Vicore trades at 12x lower valuat vs US listed but worse Pliant

I bought Vicore based on the following:

Pliant Therapeutics is a USD 1.8 bn US-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Vicore Pharma has one IPF product and is at a similar stage as Pliant. Vicore is trading at a 12 times lower valuation while having significantly stronger data than Pliant.

Pareto Securities Research published on 3 November 2023:

"Vicore released new clinical data of C21 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patients. The data reinforces the unprecedented,
regenerative drug profile that shows stabilization of lung function followed by hundreds of millilitres in lung function gains and no
side effects. With this safe + regenerative drug profile, C21 will likely be the first IPF drug that turns this deadly disease into a
survivable one – the current median survival for IPF patients is 3-5 years after diagnosis, despite the two marketed drugs which sold
for USD >3.5 bn in 2021."

Carnegie Research published on 2 May 2023:

"We like (Vicore´s) C21 high level of innovation and strong clinical data, suggestive to us of a best-in-disease profile and a never-before-seen regenerative potential in IPF."

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Vicore Pharma Holding has broken through the ceiling of a falling trend channel in the medium long term. This indicates a slower falling rate initially, or the start of a more horizontal development. The stock has given a positive signal from the inverse head and shoulders formation by a break up through the resistance at 21.25. Further rise to 33.02 or more is signaled. The stock has support at kronor 22.00 and resistance at kronor 32.80. Positive volume balance, with high volume on days of rising prices and low volume on days of falling prices, strengthens the stock in the short term.

Ser ut som at FOMO toget går nå, ATS konferansen 21. mai kan potensielt bli en voldsom katalysator, der ny data skal presenteres fra Fase 2A.
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