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HAFNIA 28.02.2024 kl 20:57 3426

Pareto increased its HAFNI price target from 90 to 100 NOK

Title of the report - Still plenty to go

We raise our H1’24 estimates significantly, as markets remain strong, and no obvious Red Sea solution seems to be in sight. A decisive Q4 report is now coming up, where HAFNI could signal a full dividend pay-out model as leverage is about to drop below 20% and newbuilds and/or heavy fleet investments seem out of the question. Seeing potential for a ~20% yield this year, with a NAV growing into three-digit territory – we raise our TP to NOK 100 (90) and reiterate BUY ahead of the report next week
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03.04.2024 kl 12:30 788

Ser man på OET som kom med tilsvarende melding 4.12 med åpning NYSE 11.12 var det vel, så steg den først litt of falt så tilbake. Etter 5 dager på NYSE kom oppturen den 18.12...
03.04.2024 kl 08:50 925

3 April 2024
Reference is made to the announcement made by Hafnia Limited ("Hafnia" or the
"Company") on 27 March 2024, regarding the Company's public filing of a
registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the
"SEC"), for its additional U.S. listing (the "US Listing") of the Company´s
common shares on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE").
Hafnia is pleased to announce that the NYSE has approved the US Listing of the
Company´s common shares on the NYSE. The Company´s common shares are expected to
be admitted to trading on the NYSE on 9 April 2024 under the ticker "HAFN",
while continuing to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange ("OSE") under the
ticker "HAFNI". The Company will retain its listing status as a primary listing
on the OSE.
11.03.2024 kl 15:55 1451

Ed melder:
TC1 (Meg-Japan, LR2) +10%
TC20 (Meg-Europe, LR2) +4%
TC2 (Europe to US E Coast, MR) +22%
Fleet-weighted average MR rates: $45,900/day
11.03.2024 kl 12:10 1678

Moderat selloff.
VOLUME: 535.73K
65 DAY AVG: 1.58M
34% VS AVG
Slettet bruker
11.03.2024 kl 11:54 1723

EW DELHI (Reuters) - Oil tanker Hafnia Seine bound for the United States from Sikka port in Western India hit Bharat Petroleum Corp's (BPCL) crude import facility in an accident late on Sunday, two sources with the knowledge of the matter said on Monday.

The tanker was carrying gasoline-blending fuel known as alkylate for Reliance Industries' U.S. unit from a refinery in Jamnagar in Gujarat state, according to the sources, who added the extent of damage was not yet known.

"It appears to have hit the peripheral structure of the single point mooring (SPM)," one of the sources said, adding that no vessel is scheduled to discharge at its SPM currently.

BPCL has a single point mooring at Sikka to import crude for its landlocked Bina refinery in central India
11.03.2024 kl 11:25 1782

Svelland Capital February Newsletter published on Friday:

"Russian refined products exports appear to have dropped in accordance with other OPEC+ pledges - primarily led by higher export tariffs on Russian refined products. Moreover, the product market received further boost as Russia posed a possible gasoline export ban for the summer, there result of Ukraine's successful strikes on five Russian refineries in our view"

This is positive for product tankers and Hafnia in my view
11.03.2024 kl 09:43 1961

8 grønne!
En fin kombi på mulig oversalg ex-utbytte idag?
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08.03.2024 kl 16:13 2245

Kommende Ex-dag Utbytte/aksje
19. mar. 11. mar. 2,56 NOK
Siste dag idag altså for å få utbytte.
Skal nok stuntes enten opp eller ned i etterhandel da?
Kan bli attraktivt å være med da...
08.03.2024 kl 12:09 2365

Da må man eie aksjen ved stengetid i dag hvis man vil ha utbytte på 24 cent, som er vel 2,50

Top Quality Product Tanker Play
What’s New: Raising TP to NOK 100/sh, Buy Maintained (Buy, TP NOK 95/sh, 20.11.2023)

01.03.2024 kl 00:31 3045

Her vil nok mange ta plass før tirsdag 💰💰💰