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Spennende saker som James Kwan skriver om på LinkedIn i dag.
"Congratulations to James Cook University Singapore, Republic Polytechnic and our own teams at Barramundi Group and UVAXX Thankful for the dedication of every team member that has led the project to this milestone, and for significantly increasing the depth of genomic understanding and resources available. Through continued and concerted research and into barramundi and the major pathogens surrounding its culture, we can look forward to unfettered growth of this important species.

Also a shoutout to Dr. Sunita Awate our CVO and Research Director at Uvaxx for yet another seminal piece of research and publication involving the immune-profiling of SDDV afflicted and resistant barramundi using single cell RNA sequencing. Apart from a few rare studies in salmon, such in depth immune analysis of the types and roles of T and B cells in their response towards pathogens like SDDV.

You can link to the publication here:

Det etter gjennombrudd i utviklingen 70K SNP verktøyet som brukes i oppavlinga.

"This is our newly developed Barramundi (aka Asian seabass) 70K SNP array, a tool to speed up Genomic Selection (GS) of the species for improvement of growth rates and Scale Drop Disease Virus resistance, which is a devastating disease, harming the culture of the species. Each array is used to rapidly genotype 384 fish (16x24 format), and each of these tiny wells contain over 70,000 SNP probes, and is also simultaneously capable of detecting 10 pathogens. Our GS algorithms are based on both lab challenges with > 5k fish and >12k farmed fish (susceptible and resistant individuals), being the largest genomic resource for the improvement of the species to date. Thanks to Singapore Food Agency for funding this project through the Singapore Food Story R&D 1.0 Grant, and thanks to our project partners Barramundi Group, UVAXX and Republic Polytechnic. We are proud to bring this knowledge from Australia to Singapore, expand to new farms and hope to keep working towards food security hand in hand with the local agencies, aquaculture companies and training the future generation of Singaporeans proud to produce their food locally."

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Takk for info. Interessant lesning om forskning og utvikling innen Barramundi, aka Asian seabass. Skal følges på LinkedIn, Instagram og FB. Tror det er bratt læringskurve for de fleste her inne og i Norge om hva Barramundi er, omfanget og mulighetene. Kanskje det mest undervurderte selskapet med størst stigningspotensiale på Oslo Børs i 2024.
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