electricity play also brings in couple million a year also which is a secure play, now as well as oil production in the USA. The last placement before the last year 2 years back so hardly any dilution at all. They say buy when others are fearful and I believe right now is the time to be loading up on Zenith stock as the tide can swing very quickly.
31.05.2023 kl 09:24 5024

US oil won't come for free. So better get a liferaft before the tsunami, rather than weigh your self down with close to worthless shares 😁
Redigert 31.05.2023 kl 09:25 Du må logge inn for å svare
31.05.2023 kl 09:31 5023

Was an interesting rally at last 15 Minutes yesterday
31.05.2023 kl 09:43 5042

'Jobber med', 'vurderer', 'er i samtaler med', 'ser muligheter', 'ser an'....Nesten som å kaste ut bein til aksjonærene for å få dem til å roe seg en kort periode..
31.05.2023 kl 09:56 5103

Ooops you make no sense whatsoever, if we produce oil in the US it will be straight forward profit with no risk. If it’s a worthless share why do you post here every day wasting your time?
31.05.2023 kl 09:58 5374

there was no dilution for years and we were very close to producing that in Tunisia until there was chaos with their government. Hardly the company’s fault was it, but that’s the risk when you produce in risky countries but the reward is huge.
Redigert 31.05.2023 kl 10:50 Du må logge inn for å svare
31.05.2023 kl 10:20 5497

I agree with JP. Zenith is always playing a risk vs reward game. By trying to acquire licenses in risky countries such as Congo, Benin and Yemen, the company puts themselves as the mercy of politicians in unstable regimes, and as we have seen this resulted in disappointment in the Congo. However, if Zenith can land a license in any of these area then the potential reward can be enormous and reward company and shareholders alike.

This is why I like the balance that it seems that the company is trying to strike with small-scale production assets in Tunisia and now (apparently) America. None of these assets on their own will make a major shift to the share-price but they will provide a stable income and a base to build the company from in the higher risk, higher reward areas.

The big advantage of assets in the US will, of course be the fact that it is a stable political system that will be without the problems of the developing world.

It is a good combination, but the company has to deliver in the acquisition of both the Yemen and Benin (high risk) assets and the acquisition of the American low-risk assets. Talk needs to be transferred into action, but I believe that the company will deliver.