QEC - Bjorn Inge Tonnessen it might happen!

This deserves its own thread and is possibly the explanation for the increased share volume lately

This is interesting! Watch it!

Quotes: "There's an opening"; "There are signs" ; "The Quebec government.... it could actually happen"

Canada should provide LNG to Europe: expert explains why | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

CTV News

10. feb.


Bjorn Inge Tonnessen with Questerre Energy says that Canada could play a vital role in providing natural gas resources to Europe.


Limer inn fra en annen tråd:
(Og er vi heldige og Québec ønsker å unngå rettssak og opphever Bill21…..🚀).
I dag kl 12:40
Dette er kopiert fra børsforum :

Har tyvstjålet dette fra Helge Larsen chat gruppe om olie, Cba_trader skriver dette. : Thank you for your questions re Altai's law suit on expropriation of our oil and gas assets by the Quebec Government. Altai's claim on the expropriation was filed in March 2022. Since several companies have filed claims on the expropriation, the Quebec Government has decided to jointly manage and hear all the cases by one judge who has exteneded the deadline to make the cases ready for trial to July 2023. The above is public information available on the Quebec Government website.
I dag kl 12:49
Takk for info gaiden👍 Da har vi juli å forholde oss til mtp rettssaken, og så får vi forhåpentligvis også vite QEC sitt erstatningskrav frem mot/under Q3 presentasjon 23. mars.
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MC Axel
01.03.2023 kl 15:57 6132

Thank you Fjellbris👍

Otherwise, it would be funn if Quebec scrapped Bill 21. Otherwise we will know more about this on March 23
01.03.2023 kl 16:21 6097

But you don´t know it for sure :-)
MC Axel
13.03.2023 kl 01:09 5370

G7 urged to affirm role of gas and LNG in achieving energy security and climate goals


March 10, 2023, by Ajsa Habibic

MC Axel
21.03.2023 kl 11:11 4854

This is from June 13, 2022! So it's not new!

I haven't heard of it before, have any of you heard of it???

It would be nice to hear if QEC knows about this and if they are part of this deal???

Ukraine Signs Deal to Buy LNG, Green Hydrogen from Quebec

June 13, 2022

Ukrainian state oil and gas company Naftogaz has announced a deal to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) and green hydrogen from Quebec, beginning in just five years.


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If QEC was part of the deal, they would have to announce it immediately or commit a crime. If it isn't announced, then they aren't a part of it. Please don't create false hope, this is basic procedure.
MC Axel
21.03.2023 kl 12:03 4731

This was an honest inquiry.

I have not heard of this deal before and I am interested in what others know about it?

Then it's about players other than QEC, but it's still in Quebec and they're talking about LNG

Tonnessen says in the interview that things have changed in Quebec and therefore I wonder if this is one of several reasons? It's pure guesswork from my side

otherwise thanks for reply
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I didn't mean to be rude or offend you, sorry if it came across that way.

But if a company has news that is likely to change the stock value, then the company is obliged by law to make the news public immediately. They are not allowed to wait until reports and such. So we would have heard it by now, if it was definite.
MC Axel
21.03.2023 kl 12:33 4638

I understand and thanks for the reply and you are right that QEC would have to announce it on the exchange

But as I said, I'm interested if anyone else is aware of this deal, which may or may not affect the future of LNG in Quebec

It's only speculative, but an interesting topic to discuss

Speculative is not interessing. Only hard facts.
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21.03.2023 kl 15:23 4407

Ser jeg syner? Opp nesten 18% i canada,trodde de åpna 15.30 der jeje
21.03.2023 kl 15:24 4409

nej den er god nok.
21.03.2023 kl 15:35 4411

0.27 Cad er 2.09 Nkr
Hvorfor så stort sprik da?
21.03.2023 kl 15:53 4372

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Forøvrig helt uinteressant.
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Hengt seg opp derborte? 🤣
MC Axel
24.03.2023 kl 00:27 3724

How long can the politicians resist and ignore the will of the people! If they want to be re-elected, they should take the will of the people seriously

Poll suggests more than three-quarters support greater role for Canadian energy

By Shaun Polczer 8 hrs ago

The survey conducted by Research Co. found 77% “agree Canada has an opportunity to play a key role in enhancing energy security worldwide” while another 68% think Canada should make a greater effort to export more energy overseas, including LNG.

"The world wants our product, and these poll results suggest Canadians want to make that product available," he added.

Canada Action said the poll's margin of error, which measures sample variability, is plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20

Read it all here


Poll: Majority of Canadians Agree - The World Needs More Canadian Energy

Mar 23, 2023,

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24.03.2023 kl 16:44 3369

Det betyr ikke så mye hva flertallet i Canada mener.
Det er de fransktalende som velger sine ledere, og det er flertallet her som styrer Quebec.
24.03.2023 kl 16:47 3460

Flertallet i Quebec trenger energi - om lidt......... er kaffen klar :-)
24.03.2023 kl 16:58 3476

Olja popper nordover etter slutt på OSE. Opp 1 usd på en halv time. Håper det fortsetter over helga.
01.04.2023 kl 12:25 3167

Selv om Repsol og Pieridae Energy delvis har kastet inn håndkleet for LNG , grunnet kostnader med å hente gassen fra west canada - jobbes fortsatt det i kulissene.

Canada’s natural resources minister Wilkinson hadde nylig ett møte med Repsol & TC energy - som indikerer at myndighetene ønsker LNG eksport over øst kysten

"Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s natural resources minister, convened a meeting earlier this week with Repsol and TC Energy to determine whether the project still had a chance, according to people familiar with the matter. Repsol informed the group it wasn’t viable, the people said."

"Wilkinson backed the idea, at one point telling Bloomberg the terminal could be shipping gas to Europe within three years. Trudeau also said his government would help expedite the project through the regulatory process — but only if the companies involved decided there was a business case to build it."

I forrige uke var Canada’s natural resources minister Wilkinson i Tyskland og hadde "Hydrogen" møte med Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck.

Sett i sammenheng med Ursula Von der Leyens uttalelser "Von der Leyen said Europe is open to importing LNG directly from Canada, although analysts have said it will take years to create the infrastructure for this to be possible on the Atlantic coast."

Så Jobbes det med eksport av LNG fra Øst Canada , samtidig som kostnadene med å hente gassen fra west Canada blir for store..
Da er vel eneste alternativet at LNG hentes fra Øst Canada , ved eksport.

Bare dager før G7 møte i Sapporo
Tipper vi får gode LNG nyheter fra Canada , inneværende mnd


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01.04.2023 kl 12:39 3157

Takk for at du holder oss oppdatert, minsin. Du besitter mye kunnskap om selskapet og det som skjer rundt det. I påsken ifjor var det stusselig å være Qec aksjonær. Da ble forbudet (Bill 21)vedtatt (og senere implementert i august). Kursen har ikke akkurat gått i taket siden fjorårets påske, da markedet forholder seg til dette forbudet. La oss satse på at det snur snart.
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01.04.2023 kl 13:08 3114

Kjøpte meg selv inn i aksjen etter mai/ juni i fjor , og føler jeg har en grei inngang.

LNG vil bli sentral energi kilde i ti-talls år fremover ref bla Dr Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director
"Natural gas is one of the mainstays of global energy. Where it replaces more polluting fuels, it improves air quality and limits emissions of carbon dioxide."

Dette er noe både Canada og Quebec må forholde seg til- da må de finne en utvei... Løsningen ligger i bakken deres.
Både Trudeau , wilkinson og ikke minst Legualt ser på LNG eksport muligheter

Legualts tidligere uttalelser for endring av Bill21:
"Industry sources say that when Legault met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz last fall, the premier (who reportedly used to be pro-resource-development) told Scholz he had a public opinion problem in Quebec that could only be solved if people from outside the province (like Scholz) asked for the province’s gas. The chancellor was in Canada last August on a three-day visit to explore energy security and clean-technology options."

- Nå har også Ursula vært i Canada - for å påvirke til LNG eksport direkte til EU/Tyskland, der er pågående møter mellom Canada og Tyskland/EU

Hydrogen satsningen er stor , men vi vil neppe se særlige resultater av denne satsningen før etter 2040- inntil da gjelder LNG.

Quebec og Canada har enorme milliard søksmål mot seg , det er ett enormt press på myndighetene.

Er derfor positiv til at det kommer LNG nytt fra Canada/Quebec inneværende mnd..

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02.04.2023 kl 12:57 2642

Questerre er både skummel og spennende, melder finansavisen.

Minner om 2008. 🍻 Noe på gang?
02.04.2023 kl 15:36 2491

Vel Sentrale myndigheter jobber mot Tyskland/ EU mot energiløsning - Hydrogen er i hovedsetet , men ser også klare tegn til at også LNG leveringer blir diskutert.

Fra forrige ukes møte mellom Canada og Tyskland i Berlin :
"The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, brought this message to the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) this week in Berlin, Germany. Minister Wilkinson was joined by a Canadian trade mission featuring more than 15 Canadian companies, organizations, Indigenous communities and representatives seeking to pursue commercial opportunities in clean energy."

Ursula var i alle fall klar på at EU er "klar for å importere LNG direkte fra Canada"
Ingen røyk uten ild, tror vi får en grei avklaring inneværende mnd
02.04.2023 kl 18:20 2247

Sammenlikningen viser til året 2008.

Det som er «skummelt» er nok om man kan stole på politikere og politiske vedtak. 😃 De skifter jo aldri mening…😯

Det «spennende» kan jo være at aksjen var oppe i kr 30.- på den tiden. Skal ikke forundre meg at vi får en reisning til uka.

Like mye skummelt med QEC er det tekniske bildet.
Aksjen QEC har steget 17 prosent i år og er opp hele 200 prosent siden bunnen på 60 øre den 29. oktober 2020. Det er imidlertid blitt satt lavere topper i RSI-chartet siden årsskiftet, og i hovechartet siden begynnelsen av september i fjor.

Samtidig er det fremdeles en positiv undertone i RSI-chartet, som kan bety at dette bare er en korreksjon innenfor den stigende trenden.
Aksjen svinger rundt de glidende snittene og sluttet fredag på 200-dagers glidende gjennomsnitt. Fall under vil være et svakhetstegn. Holder den seg over kan den stigende sekundærtrenden fortsette.

Aksjen ligger imidlertid fremdeles i den lange, fallende hovedtrenden. Den gir rom for oppgang mot 3 kroner, og toppene fra januar i fjor. Det nivået, og den fallende trendlinjen, må passeres for å bryte den fallende hovedtrenden og signalisere videre oppgang mot 3,30-, 3,50-, 4,30- og 5,20-nivået.

På undersiden er det teknisk støtte på 1,69-, 1,50- og 1,30-nivået. Faller aksjen under 1,50-nivået vil imidlertid den stigende sekundærtrenden bli brutt. Da blir det straks mer usikkert.

Bør komme seg mot 90+, som tidligere spådd. Mer penger i qec-kassa.

DUBAI, April 2 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ oil producers on Sunday announced voluntary cuts to their production amounting to around 1.15 million barrels per day in a surprise move they said was aimed at supporting market stability.

The group had been largely expected to stick to its already agreed 2 million bpd cuts when its ministerial panel, which includes Saudi Arabia and Russia, meets virtually on Monday.

Oljepris rett opp i morgen.