ZENA 11.01.2024 kl 11:14 86865

Dette er en fortsettelse av forrige chat-forum.
25.01.2024 kl 10:08 5470

Ganske så høye renter på bonds her. De spiller høyt og trenger penger fra rettsakene for å få betalt ned lånene som nå har nesten 15% rente. Zenith er høy risk nå, så får folk selv gjette hva sannsynligheten er for å vinne rettsaker og hvor mye de eventuelt får. Det kan bli alt fra 0 - 1,5 mrd
25.01.2024 kl 10:21 5487

Opp nesten 10 % og nesten oms for en 1000 lapp, ska sei😁👍
25.01.2024 kl 10:24 5486

På høy tid at vi etablerer oss over 50 øre nå.
25.01.2024 kl 12:04 5383

Sannsynlig ikke 1,5 mrd, men hvis de får kun 1/4 av kravet mener jeg dette er meget bra for veien videre.
26.01.2024 kl 15:45 5106

Repost from LSE:

Kazakhstan, the second-largest active member of the Opec+ group after Russia, has just announced an ambitious five-year expansion plan for its petroleum sector.

The Central Asian nation’s strategy has the potential to raise its prominence in the exporters’ group and strengthen its domestic energy security, all while challenging other producers to meet new standards of excellence.

To succeed, key players within the industry, including both oil majors and mid-sized regional companies, must bolster investment in advanced technologies, with a determined focus on maximising existing resources and mitigating environmental impacts.

Kazakhstan sits at the nexus of global oil and gas pipelines, including tanker routes that unite the region – north and west through Russia, across the Caspian Sea to Europe, and east to China. On balance, it has an unusually diverse petroleum sector, which features a large state-owned oil company, KazMunayGas (KMG). There are also numerous smaller private Kazakh companies such as Kazpetrol Group, an innovative enterprise owned by Yerkin Tatishev. Foreign international corporations are also well represented, notably Shell, Eni, Chevron, ExxonMobil, CNPC, Lukoil and others.

The new strategy, unveiled on December 6, aims to further transform the country’s position in the energy landscape, and calls for $37.3 billion in spending to cover 20 major projects in oil and gas production, refining and petrochemicals.

Under the plan, the three leading fields, Kashagan, Tengiz and Karachaganak, operated by international consortia featuring KMG and others, will be expanded. This is expected to take national production from 1.769 million bpd in 2022 and a projected 1.85mn bpd this year to 105.5 million tonnes in 2027 (about 2.11mn bpd).

Refinery capacity is also expected to increase by about a quarter, or 120,000 bpd, with the enlargement of the Shymkent facility. Moreover, the important Kenkiyak-Atyrau and Kenkiyak-Kumkol oil pipelines will be expanded, helping to supply oil from western Kazakhstan to domestic refineries and via pipeline to China.

However, without new discoveries, Kazakh production is projected to peak around 2030. Therefore, the strategy places significant emphasis on new developments and exploration. Most notably, the Lukoil-operated Kalamkas More and Khazar fields in the Caspian Sea will be further developed.

Exploration will be intensified, including in deep subsalt formations in the Caspian and South Turgai basins. Added to that, the latest auctions for new fields in October and December 2023 attracted strong interest from local players. Within this, the increasing maturity of older Soviet-era fields, such as the Mangistau and Kyzylorda regions, demand improved recovery rates and reduced operating costs, which can be best achieved through the efforts of focused, smaller companies.
26.01.2024 kl 15:47 5108

Kazakhstan’s decision to concentrate attention and resources on domestic oil and gas capacity fits within a larger pattern, as the fall-out from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has led to a rethink of energy policy in Astana.

Export plans

Most oil exports today travel via the CPC pipeline through Russia, or Russia’s national pipeline system, Transneft, to Novorossiysk and on to the Black Sea. This route however has suffered a number of weather-related outages and, more recently, Ukrainian attacks on Russian warships, tankers and refineries.

In response, Kazakhstan launched a new export grade to distinguish its crude from sanctioned Russian oil, and has begun buying tankers to shuttle exports across the Caspian Sea to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline.

Exports to China could rise from just 1 million tonnes this year (about 20,000 bpd) to 130,000 bpd. Along with the expansion of Shymkent, that would be enough to handle most of the increased output by 2027.

These initiatives make Kazakhstan one of relatively few countries in the world able to attract strong investment interest both from international oil companies and local players.

To maintain that attractiveness, improving environmental performance is imperative, and the government has worked with industry to make the necessary adjustments. Levels of gas flaring have dropped sharply from 3.8 billion cubic metres in 2014 to 1 bcm last year.

At the just-concluded COP28 climate conference in Dubai, KMG was one of 30 national oil companies to sign up to the Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter (OGDC), which commits them to reach net-zero operational emissions by 2050, and eliminate routine flaring and nearly all methane emissions by 2030.

Two Kazakh companies, KMG and the aforementioned Kazpetrol, have endorsed the World Bank’s initiative for zero routine flaring by 2030. Kazpetrol already uses 97-98% of its associated gas, according to technical director Talgat Abibullaev.

Technical talk

Realising this vision also means confronting Kazakhstan’s many technical challenges. These include deep, ultra-sour reservoirs, environmentally sensitive shallow waters of the Caspian, complex sub-salt imaging, heavy oil, and mature fields.

Kazpetrol, which is enjoying rapid growth in the region, has chosen to pioneer the smart-field concept in Kazakhstan, drawing inspiration from Shell and Chevron. All of its 120 wells will be equipped with sensors. Digitalisation is expected to save about 15% of operating costs, reserves have increased 7% and gas usage dropped 10%.

The company thinks such innovations could double reserves at many fields. If such a dramatic increase could be replicated more widely, digitalisation could be a crucial boost to Kazakhstan’s 2027 ambition.

As the country prepares to undergo a historic expansion, aligning technology, investment and environmental principles will further boost its profile on a global scale and within the OPEC+ alliance – helpful as a reshuffling of quotas looms.

26.01.2024 kl 17:13 5038

It was wary kind of you to gother such a crucial information and get more insight about Kazakistan so vi can see positive potential for Zenith in that region.
29.01.2024 kl 23:47 4702

,Its silence before the storm``. In this case after following Zena forums for many years ,,it´is to silent``I guess Big storm is coming.Let's hope that the wind blows at our backs and not in our faces.
And the song of Bob Segar ,, Against the wind´´it will bee and stay just an old memory forgiven but not forgotten.
Redigert 30.01.2024 kl 00:04 Du må logge inn for å svare
30.01.2024 kl 10:04 4543

BMU every possible bad news has been digested by the market and barely any of the good news has yet to be priced in. There is 3 weeks left until the Kazakhstan deal will be fully completed and then I suspect the price to finally rise after 2 years of drawback. If I had any spare money I would be throwing everything now at this current price. The arbitration will be sorted by autumn too which will also multiply the market cap.
31.01.2024 kl 12:45 4350

From the begin when I startet ore when sum haw was push to wright in Zenith forums always sad ,, As long as they do the work and don't giv up success will come eventually``. For the stuck holders I can say: ,, Nothing will pas you by if is mant for you``that from the experience .
Lord Wincheste
01.02.2024 kl 10:07 4188

Petter Solberg, are U BMU? its not the fart that kills you, its the smell..
09.02.2024 kl 12:08 3841

Perfect time for AC to ramp up production in Kazakhstan and secure the asset


Kazakhstan continues to exceed OPEC+ oil production quota - S&P Global
11.02.2024 kl 06:03 3685

Da var endelig ørkenvandrings bildet på Zeniths hjemmeside borte. Håper ørkenvandringen her også er over nå. Spennende tider, og ny informativ hjemmeside.
11.02.2024 kl 09:19 3675

Link til ny hjemmeside. Spennende fremover!!

13.02.2024 kl 09:23 3124

Den nye rapporten melder om planlagt produksjon av 100 fat i døgnet i USA Q1 2024, og planlagt øktning til 200 slutten av 2024.
13.02.2024 kl 10:01 3095

Er det bare jeg som finner det merkelig at de ikke vil opplyse hva de 5% i 7 brønner egentlig består av i usa? Jeg synes også det er rart at saken mot smp som beløper seg opp mot 100 mill nok og at Kongo skylder 5,7 mill $ ikke blir nevnt… har de tapt saken mot smp? Har de gitt opp pengene fra Kongo eller har de fått dem og pengene er *borte*? Listen av spm blir bare lengre og lengre, mer forblir ubesvart enn besvart, det er hvertfall helt sikkert. Skal det bli noe bedring så må de skifte ut ledelse og gi klarhet til markedet hva som egentlig har foregått de siste årene
13.02.2024 kl 14:37 2857

Hei barneskirenn, hva mener du med at det er lagt ut dokumenter? Jeg klarer ikke se noe endring siden 19 januar.
Lord Wincheste
13.02.2024 kl 15:13 2788

dokumentene ligger ute....på fransk
13.02.2024 kl 15:21 2792

Under "materials". Står på fransk, og ikke oversatt/lest innholdet enda.
13.02.2024 kl 15:34 2772

Jeg kan heller ikke se noen forandringer siden 19 jan 24
Fint visst dere som finner noe nytt. Deler med «oss» som ikke finner oppdatering
13.02.2024 kl 15:47 2734

Vet ikke så mye om utfall her før tidligst våren 2025
Lord Wincheste
13.02.2024 kl 16:59 2687

Det handler nok om de to prosedyrestegene som er meldt tidligere. Ingen store nyheter dette. Vi vår vente til slutten av februar
13.02.2024 kl 18:20 2739

Lord Wincheste skrev Innlegget er slettet
Noen har fortsatt troen;)

We are pleased to have attracted the continued support of institutional
shareholders, including Premier Miton Investors, a long-standing investor in

The Company is at a key juncture in its development as it vigorously pursues the
three publicly announced arbitrations against the Republic of Tunisia and ETAP
for a total cumulative claimed amount of approx. US$140 million, its legal case
against SMP Energies in the Paris Commercial Court, as well as its acquisition
of revenue generating energy production assets in Italy and the US.

In addition, we are advancing the recently announced conditional acquisition of
Devonian Petroleum Limited, with the planned transportation of the Company's
fully owned drilling rig and ancillary equipment to the Republic of Kazakhstan,
which we are seeking to fund by way of debt financing.

The Board believes that there are significant opportunities for shareholder
value creation during 2024."

13.02.2024 kl 18:46 2737

swell 👍
13.02.2024 kl 18:59 2808

Altså flere aktier som jeg forstår det. Ja han er sgu god til at udvande
13.02.2024 kl 19:23 2761

BlackPearl skrev Innlegget er slettet
Når ledelsen kjøper såpass så kan vi vel kanskje ha litt tro på bedre tider. KaZ og USA på gang. Oppsiden her er enorm
13.02.2024 kl 19:30 2745

Der er intet nyt i den meddelelse andet end de bruger penge som de plejer og aktionærerne får mindre værdi.
Intet nyt under solen. Penge bliver brugt i rasende fart uden vi får noget for det.
Nu må de sgu snart komme med positivt nyt.
Penge fra retssager er ikke rundt hjørne for så var der ikke behov for mere kapital
13.02.2024 kl 19:32 2809

Hvor mange ganger har vi ikke sagt det de siste årene..
Alltid blir vi lurt til å tro det er noe pågang.
13.02.2024 kl 19:51 2854

Han har ikke noe annet valg en å kjøpe mer ellers han er helt utvannet, penger er nok tjent i Zena så det er kjempefint at han gir litt tilbake litt.
Jeg har trua men samtidig så er det greit å være våken og på vakt, vi har vært overbevist 3 -4 ganger hittil at alt er i boks…satser på at denne gangen kommer noe olje fra bakken i litt mengde🙂

AC hadde snitt kurs på sin aksjebeholdning 0,25 kr før spleis….tilsvarer 2,5 kr nå
Her er det bare å rette meg opp vis noen har andre tall🙂
Redigert 13.02.2024 kl 19:56 Du må logge inn for å svare
Lord Wincheste
13.02.2024 kl 20:08 2817

AC skal ha kred for at han orker å ha en skokk gneldrende kvinnfolk hengende på slep. Kudos til denne nyheten og at det går i boks med finansiering, sterkt AC. Nå må dere ta dere kraftig sammen kjærringer og slutte med gnålet. Smør dere med tålmodighet. Nyheter kommer senere. Dette er altså ikke et firma med hundre ansatte i administrasjonen som får lønn for å gi ut plaster. Dette er et bitte lite oljeselskap som kan gå fra himmel til helvete på to dager. intet mindre og intet annet.