🇭⚛HYDROGEN PRO in Davos 2023🇭⚛

Enabling the future with green hydrogen


Over 200 years ago, hydrogen powered the first internal combustion engines, and until today hydrogen utilization is still an integral component of many industries. In addition to being light, energy-dense, and storable, burning hydrogen emits no greenhouse gases directly. However, hydrogen production development has touched on a dilemma. The process of splitting the water (H2O) to generate hydrogen gas and oxygen still requires a primary source of energy, such as solar, electricity, nuclear power, or gas. So, is it possible to produce hydrogen without carbon emissions, and utilize its capability on a bigger industrial scale to meet the ever-growing energy demands?

HydrogenPro is enabling a promising future for the industry by empowering green hydrogen production, utilizing renewable-energy-driven electrolysis to produce 100% clean hydrogen.

“Green hydrogen will play an important role in decarbonizing the future. With our most cost-effective alkaline high-pressure electrolyzer technology, HydrogenPro is the preferred company to enable this transition”, Tarjei Johansen, CEO of HydrogenPro says.

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CEO Tarjei Johansen and founder Richard Espeseth recently travelled to World Economic Forum in Davos to talk about green hydrogen and HydrogenPro. Together with Andrew Wilson they discuss the future of green hydrogen, which companies that are best positioned to capture the market, and HydrogenPro’s journey the last 10 years.

Ser ut som det kan komme en ny bølge i aksjemarkedet med fokus på hydrogenaksjer igjen. Mens det er vært forholdsvis stille rundt hydrogenaksjene det siste året, har industrien fortsatt å utvikle seg med med blant annet HydrogenPro i spissen i Norge .

Utregning til Gard Aarvik av prising av HydrogenPro vs NEL viser hvilken utvikling aksjekursen i HydrogenPro kan stå ovenfor.
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Hva kan vi vente oss av HYPRO i 2023? Noen som har formeninger.